WPIX: Brooklyn Park Destroyed Weeks After Extreme Makeover

Brooklyn Park Destroyed Weeks After Extreme Makeover
Just last month, the field behind PS 277 in Gerritsen Beach was the site of celebration as volunteers planted hundreds upon hundreds of trees as part of Mayor Bloomberg’s “Million Tree Program.”

46 comments to WPIX: Brooklyn Park Destroyed Weeks After Extreme Makeover

  • Open your eyes

    Does WPIX ever do a positive story on the Beach ?

    • Mr. G.

      We all yell “HELP” and want something done. We want people to know what goes on here so we can get that help. But when WPIX airs it for all to see, We say its a negative blot against the neighborhood. What better coverage could you ask for? Let them all see, maybe they will come in and help. We have parades, rally’s and fund raisers all the time, how about we organize a rally with signs and march on the avenue to stop the vandilism in our neighborhood. The more news coverage the better. It works in other neighborhoods, and may take a while, but it will take alot longer if we don’t rally for our neighborhood. We need to show the rest of the city how much we care.

      • "Marty" McFly

        I think you are right but many people think that by letting this get out it would Tarnish their Utopia.The amount of No not my Kids, No not in the Beach,Stop posting Negative things on this site on and on is a Joke, After reading all this its no wonder there is a problem. The residents are in dire need of unity.Once that happens than Maybe they will be able to come to grasps with the problem.Until than the Bickering and Crime will continue.Many people seem to get it but others don’t have a clue.

        • MR.G.

          Marty, I wouldn’t exactly call this a Utopia, But you’re right about residents uniting. Fighting for your rights, your home, your neighborhood has never come without a price. If being aired on the news is the price, then we got off easy. At least no blood was shed.

          • "Marty" McFly"

            Now Now my friend Calm Down ! Anger is a natural emotion that every human and many non-human animals experience. Mild forms of human anger may include displeasure, irritation or dislike. When a human or animal decides to take action to stop or confront a threat, anger usually becomes the predominant feeling and takes over our behavior, cognition and physiology. You really need to understand this.

  • Anonymous

    What has mayor mike done for us?

    • Kelly D

      God helps those who help themselves. What do you want Bloomberg to do,come down here and clean up,after the residents children wrecked the place,Now Really ?? Michelle happens to be right.But most of you idiots will hit the dislike button on her as well.Accept the fact that has turned into a Trailer Trash Neighborhood. Know what they say charity begins at home.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing.. just like that poser Bob turner

  • Gerritsen Girl

    This is great, Gerritsen Beach in the news again, thanks again to the white trash vandals, good job guys. Prison awaits! I see some mug shots and orange attire in your futures.

  • travel2692

    excuse me but this is not about Mayor Bloomberg…or Bob Turner..(who just got in to office folks!) it is about vandals in GB destroying property for “kicks” robbing our local merchants for “kicks” vandalizing or harassing local merchants for “kicks” the neighborhood needs to band together and give them a different kind of “kicks” one they might just understand…if you see something,say something. report these vandals and let them be punished!
    Blaming people who publicize this instead of people who perpetrate this is the wrong apporach!!!!

  • Irish Kevin

    Told you all so ! What next Home Invasions ?

    • Anonymous

      Kevin, let them invade my home. I’m licensed to carry. To quote a poet from the 60′s “No one here gets out alive”!

      • Irish Kevin

        So how would feel if you shot one of your neighbors kids ? The Home Invasion term was just a metaphor.

        • Anonymous

          I would feel horrified and sick. Probably take years to get over it. But it is my house and I have a right to protect it. Someone broke into my parents house years ago and tried to fight me off when I caught him. I beat the crap out of him and tied him to the fence till the police showed up. I was sick for a few days then, but dammit! we work hard for what we have and no one can just walk in and take it.

        • Anonymous

          How is that a metaphor?

          • Irish Kevin

            A figure of speech in which an implicit comparison is made between two unlike things that actually have something in common.

