Halloween 2011

This year the community took back the streets. Starting very early on, the police had a strong presence on Gerritsen Avenue. They were patrolling the Avenue and the courts frequently. They also had foot posts with a patrol car at every intersection of a one mile stretch of road. During the prime trick or treating hours (4-8pm) there may have been up to 20 police vehicles and at least that many officers.  The officers were from not just the 61 precinct, officers were brought in from the 63, Patrol Boro Brooklyn South, and Brooklyn South Task Force.


Before - 2010


After - 2011


For the first time in years, the B31 bus was not shut down. This is a major accomplishment for us as a community.  People were free to walk up and down Gerritsen Avenue without fear. Even yours truly was able to walk around and talk with people.  One person said “If this is what it takes then so be it”, another told me “Thank You”, others were just surprised to see me walking around and had a lot to say about last year. The property owners patrols were a success as well. They were able to get the word out and kept watch over the area.


There were a handful of arrests and at some point a dirtbiker thought it would a good idea to ride up and down the weeds with all of this police presence. Needless to say, it did not end well for the biker.

Although last years events were full of drama it seems that this year has been a drastic improvement and was a complete success thanks to the Police, Property Owners, Councilman Fidler’s Office for standing up for us and State Senator Golden’s office for arranging essential meetings.

How do you feel?


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  • Beach resident

    I was extremely pleased to see such a strong Police presence. Thank you to all who helped make Halloween 2011 much more pleasant than last year.

  • anon

    I feel it is a waste of taxpayer dollars to babysit the brats in GB.

  • Morrowynd

    I’m glad the cops were there this year but sorry they were needed. Gerritsen Beach should not have the same problems as South Central LA

  • Beach resident

    It is a shame that we needed so many Police in G.B. but I was glad to see them. In prior years I was not comfortable venturing up the Avenue. This year it was totally different. Thanks to all who made it possible.

  • anon

    Happy to see all remained calm this year! No screaming parents protecting egg-throwing brats; just children enjoying what Halloween is: dressing up, trick or treating and really enjoying themselves!

  • J Because

    I hope that we are on a new beginning.
    I have a dream where halloween becomes an amazing enjoyable event; with many people participating with costumes in a halloween parade down the Avenue; a costume ball with music, food, dancing and happiness; and people looking forward to making the next years even better and more spectacular. WOW!! I know. I could like that.

  • Irish Kevin

    I think the Police officers and the 61 Precinct command should be commended for Job well done ! It is really a shame that we need police presence to keep the community civil and safe.

  • GBMom

    A job well done to the NYPD & for GB.net for covering the story so well last year. We honestly felt safe walking the streets with our children.

    As for the negative comments on this site…for some reason there are so many ignorant people that seem to think that crimes, even on Halloween, only happen in this neighborhood. It is mind blowing how small minded many commenters on this site can be. Things happen outside of GB. There is life outside of GB with crime. This is a small area with a high population- it is called high population density. Halloween mischief happens EVERYWHERE. When you have a high population density of children you are going to see an excess amount of mischief on Halloween. It’s sad what happened last year and its commendable to see how the NYPD and property owners handled it this year. It is human growth when one learns from mistakes and correct them. Shame on you for adding such negativity to a joyful event.

  • Anonymous

    The cops seemed to have the best time of all. Riding their little coppy golf carts up and down the fields. Refusing to allow grown ups to walk their dogs in the park. It was like marshall law. A ridiculous waste of taxpayer money. I thought the massive police presence was wayyyy over the top.

  • Patty

    I was so happy to see the police force on the avenue last night, last year the kids were throwing eggs as well as potatoes at cars. My car got hit. If I had my window open, I would have gotten hit in the face.

  • gb resident

    So what did all the trouble makers do? Where did they go, or did their parents actually control them this year? I would love to know if these parents actually stepped up and acted like parents and adults, or just sent these kids to wreak havoc somewhere else. I sincerely hope the parents stepped up. Way to go if you did!

    • Anonymous

      Why not just mind your own business?

      • gb lifelong resident

        When the actions – or inaction in the case of parents who dont control their children – adversely impacts someone, it absolutely becomes their business!

      • gb resident

        You must be a parent of a trouble maker who refuses to step up and be a parent. When my children are put in danger, it becomes my business and the business of every other parent whose child is put in danger. Instead of wasting your anger on me, put it to where it should be, on yourselves for allowing your children to act the way they do. Do something about it and I won’t have to make any comments!

