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Halloween is Here


Halloween 2007

Halloween is here and after some preparation, police and local plans are being rolled into action. Even the MTA has an emergency action plan for the B31. Although the MTA says suspensions “will be likely” I hope we can prove them wrong. The property owners association from their announcement,  has organized a good amount of people for their roving patrols, and the 61 and 63 precincts will have a presence in the area.

Although I have no official knowledge of how the 61st, 63 and Parks will deal with Halloween in Gerrtisen Beach, I’m going to guess there will be a presence of marked and unmarked cars, and plain clothes officers. The 61 commanding officer will be in the area as well. If you are a parent, I would make sure you keep an eye on them because summonses and arrests sound likely.

Remember all NYC Parks close at dusk and anyone committing a crime will be arrested (no matter how old).

Update: 1:00pm (It’s about time we retook the streets)


Brooklyn South Task Force greets you when you come in.


NYPD Off-Road Vehicle (61 Pct)


Brooklyn South Task Force at Seba Avenue Park.

9 comments to Halloween is Here

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t wann be riding that cop golf cart later.

  • Rob

    Keep up the good work. Don’t get killed.

  • anon

    Happy Halloween……………..what’s the latest????

  • Anonymous

    Mta made no announcements what so ever of the B31 officially not running. It is absolutely ridiculous that they would shut down the system, just because parents can’t control their kids!

  • Anonymous

    What is everyone complaining about its quiet outside there is no mischief guess you will never be happy.

  • Anonymous

    I think everyone had a good Halloween. thanks for a good Plan of attack. Little ones had a great time as they always should on Halloween.

  • anon

    I think this was one of the most pleasant Halloweens I seen in years. Hundreds of kids and parents trick or treating without being pelted with eggs, shaving cream or worse. If it was the police going around the courts or sitting on the avenue they deserve our thanks. Well done.. let’s keep our streets safe.

  • conflicted

    I’m glad everyone was safe . Police did a great job ,its just sad it had to come to that .I drove home from work yesterday thru some bad neighborhoods I saw some police here and there got to Gerristen av and it looked like a war zone . Thanks not my kid parents ,you know who you are .

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to the police for making Halloween fun again and keeping the a$$holes at bay.