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City and Feds Hashing Out Jamaica Bay Agreement


Yesterday Mayor Bloomberg announced along with Ken Salazar the United States Secretary of the Interior, and Judith Enck Regional Administrator of Region 2, the beginnings of a formal legal agreement detailing how the city and federal governments will manage and who will have jurisdiction over the very large Jamaica Bay.

Right now some of Jamaica Bay is controlled by the city while some is controlled by the federal park service and there are areas that are controlled by both if not more other agencies. There are a lot of overlapping projects and jurisdictional issues that arise from sharing the area. The Mayor said is best when “Even though these city and federal holdings sit next to one another like a jigsaw puzzle, they don’t always fit well together,” . The agreement signed yesterday, is the building blocks for a new unified governing model that works together and shares planning objectives and goals.

As for what this means for the plumb beach rest stop. Parks Commisioner Adrian Benepe said there will be a major rehabilitation project to rebuild and stabilize the area with the army corps of engineers and the city soon. Councilman Lew Fidler and newly elected Bob Turner will have to keep pushing to make sure they keep their word and we don’t lose the belt parkway. The Parks Commissioner announced that a project will be started in the near future by the army corps of engineers with the city and in cooperation with the national parks service.

The Environmental Protection Agency also announced that as of October 28, 2011 Jamaica Bay is now a No Discharge Zone. According to the EPA “A No Discharge Area (NDA) is a designated body of water where the discharge of treated and untreated boat sewage is prohibited (does not include grey water). Under the federal Clean Water Act it is illegal to discharge untreated (raw) sewage from a vessel in U.S. waters.”

The house boats the Gerritsen Beach area have access to free pump out station at the Knapp Street treatment plant. The house boats that dont or are unable to move might have a visit from the EPA shortly.



8 comments to City and Feds Hashing Out Jamaica Bay Agreement

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  • Anonymous

    The city never should have given the land to The Federal Government to begin with. Gate has got to be the crappiest National Park in history. Outside of some beaches, it’s preserved weeds. Who the hell needs to preserve weeds?

    • trainman

      Anonymous, I rather have and look at “preserved weeds” then offer this land to private development. The city offering this land to Gateway essentially assured us generations of greenery that would have been lost to high-end condos and shopping malls. One just needs to drive down Ave. U and look at that eyesore we call kings plaza for an example. Be careful what you wish for.

  • SO you’re telling me that people in the house boats have been shitting right into the water all these years? Disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    Bloomberg is the biggest, self-serving idiot there is.

    • sorry for you all

      Anonymous: You hit the nail on the head….If this Fathead Midget Mayor, and his billionaire cronies are involved..You can bet there will be plenty of Real Estate deals coming to make them richer..Remember the Basket Ball Stadium in downtown Bklyn ? Or the attempt for a Major League Baseball Stadium in Manhattan…All this greedy billionaire is interested in is more money..and lucrative deals…The only thing I disagree is that you refer to him as the “biggest” self serving idiot..He knows exactly what he is doing..Don’t let him fool anyone….

  • Good to know he have acted very well he must be a good leardear at all :) thumbs up!

  • annonymous

    Bloomberg has big plans that don’t involve jobs, education, or the better interest of the middle class. Be weary of all that he tried to do, see being a millionaire is not good enough for him, he needs world dominance. Look at what he has done city beautification which has caused more traffic so he instituted bike lanes which has caused more traffic and accidents. Then he raised our taxes so more people could be on welfare. Small business is a thing of the past because of him, so no jobs for your kids. Oh and he micromanages schools so many will go catholic or private….I could go on