  • Italian Anthony

    I know how the news works. This was a slam dunk story. The mayor angle alone is gold and an easy put together.

    The only way the news would come back if the neighborhood came together to protest the vandalism, or came together to replant the trees. This would have to be done asap.

    I think we already have a environmental organization in the beach that has curiously had nothing to do with these MAJOR tree events in the neighborhood. Maybe if they want to stay relevant they can organize something relevant to their mission statement: “promote a clean environment to safely recreate and socialize.”

  • Anonymous

    All of you keep commenting on the Beach’s kids & none of you knows who did it. All of you just look for attention …LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME ….your pathetic

    • "Marty" McFly

      Hey Pal Wanna take the Stupid test ? Sounds like you need to. How stupid are you? Find out using this test and get a certificate of Stupidity.Here it is,www.dumbspot.com/stupid-quizzes

      • Anonymous

        Marty if i’m so stupid then tell me who did it ? Who’s stupid now?

      • Anonymous

        Marty, there’s no proof that these two kids are from the neighborhood! If they are, they need to take the stupid test. How stupid is it to steal from a store in your own neighborhood and then have to be worried that your known and be seen, and turned in. All the store owners here look at this site. If one of them walked into their store they would know right away who they are and call the police.

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t agree more that the kids down here can be out of control, HOWEVER I do have a promblem believing that the kids from here did all that damage The damage took some serious time, effort and probably some type of vehicle. I don’t think the lovelies from here would put such an effort into anything, they are typically your hit, run and hide crowd.

  • cv

    IT’S DISGUSTING WHAT THESE KIDS ARE DOING !!! My 9 year old son and his class helped plant some of these tress, he was excited and proud of what they all had done. And now to see that some piece of S#$% low lives destroyed it.

    If these parents don’t do something about their kids, it won’t be good, sooner or later they are going to run into the wrong person, or be at the wrong place wrong time. And things will get ugly.

    • Anonymous

      You say these kids. What kids ? you don’t know if it was kids because you don’t know who did it. maybe it was the outsiders who bring their ATV’s down here on trailers & use to jump the piles of wood chips back there. Maybe it was some adult who did it because he was disapointed nothing happened on halloween which gave him nothing to whine about on this blog. Point is no one knows who did it , but lets keep bashing the kids. Remember a couple of years ago adults in Jeeps doing figure 8′s by the ballfields. How come nobody blames them for all the Beach’s ills ?

  • you

    we all should go to the 61 and 63 pct and protest that not a thing is being done . if this was in oceanparkway there whould be a swat team down there

    • Marty" McFly

      So now you want the Police to Do what the Parents of these Thugs should have done in the first place.That is if they were not Drinking some “Buddy” Wisers an could not be bothered.

  • you

    if we want a safe community we can be like the jewish community when we see something we call it in to the 61 0r 63 . but we have to register are names and phone so then thy will give us a number to say when we call so then thy know its not a fake call . community watch thats how we can protect or community . ill be at the next meeting at the home owners meeting so i can tell the people at the home owners what there not doing right

  • lady

    we can solve all of these problems if they put up cameras – why wasn’t this done in the first place – how much extra could it have cost – lets put cameras up the whole avenue, and see how many bus stops get destroyed then and abanadoned cars reduced, and graffitti eliminated.

    • Anonymous

      There’s a sign on the avenue that says speeding monitored by cameras, or something to that effect. These kids would have to run 40mph before the camera snapped thier picture. Besides, they would just tear them down.

  • Mr.Murphy

    There is to much watching by big brother already. Good Parenting and Higher Moral standards are the answer here.

  • Anonymous

    Marty McFly, like or dislike ?

  • Anonymous

    Kelly D…..like or dislike ?

  • Anonymous

    Hire the bikers too patrol the ave.and courts smack down a few punk kids for doing wrong,word speads problems go away..maybe thats what they need,someone to show them they are not as bad as they think,,,,,

  • Anonymous

    Such a Drama Queen!!

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