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Wind Damage


Last night’s wind knocked over this tree on Plumb 1st

17 comments to Wind Damage

  • Anonymous

    One tree?

  • Biff Tannen

    Marty what are you talking about ?

  • former resident

    Fortunately it wasn’t a large trunk tree. A chainsaw will make quick work of that.

  • pixie

    A huge bag of garbage was blown into the street too. May it’s kelly D’s empties.

    • Kelly D

      So you are Pixie,I doubt it considering I have known Pixie for many years. Looks like We now have many Admirers.

  • Marty McFly

    A huge bag of Kevin’s empty Shlitz cans were blown into the street too.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why that tree blew over. The winds weren’t that strong, and there are no leaves on it to catch the wind. Maybe it’s roots weren’t deep enough.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God no one was parked there. That tree could have caused some real damage and scratched the paint.

  • My tree

    My Tree’s actually died in mid summer just as the other one did, the tree that blew over had some sort of bug holes at the base of it. So be warned for the Plumb1st block, Im sure the other one could come down at any time. feel free to park there if you would like to put in an insurance claim.
    I did ask the parks Dep if they would or could remove the other tree as well but said, they couldn’t.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen bigger toothpicks.

  • former resident

    According to the city, you can’t prune or cut your own trees.
    But to get them to take care of a tree problem, you can forget about it…or fuggedaboutit
    I don’t know if that rule still applies.

  • Anonymous

    what a waste of spcae and time posting this or maybe this was a pre K project and then I give it an A.

  • Anonymous

    I heard Chuck Norris was angry because its so scrawny and beat it up.

    • bagels

      There’s an interesting fact about Chuck Norris – He destroyed the periodic table because he only recognizes the element of surprise.

  • "Marty" McFly"

    Now Now my friend Calm Down ! Anger is a natural emotion that every human and many non-human animals experience. Mild forms of human anger may include displeasure, irritation or dislike. When a human or animal decides to take action to stop or confront a threat, anger usually becomes the predominant feeling and takes over our behavior, cognition and physiology. You really need to understand this.