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Events: Vollies Thanksgiving Ragamuffin Day Parade


2010 - Ragamuffin

Remember this Thanksgiving Day the Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department will hold their annual Ragamuffin parade.  The last stop is the Vollies Blue Star Mothers Hall where Santa meets and greets the children.


2010 - Ragamuffin


2010 - Ragamuffin

8 comments to Events: Vollies Thanksgiving Ragamuffin Day Parade

  • Michael Gregory

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    • Irish Kevin

      Now you seem to be the same person pushing for a Walmart some months ago on the Golden Gate inn story. I thought you were a paid Walmart blogger than and still seem to be.
      “Wal-Mart counts on fear to keep its employees in place. There are a lot of ways Wal-Mart breaks the law. This is the largest class-action lawsuit in our nation’s history with 1.6-million women who’ve been victims of wage discrimination,” said Former Wal-Mart Employee Sandra Carpenter.

  • Kelly D

    What does Wal-Mart have to do with a parade ?

  • Anonymous

    I have a two questions 1 does the vollies need permits for there parade and 2 I had seen locks and chains on their gates what was the reason for that?

  • Anonymous

    I have a one question 1. STFU

  • Frank

    I want to Thank the Volunteers for a long time honored tradition that they still keep up even with out the support of some narrow minded people. Numerous kids and their parents still participate and who are you to ruin a childs good time with your commercial posts which only involve Greed and what this city is becoming. Here is an organization based on Charity and people giving their own time to help the community with no self benefit other than self satisfaction! Shame on you if you cannot at least support an event given by volunteers for the children!!!!!!

    • chris

      Thanks Frank!!! I Must Say The Vollies Are Working Very Hard This Year For The Families and Kids..It is sad That People here Question Most Irrelevant Things!!They Take The Time out of Their Lives To Have Something Nice Every Year,I Think Those of you who have negative things to say should come and See What they do on Their OWN Time For All Of Us!!!!