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Vote: PS 277 Student is Finalist in National Competition

A 4th Grade student in PS 277 is one of 72 national finalists in “What Math Means to Me Art Contest” by McGraw-Hill. It is a where there were over 2100 entries to the My Math Cover contest. Students were asked to create original works of art that tell the story of “what math means to them”. They will be rewarded with that piece of art proudly displayed on the cover of the new My Math Student materials – both in print and online.


I was asked to draw a picture about what math means to me. Math means many different things to me. I see math in different ways. I see math in shapes and colors. I don’t see math like other people because of my dyslexia. Sometimes I see numbers backwards. Sometimes I jumble the place value. It helps me when I think of the number in colors. The colors help me concentrate. When I drew my picture I wanted to show how I see numbers in colorful ways.

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5 comments to Vote: PS 277 Student is Finalist in National Competition

  • Anne Marie Corrado

    Thank you so much for helping us get the word out! Our school is so proud of Mikayla. She is a terrific kid and it would mean so much for her to win.
    We need Gerritsen Beach’s help! Please vote for her artwork before Nov 27th.
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    If Mikalya wins, our school could win computer equipment, a SMARTboard and math supplies.
    Please vote!

  • Irish Kevin

    I certainly will vote.

  • Anne Marie Corrado

    Thanks for your support, Kevin!

  • anon

    Wow, that is great Mikayla! What a beautiful story and artwork.

  • Anne Marie Corrado

    Thanks to everyone who has voted. If you haven’t voted, time is running out! Voting ends on Nov 27th at noon.
    Please help us out!