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Community Tree Lighting


Gerritsen Beach residents and business and community members turned out for the annual tree-lighting ceremony at St. James.

The lighting is a volunteer effort led by the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association. During the ceremony, guests enjoyed a visit from Santa, and music from the Gerritsen Beach Community Marching Band and Resurrection Children Choir.




9 comments to Community Tree Lighting

  • Samantha

    It is so funny. I come to this site and hear so many negative things about the community and when something nice comes about there are real comments. The Joyful Noise Children’s Choir was wonderful and the Band was fun and festive. Many of our friends and neighbors came out to enjoy this event and not one positive comment was made. It just goes to show how maybe the people coming on this site really are not from this community. I wonder if Danny is going to do a story on the Children from this community Christmas Caroling after mass this Saturday night? I wonder if anyone here really cares about the good things going on in our community? The Kiddie Beach dances, the movie nights, the sports leagues? If you just focus on the negative then that is all that is expected. This community is more than just negative and I am tired of it.

    • Irish Kevin

      Samantha,You are so right. I guess this site is like the News. Stories like the Liquor store theft,The uprooted trees etc seem to take front stage to the positives. These type of articles get more attention than the good things that happen. Articles like the Parade on Thanksgiving,The Tree Lighting,St Patricks Day at Tamaqua etc are good examples of a positive spin.

    • GerritsenBeach.net


      I would love to help promote and show off the caroling after mass. Normally I need some sort of notification an email or text that something is going on. Otherwise I cannot send someone to cover it. If you sumbit pictures that would be just as good!.The kiddie beach events are semi-private events and I would only go if invited or for charity with a cover. The leagues on the other hand are a massive undertaking, and would need assistance with that. I would love to show them off to help their numbers but it is a lot of work.

  • Pixie

    Pictures like the second one down of the Children are nice to see in the Beach,These are the Good Kids and the ones we should Showcase and be proud of.

  • Anonymous

    The children were wonderful..great job!

  • Anonymous

    sorry we missed it, usually walk up to watch but didn’t even hear a word about it happening or anything posted on here to INVITE and ALERT the community

  • George Broadhead

    Sorry “anonymous” missed the tree lighting. However, it certainly was “posted” in the storefront windows along Gerritsen Avenue. (Many are still posted in the windows, because, as one merchant told me, it looks “festive”). It was also noted in “Our News”, and announced at both local churches.

  • Rob

    I would like to commend all that helped make Gerritsen Avenue look like a Christmas Wonderland. Beautiful Job…