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Neighborhood Watch Party on Devil’s Night


Bus Damage - Halloween 2010

It’s about time!

From the reports of last years Halloween, it looks like we might need to buy, umbrellas, or riot gear! I vote for neither. How about you?

The Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association is requesting volunteers to walk around Halloween afternoon and night. They are counting on supportive members like you to help us all have a safe Halloween. Can you help?

Your time and effort will not only help us keep the neighborhood safe but also help us build a better image of our community!

The association is also requesting that everyone remain vigilant and calm. No one should take matters into their own hands and anyone walking around trick or treating to be follow Halloween safety and to call 911 if they see any mischief.

If you are interested, have questions, concerns, or just want more details call George at 917-538-4415

29 comments to Neighborhood Watch Party on Devil’s Night

  • Bugg

    What does Zach Galifianakis have to dow ith this exactly?

  • Anonymous

    Why should we have to volunteer to keep the neighborhood safe? I thought thats why we pay so much in taxes so the Police can and should protect us?

    • Beach resident

      The police are paid to protect us but that doesn’t mean the neighborhood can’t help. A lot of neighborhoods have a citizen patrol. They can cover more area than the police alone. I think it’s a great idea. I’d like more info, like if the folks are going to patrol alone or in pairs, etc.

  • yes

    Halloween is on Monday this year,the past three were all weekend events.I think it will be a lot quieter than in the past few years.

    • Anonymous

      Ive been told all the Catholic High Schools that the great neighborhood yuths attend are closed on Halloween. Thats great, now they have as much time as they want to do as they please

      • anonymous

        You are wrong I know at least one High School that is going to be open, and WHY are you accusing the Catholic High School kids?????
        Not all of GB kids attend Catholic High School you sound sort of prejudice to me!

        • Anonymous

          Lets go to the video from last year,what school do those wonderful yuths attend?? Saint what? and I wasn’t referring to elemntary school

      • Anonymous

        I know for a fact that you’re wrong. Good Shepherd is closed on Nov 1st for All Saints Day. They are open on Halloween. And I agree, stop pointing fingers.

  • Anonymous

    I hope it’s not the parents of these kids who are in the Neighborhood Watch….It’s not like they would know how.

  • Anonymous

    My Catholic school still has classes on halloween to prevent early mischief.

  • Pete

    It will be interesting to see that now that Halloween fails
    on a work day, will the MTA suspend B31 service if eggs are
    thrown at buses. If so how will those of us relying on the
    B31 get home. I hope we dont have to walk from Ave U becuase
    of youth mischeif.

    • anon

      Walk! It’s not as if you have to walk from the city! It’s down Gerritsen Ave for crying out loud, if you can’t make it, rent a hov-around.

    • GJPB

      MTA states in todays Sunday News that they are prepared to shut down 3 bus lines on halloween, 2 in Bronx & 1 in Gerritsen Beach.

      • Anonymous

        I guess that means that there is more mischief and assaults caused in Gerritsen Beach then anywhere else in Brooklyn and we should be really proud that our community has been identified as amoung the top 3 most dangerous for travelers on the MTA. What a great thing

  • Samantha

    What if you have a bad knee, ankle or other hurt body part. Why should anyone have to walk over a mile to get home when there is a bus to get them there. I sure don’t want to pay $2.25 to be let off before my stop just because of egg throwing. Why don’t you rent the hov-around for all of us who can’t walk? On top of it we will have to walk by the egg throwing people and possibly get hit with god knows what…I don’t think I want to do that, do you?

    • Anonymous

      It’s a terrifying jungle out there! Good day to take the day off and rest up all your bad parts. Stay in bed, pull the covers over your head until all the horrible mayham is over. Happy Halloween!

    • anonymous

      Wow no one likes not having a bus to take them home on Halloween. But how about the rest of the year, when the bus doesn’t run after a certain time of night , what do people who work nights do?
      Amazing to me that we live in NYC the city that doesn’t sleep but the buses stop running. ( probably only in GB)

  • Aghast!

    Just some clarification.. The neighborhood image would not need “improvement” had it not been for our esteemed “journalist” blogging about who knows what in his desperate attempt to get attention… To his stab at journalism. Sensationalism.. In the Hollywood sense.. Gerritsen born and bred paparazzi.. Hiding behind cars to capture the coveted images of mischievous youth.. Get a life man! Lol at any rate happy Halloween peeps.. Welcome to the police state.. You brought it upon yourselves…

    • Anonymous

      I would like to clarify.

      I was there and he was just standing around in the middle of the avenue and on the sidewalk not hiding behind cars or bushes. In fact he was just standing around with a bunch of other people. I do not think your opinion represents the majority. Everyone that was there was angry. you wouldn’t be saying these things if you were there. hopefully you would of done something about it instead of putting up air quotes. I forgot that our neighborhood had a pristine image before this incident. A quick news search proves that our youth have major issues for the last two decades. One more thing. To call the images coveted is horrible. When you go back through the halloween posts, there are years worth of this stuff not sure why you are freaking out now.

  • keri


  • Rev. Billy Graham

    Blast it to merciful heavens..it’s a darn shame the way some onry folks tarnish the fine folks of GB & their youngun’s on this blog. Repent and save your souls from eternal damnation… ya low down unrepentant scoundrels.

  • […] “will be likely” I hope we can prove them wrong. The property owners association from their announcement,  has organized a good amount of people for their roving patrols, and the 61 and […]