    • Anonymous

      Well all the parents did not step up. One of them was driving down my block, with their window open and talking on a cell phone. The person was saying that the avenue was loaded with police and that they should be very careful.

  • Pete

    The police, kids, parents, and GB.net should all be commended.
    Lets give credit where credit is due. This site was the driving
    force behind a major impovement in GB.

    See you next Halloween on the Avenue.

    • Anonymous

      Very Well Said! If not for this websites coverage of last year, we would have been in the same position this Halloween.

    • gb lifelong resident

      It would be fitting for the GB Property Owners to recognize Danny at an upcoming meeting for this Halloween success. It took a year, and much public criticisim, but his actions proved to be in the best interest of our community

  • Anonymous

    I wonder where they went to terrorize people.

  • Anonymous

    I am very happy the police showed up in force this year, and I agree 100% with all who say it’s a shame that so many police were needed to keep the peace. The bottom line is that the parents and kids as well as any passerby were safe, happy and had a great Halloween. If anyone thinks it was a waste of tapayer money, just look at the picture from last year, one police car trying to round up what looks like about 15 or so hoodlums. And most if not all got away. My thanks to the police, parents and GB.net for making this a safe and happy Halloween.

  • Anonymous

    I heard there were a few arrest. Any insight on this?

    • Anonymous

      Police kindly asked a few 20 or so year olds to move along on the avenue…the kids thought they were tough guys and kept talking back – they were arrested.

  • Jo

    What a beautiful, enjoyable halloween! I loved seeing all the children walking on the avenue. That’s how it should be!! Thank you Danny!!

  • Anonymous

    I heard a few arrest were made. Any insight as to who they are?

  • Bobby & Diane Finnelli

    I was grinning ear to ear as I drove down the ave. I Thank You GB.net for bringing to light the few problems that we have down here. If not for you I believe that we would have had a repeat from last year if not worse. It is up to the neighbor hood to take care of its own and by being the “bad guy” you actually were instrumental in creating a good thing.

  • keri

    one of the parents sent her son away to his fathers because she can’t control him. We all know who that is

    • Anonymous

      Maybe he can take a few of his friends with him and stay there

    • inked...

      some people just love to hear themselves talk… wow !! get a life !!! mind your own biz !!

    • inked...

      WOW.. some people just love to talk trash … mind your own business – REALLY??? your gonna call someone out like that??? you got a lot of nerve !!

    • Anonymous

      You bitch about last year….now when someone does something with their kid you bitch!!! How about STFU and mind your business… Get a life already

      • Beachwalker

        I agree! NOTHING happened. And STILL these gossips get on here with their nosy questions and snide comments. It’s been a year. You have all bashed the same people over and over again about it. How would any of you like to have every mistake you have ever made as a 14 year old or as a parent constantly replayed for you? Many of these comments come from people whose children are still small. They’ll find out in the future that it is easy to be snide when you kids are small and in a carriage or holding your hand,easy to say, ‘mine would NEVER do this or that’ but like all kids they will grow up and make some bad decisions, make some mistakes. I hope that all of you that have made Renee’s and all these other peoples lives hell this passed year get what you deserve when your kids are teens. What goes around, comes around. You’ll see.

    • Shea Holmes

      When will you people be happy ? Last year was a disaster ,this year you claim you Do not want a police state,Guess what the Police are only responding to the problems created by lack of parenting

  • 1realist

    These cops are a JOKE!! Get some balls and fight real crime..Flood the SHEEPSHEAD HOUSES with these “cops” and be a real cop…Or are they afraid?

    • Anonymous

      Realist. PBBS and BSTF you don’t F with. Calling them afraid? Go join up and get shot at. They fight real crime all the time. We wasted their time with our garbage because we couldn’t handle our own.

  • Aghast

    So I guess many of you were comfortable with the heavy police presence. Yes we should all live in an authoritarian society where all individuality, and especially mischeviousness is stamped out. Hey better yet, invite big brother by.. he can watch all the little kiddies and bad bad teenagers and hypocrites!!! Yeah.. batman take us away!!!
    HYPOCRITES- you nauseate me

    • Ryan

      And criminal mischief shouldn’t be stamped out because…?

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you, Aghast. I am particularly disgusted by the fact that even though it was the dullest, most boring Halloween in the history of the Beach that STILL these people are on here not only gloating about how they have destroyed it for anyone over 10 but gossiping about where some kids were and nosybody ‘wondering’ what steps parents took etc. etc. Keri, shame on you! When will it be enough for you? Batman indeed!

