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More Trees Grow in Gerritsen


Trees! - After

This past weekend the NYC Parks department with the natural resources group and hundreds of outside volunteers came in and planted thousands of trees as part of New York City’s Million Tree program, behind PS 277.

Last year, we saw the million tree program for the first time when theyplanted thousands of trees across from the library.

If you remember, this project started five years ago as a clearing project behind PS 277, and cause quite a stir three years ago.

The Parks department is also busy also along the tree line planted more trees.


Before - March 2009 a large area of woodchips

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6 comments to More Trees Grow in Gerritsen

  • Paul

    Are these the same trees that the city had home owners pay for when they do improvements on their homes and have to plant trees and pay for them based on the size of their lot. Our Mayor came up with this idea!
    I am referring to Zoning Amendment 26-40 to the New York City Zoning Resolution, which was passed by the City Council in April, 2008.
    The response below is what I received from “A Million Trees” when I questioned the right of the city council to vote this in.
    “As it costs NYC Parks at least $1,800 per procurement and installation of a single street tree, the cost of reimbursing Parks for planting as per zoning requirements is not unreasonable. It would be inequitable to require compliance with this regulation only for properties with sufficient sidewalk space for tree planting; if planting is not possible at a location where there is sufficient sidewalk space (due to underlying utilities), the property owner must similarly reimburse Parks for planting in an alternative location.”

  • alfred

    how long until atv’s ruin them?

  • Terri

    I think the whole Million Trees program is great. I’m just wondering why our neighborhood was choosen. Do we really need more trees? How many of the ones they planted across from the library are still alive?

  • anonymous

    The trees will look beautiful, but do we need so many trees?

    • annonymous

      No but as posted earlier the city needed a place to plant these trees so close together so they can uproot them for other areas. They put them so close together cause they did not anticipate them growing big enough before they uprooted them for another area and they do not care about caring for them cause out of 100 of 50 live they still make out at 1500 per tree

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