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Property Owners Meeting Roundup

Unlike last year there was no yelling. There was no screaming. Just regular property owner business.

61 Precinct Report

  • 1 Stolen Vehicle.
  • Halloween was successful because of the Help of Gerritsen Beach. Thank you to George and Gerritsen Beach for making this successful. St. James opened their doors to the officers to use the facilities. We will be doing this every year to make sure this will not be a problem again. There were two arrests and summonses written.
  • There was some question about the boundary line and why sometimes there is a jurisdiction problem. 61 Sgt Carty explained that we need to get the boundary line out of your minds and that no matter the emergency the police department will have to handle these jobs. He was given two specific examples. 1) A four car accident where there was a very long response time. 2) The GBCares containers were burglarized again. They had a 5 hour response time with the 61 and 63 passing the responsibility as someone waited for a response.
Green Water in Creek
Everyone that lives on the water and in the area saw a very strange Green in the water. Someone who used to work at the plant said it is very possible that a green dye was used to trace a line.
Little League Walkway
GBCares on behalf of the little league sent out a letter requesing money & support to repair the walkway before the September 11th memorials. When Parks was asked after the letter was sent out,  Parks denied their request to do the work unless an architect drew up plans. This did not allow the completion on time. There was some discussion about why the PO was writing out checks to GBCares and not the Little League. The PO has a $250 limit on checks they can write to organizations. There was some confusion and discussion about two separate $250 checks to gbcares about the walkway that have no been delivered and another third unwritten check for Halloween festival.
Proposed ByLaws Changes
Voted against lowering the meetings from 12 to 10 meetings a year
Voted against lowering the requirement for officers from 6 to 3 meetings.

Community Tree Lighting
December 3 @ 6pm Rain Date: December 4 Resurrection Children’s choir will perform

8 comments to Property Owners Meeting Roundup

  • Anonymous

    How do I get my anti-freeze back now?

  • Irish Kevin

    That is how they traced the sewerage from TGI Fridays with a Green coloring agent.


    Uranine dye

  • anon

    The reason the walkway to the Little League is all broken up is because cars and trucks are always driving over it. If this practice is not stopped, why repair it? It will only happen again.

  • Janet

    oops – that is please.

  • anon

    ok here we go the real reasone why the cement is cracked
    would be the original pour was not thick enough and has no
    steel bars in it for strength. so now the first damage was caused by the FDNY and vollies driving on it to extinguish brush fires started by our children. as far as driving on it the new walkway will be paved so we will not have this issue again and when events are ran up there for our community you have no choice but to drive equipment and supplys up there.

    • Anonymous

      Never seen a FDNY vehicle driving on that walkway, when the FDNY needs to get back weeds they use the pathways further up or down that go to behind the weeds. The walkway by the LL does not go anywhere. Don’t blame the FDNY for this one blame all the private vehicles and trucks or maybe those trucks that dropped the trailers back there.

  • Anonymous

    maybe because Gerritsen beach is a beach and there is water on all 4 sides of us and underneath us?