  • Reesie

    We have a great community and a few rotten apples in the bunch. Many thanks to the police department for stepping up and helping us out. It’s true, we don’t have much crime here, but for a few spoiled ones whose parents don’t know how to say “no” to them. Parents please remember we are the first teachers to our children. If we start them out on the right foot, they should stay on the right path. If they stray, hopefully you can reel them back in. We try to do “our” best with them and teach them about morality and treating others as you’d like to be treated. Also, stop giving them money and they’ll get into much less trouble. It was a great Halloween in Gerritsen Beach.

  • Robin

    I would also commend the person that set up the communication with the PD and MTA and Parks. They all seemed to work together and all went well because of this.

  • chris

    Just Want To Say “THANK YOU DANNY”!!!!!!!!

  • gene

    its sad that not one person finds it embarrassing that we actually had to have the police here to keep our children in order.

  • aroundthecorner

    embarrassing that they were here… YES!!! if these little spoiled, drug addicted, entitled, wanna be gangsta low-lives would go get a job it would be a dream…. im so tired of these little wanna-be’s

    • gene

      Just by seeing that people dislike our posts proves that it is the parents fault not the children’s. they should be ashamed of themselves. now watch how many of them dislike this post!

  • inked...

    Complaining about the police.. and what a waste it was to have them there… but everyone was safe and enjoyed Halloween like they should…

    But if there were NO police and there were incidents like last year (btw all the cry babies complained about that too!!)…you complainers would be crying about how the police SHOULD have been there.. wah wah wah… however wasteful YOU think it was.. our neighborhood was safe…STOP COMPLAINING AND SAY THANK YOU.. some people are totally ungrateful and have absolutely no manners at all !!

  • Beachwalker

    What I don’t get is why it had to be so many cops. Last year there were too few doing too little. People complained that they called 911 and got the run around, ‘call 311′, etc. No response. Then this year we get 20+ police cars, 50 police officers, vans, golf carts, motorcycles, scooters, you name it. They broke out every piece of cop equiptment that they have. It reminds me of Alices Restaurant. I’m sorry, I know that things got way out of hand last year, and the kids had to be chastised and reined in, but there is no way that anyone can justify martial law, not letting 50 year olds back weeds to walk their dogs? That’s insane.

    • inked...

      one day not to walk the dog in the weeds… probaly for their safety… I did not see 20 police cars… i walked the whole neighborhood with my kids.. there were 6 cars on the Ave..maybe a dozen on foot and the 3 buggys so they can get into the weeds if need be.. i dont think it was OD at all.. my kids were safe.. thats all that mattered to me…

      • Beachwalker

        Read the article on this post. Batman says there were 20 police cars. One at every intersection for a mile. “probaly” for whose safety? The dogs? LOL.

        • inked

          i dont have to read it… i saw it with my own two eyes.. i drove up and down the ave 6 times… i can count… lol lol lol lol

          • Anonymous

            You say first that you walked the whole neighborhood, then you say you drove up and down 6 times. Wow, you were really LOOKING for trouble. Good thing you can count, you sure can’t spell! I pity your children lol lol lol lol lol. When your kids are teens who will protect us from them?

  • Shea Holmes

    The reason why there were so many Police is because people or should I say the People who admit many Parents in the Beach do not care what their Children do or where they are as long as it does not affect them. Therefore the Police are needed to control them This is Truly a black mark on the community.Face it people these are the Facts.Now you can hit the dislike on all the people posting the truth,but the truth still is the truth and will not go away with the click of a mouse.

    • Anonymous

      The truth is that we wish YOU would go away with the click of a mouse. For crissakes, you moved to Gods waiting room and yet cannot help waking up there every morning and getting on this website to spew venom and attack the Beach and the people who live here. What is with this obsession you have? No one here cared what you thought when you were here you santimonious snob, why do you think anyone would care now?

  • Anonymous

    I’ll assume that 90% of the negative replies on here are from the beach rats that had to stay home and actually do thier homework on Halloween, and their parents who had to stay home and mind them.

    • Anonymous

      Awwwwwww, did I hit a nerve?

