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$100,000 Moved to GB to Clean Weeds


Last year, parks cleared a large patch of land across from the library to plant 2,000 plus trees. While clearing the land they discovered a berm of cement and debris. At the time, Parks promised then that they would coordinate with sanitation and just remove the debris. Months later, Parks discovered they didn’t have enough money and shelved the project.

To get the project completed Councilman Lew Fidler has moved $100,000 in discretionary funding from another parks project into this specific project to have the debris removed.


17 comments to $100,000 Moved to GB to Clean Weeds

  • trainman

    Thank you Mr. Fidler for your continuing support of our community. It’s nice to know that there are STILL some people in the political field who understand the concept of serving the community.

  • I also want to help parks cleared a large patch of land across from the library to plant 2,000 plus trees.

  • Anonymous

    Give me $100,000 and I’ll clean it up. Of course, the canal might be a little shallower but just a little.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it, Quote ” Parks discovered they didn’t have enough money and shelved the project.” Why are tax payers dollars going to a agency so they can sit on their arses and not do the job they are paid to do?

  • old beach bum

    Why can’t Fidler fix the 70 ft. puddle by Channel Ave. bus stop? It’s been there since the Ave was repaved, his office knows about it for 2 years.

  • Debbie

    Way to go Lew! Thanks! :)

  • Dewrock

    Overall its great to hear that people are helping our community, I would like to remind Councilman Lew Fidler and the people that marsh is not really a community park and not used by a large amount of people. It is wonderful knowing in the back of my mind the area where the tree planting is going to be cleaned up.
    But with such a large sum of money (100,000) I see a greater need for the park along side of the Gerritsen school . This park is used by many, Parents bring their children during lunch, after school is let out, the school uses the softball field for shows & play time, softball teams play every weekend, the paddleball courts are used all year round, even in winter.

    All this is done without any repairs and most of all without a bathroom. I see all the time parents bring kids to this park and just as fast as they walk in they have to leave for a bathroom.
    Please rethink the use of some of that money, Thank you

  • Anonymous

    the park is gross…glass all over the floor, garbage everywhere. We can’t even take our toddlers there anymore.

  • chris

    It Is Great That Fidler Wants to Help!! But Why Fix it if It is only Get Destroyed Again!!! The New Trees are Destroyed all Ready so what makes you think they wont trash that too!!! The Bathrooms are Still Looking Good Because they are still not being used and are still fenced in!!! Wait Between the kids coming from the outside and those “It’s Not My Child” They will be gone in no Time!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I find it hard to believe that such a clean up would cost the Parks Department a 100,000. They have their own garbage trucks, dumpsters, equipment and staff. How do they or why do they need santitation involved. All that is or was needed is for Parks to move resourses, who are already being paid for, from somewhere else where the priority is not as high and correct the promblem. The 100,000 is an excuse. The Parks Department is useless

  • annonymous

    It is the same parks department fund, these trees were planted so close together because once they mature enough the city is going to uproot them so they can plant them throughout the city, it is not for us. Seriously they are using our area so it doesn’t cost any motr money or take up space any where else…this is not the gerritsen beach forest.

  • annonymous

    Oh and they did not care about the debris because they just want the trees for replanting. When is everyone going to realize they dont care about us which was proven over and over again Dr.Johns park in need of serious update (just for safety), skatepark (worked on for years as a Park, they decided what it was gonna be), etc…

  • Anonymous

    I would also like to point out that there is TONS of debris all around back weeds that was dumped BY the parks dept. Piles of the remnants of cement benches with the rebar in them that were pulled out of other parks being refurbished and DUMPED back ther BY Parks many years ago. NOT saying that lots of junk wasn’t dumped back there by residents and non residents as well.



  • Joecia82

    $100,000?! To clean up a few rocks?! Give me $500 I’ll have the job done in a DAY not a MONTH!… Gotta love this city!