    • Frank

      Losers had to stay home because either you or your friends were not happy or satisfied with just smashing each other with eggs, shaving cream or rocks so you had to be minded by your parents because they could not face the embarrassment that you are a hoodlum or associated with others that could not control themselves from committing crimes against MTA, and others. Take responsibility…Whose fault was this?

  • we will be stirring up some ruckus soon dont worrry were stilll here nnot halloween if questions are neccessary come to gbg headquaterrs

  • tony montana

    oh trust us we are coming boii full effect

  • when ur in the streets watch out annomyous cause will gett youu we dontt care come to headquatersd

  • Anne

    What exactly does “GBG” stand for & where are the Headquarters??????? You talk tough, but I notice you can’t spell or use punctuation correctly, and your post sounds very much like a threat. If you are their representative, it doesn’t speak well for the whole group.

  • skeeter

    gerritsen beach is in troble takin away the kids halloween? thts only gna cuase a revolt ten times worse

  • gbg stands for gerritsen beach goons. Would you like to see correct spelling and punctuation? Here it is. GBG will not stand for any of this no more me and my troops will take down anything. GBG!! Whats cracking?

    • Anonymous

      You made five mistakes, which proves you are illiterate.

      1- gbg representive. Representive should be representative.

      2- gbg is a title and shole be capitalized. “GBG”

      3- GBG will not stand for any of this no more me and my troops will take down anything. This is a run on sentence. There should be an exclamation point after the word more to get your point across.

      4- “no more” should be replaced with “any more”.

      5- me and my troops will take down anything. This is grammatically incorrect. It should read ” My troops and I will take down anything.

      Your teacher’s must be very disappointed with you!

    • Anne

      Goons – quite descriptive. The dictionary defines the word goon as A STUPID PERSON….. enough said!

    • Frank

      Punks you really want to stand up to adults and post yourself forward I Promise you will Loose. So you are the ingrates that are destroying this neighborhood we will put a stop to this very fast! It is on

  • anonoymous

    Use caution with the “gbg site”…It is an “Intranet Site ” as opposed to an “Internet Site”…It hides behind an internet site Ip address.. Much favored by hackers and computer mischievous types…Make sure Virus Pro. is up and Firewalls activated

  • Gary

    you guys are a bunch of idiots!

    when the kids run wild and vandalize property you get mad and ask why the police did nothing.

    when the cops come to gerritsen beach and do a good job stopping th kind from vandalizing property you complain and say “police state” “over reaction from the nypd”

    seriously !

    • Irish Kevin

      Gary; This is exactly what happened. I am surprised that the Dislike Crew has not deleted your Post yet. When they don’t want to hear the Truth or for the most part Believe the Truth,When all else fails keep clicking on Dislike. We really have some very concerned Parents in the Beach..

  • GB for life

    Occupy Gerritsen Beach !

  • The Beacher

    I think its time for all you People to realize that this is what Happens when a bunch of Punks think they can do what ever they want.The parents of these same Punks don’t seem to care about their neighbors.The Parents are the ones at fault here. After all they created these monsters.

  • tony montana

    gb all day no one is stoppin us come to headquaters and try to

  • tony montana

    hell yea whats cracking gb to the death of me cookin in that kitchen my favorite recipe

    • Alejandro Sosa

      I only tell you once. Don’t mess with me, Tony. Don’t you ever try to mess with me. I told you a long time ago, you stinking little monkey, not to *screw me!*

  • our headquaters is gerritsen beach. the streets the avenue the beach the point the skate park larry veling pony leauge park ur house my house bagel store new dutch leos etc

  • annon

    I’m so glad the 61st precinct monitors this sight using their Internet Intelligence. I know they have all of these people under survellience just waiting for them to make a move.

    • Frank

      They are just monitoring and when they have all the players involve they will go Ricco on their ass and bring forth Federal prosecution which will entail Fed time on everyone even just friends or associates so for those of you who think that being friends with these idiots is cool when your mere association brings you to 5 years in prison what will you say then

  • Liquor Store

    I, like many of the business owners on the avenue, was glad to see the cops on Halloween keeping the peace. It made it safer for us not to worry about the eggs and rocks thrown at the windows and defacing the businesses.
    However, imagine my surprise, when I received a phone call from my employee (a long time GB Resident) on Friday night at 10PM!!! telling me that they are throwing aggs and rocks at the windows and when he went to check out what’s happening, he was egged too. He was forced to call the cops because the KIDS (and I use that term loosely) were getting out of control.
    I usually keep to myself and don’t get into debates on this site, but it is just gettign ridiculous.
    Since I have gotten a place in GB, I was told time and time again that I don’t have to be worried about adults, but teenagers. Over time, I realized that this is the truth of the GB. Over the period of two years while I was here, I had to put up with quite a few teenagers, who found it necessary to go by the store when the door was open and make fun of my Russian accent, or yelling some insults. I was one of few white kids who gre up in the ghetto in the Bronx, so I have a thick skin, but what happened on Friday just does not make any sense to me.
    The cops were here on Monday and ruined their chance of egging people and throwing rocks at the stores and busses so they moved their “operation” to Friday??? I wish I could find those “KIDS” and make them wash the windows of the store. Do we need to have cops here every day patroling the neighborhood? Don’t you think it’s ridiculous that it has to come down to 8-10 cop cars to patrol the neighborhood on Halloween to protect us from CHILDREN?
    I was young once and have done some stupid stuff (we all have), but there was always a line you wouldn’t cross, you would never talk back or assult an elderly or anyone who was older then you are. Now, I find that kids have no respect for age, or anything for that matter. I just find this whole situation very sad.

    • Irish Kevin

      Sorry to say the Beach is a Haven for losers, The parents for the most part care but the few that don’t make it bad for everyone.When you read these posts and the ones that are hidden are many that are true Sad,Very Sad, Now you know why stores are vacant on the avenue.

  • Kelly D

    The reason for the Hidden due to etc is that people who will not accept the truth or flat out deny it,seem to have all their friends hit on the dislike so the truth in many cases will just go away. The Blind leading the Blind. This has happened to many of my posts that the ignorant do not wish to believe or read. As Kevin said Sad Very Very Sad.

  • Liquor Store

    What makes it sad is that almost every day, I get people in the store complaining that there are not enough stores that the neighborhood needs on the avenue. Now I see why there is no good vegetable stand in the neighborhood, or something that will keep the kids busy and out of the streets or any other store that neighborhood really needs.

    • Irish Kevin

      I knew many of the ex store owners on the Avenue.They had many of the same problems you are experiencing with these low life kids. Keeping the kids busy, It is real simple the Parents know there is a problem but refuse to accept the fact that the Children are legally there responsibility until they are over 18 years of age. Generally it is just a matter of not caring and having no respect for their neighbors. While my Children were at home and under 18 I made sure I was aware of their activities and what they did. We always talked about what they were doing. I am glad they both graduated fine Universities and have very successful careers.Best of all do not live in the Beach

    • Anne

      Well, tonight they succeeded – they broke the window on the liquor store just before closing time. The police were called, but couldn’t be bothered to get out of their car to take the report. It really seems like NOBODY is going to do anything about these little thugs until someone gets hurt. I just hope it’s one of THEM & not some innocent child or older person (these cowardly “toughs” only seem to go for those types)

  • AnonymousT

    I dont mind the big police presence at all. This year was a breeze and a lot of fun for my family and I.

  • I Goodlord

    After reading all the comments and bickering among the residents of Gerritsen Beach.I feel the problem is lack of faith in God.All you people need to find Jesus Christ.All of you are blaming each other for this and that,Find Jesus Christ Now.This will put all of you at ease with yourselves.

  • TJ

    he is right ! if people dont follow jesus then hesus will get you

  • I Goodlord

    I can not believe that you people are rejecting Jesus..When Jesus lived on the earth (approximately 2,000 years ago), He led a perfect life. He taught by word and example how people should live in love of God and others.

    • Irish Kevin

      The true meaning of religion is thus not simply morality, but morality touched by emotion.

    • never an alter boy

      Jesus, according to the bible, did not live the perfect life. He lived the everyman life of his time. He was aware of his faults & embraced sinners. Jesus would not be happy with the finger pointers on this site. He told me this himself while he was making fun of TJ.

  • anon

    why are people bickering about god on a blog about halloween

  • Frank

    Wow what a great show of force by our local PD, very impressed that it only took kids going after police for it to happen but very happy it did! For you ignorant kids and Parents out there, if your kids did not act like animals then the cops would not be here…Stop blaming everyone else!!! See not my kid does not work when we have pictures of you kid doing wrong. So now for the KIDS on here this is a lesson of responsibility which your parents might not have not taught you, when you behave like savages we will treat you like such! On another note Stop smoking weed in public at 13 years old people see you and your parents will see pics of you. Stop the drugs you have enough problems! Stop breaking beer bottles in the parks we will catch you and expose you to the community. This is your neighborhood Respect It!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly D

    Man was made at the end of the week’s work when God was tired.We are never defeated unless we give up on God.

  • Kelly D

    Till Next Year !

  • Liquor Store - Yuri

    Just to follow up on what has been happening around here (including the BLOG). On Friday night at 11PM (yes, ELEVEN PM), bunch of 12-13 year old idiots (I can’t bring myself to call them KIDS), broke a window in MY STORE located on GERRITSEN AVENUE. I have few questions for these so-called children of the neighborhood and their parents.
    1 — WHAT THE HELL is your 12 year old doing outside at 11 o’clock at night?
    2 — How much do you have to hate your neighborhood to vandalize stores and bus stops along the avenue in your neighborhood?

    You see, I have been down here for two years. I have come to know alot of good people in this community, even though I don’t live here and wasn’t raised here. I was brought up taught by my parents that you MUST treat everyone with respect no matter who they are or what they do for a living or what their lifestyle is. That is what I am teaching my KIDS even though they are only 3 and 5.

    In two years I have been here I have donated to every event and fundraiser in the neighborhood. I have donated to teh school even though my kids don’t go there, I have donated to churches, even though I am not a Catholic or Lutheran. I CHOSE to help because these are the things the community has and needs. This is what makes the community stronger.

    This brings me to a point of kids being born and living in this “SAFE” neighbohood and vandalizing it. They have no respect for someone’s property or age. They will attack a 70 year old woman just for laughs.

    I don’t blame the kids however, I blame their parents, just like I am sure everyone in their right mind does. These kids wouldn’t have the presence of mind to do what they do unless this is what they are being brought up with.

    I spent 2 years being respectful and nice to those kids who feel the need to laugh or make fun of me and my being Russian and having an accent. I brushed it off saying “they’re kids”. Well, now it just took another turn. These are not kids, these are hoodlums. Believe me, I know hoodlums, I grew up in the area full of them (East Tremont Avenue and Grand Concourse area in the Bronx).

    What makes me sad the most is that people who are coming to my store just to tell me that they are pretty sure they know who these kids were, but can’t get involved because they are afraid of retaliation. No offense to the neighborhood, but if you know who it is, why not do something about it??? I said something last year and it went unheard — why not set up a neighborhood watch??? Don’t leave it to the Cops, because 61st Precinct takes 45 minutes to get here when you have rocks thrown in your face. But, having a Patrol Car would be a nice thing to have here.

    I will be at the next Property Owners Association Meeting, because this has gone far enough. I am fixing my window, which will cost me a nice chunk of change, but something needs to be done to protect the businesses like mine, the laundromat, etc.

    I am leaving my name, so you know exactly who I am. I apologize for the long post, but this has been boiling inside of me since Friday night.

  • Irish Kevin

    Well looks like it still goes on..Yuri, I am sorry to hear that you are having these problems in our neighborhood. I would think that in this day and age with all the Ethnic diversity there is in NYC stupid and low class acts like this would not occur.I hope your message gets through to the parents of these hoodlums,somehow I don’t believe it will.they will just continue to deny there is a problem.Wish I had an answer but I do not.

    • Liquor Store - Yuri

      Despite of everything that happened, I do believe that this neighborhood is full of nice people who care and like this place.
      I just don’t understand this fear of retaliation from bunch of 12 year olds and their parents.
      Maybe it’s my personality and the fact that I never back down from a fight, but I don’t understand the whole neighborhood being controlled by 12 year olds. And for anyone who says they are not from this neighborhood, but the outsiders — TRUST ME! They were from this neighborhood.
      Like I said, I will be at the next POA meeting, and I hope that other business owners on the avenue join me and, hopefully, something will finally GET DONE.

      • Irish Kevin

        Yuri: Here is a quick story that happened approx 15 years ago. My Dad lived in the Beach he was retired and was home quite often. There was this Kid approx 13 or 14 at the time who constantly harassed him and other seniors, I asked around what people think I should do about this and was told don’t mess with this kid he set a few places on fire he is bad news. Well here is what I did one day driving home from work I seen this kid in front of his house,pulled over and dragged his A– around and then explained to him if this happened again I would not be as nice…Conclusion problem solved never happened again,the kid went over to Dads house and apologized. I am not suggesting fire with fire but when you hit the limit emotions take over. Hope your situation gets better.

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