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Chauncey Howell Talks To Gerritsen Beach

6 comments to Chauncey Howell Talks To Gerritsen Beach

  • anon

    Geez, just what GB needs! Now I will never sell my house!

  • Beachwalker

    Why what is wrong with it? I think it was cute and VC and L (or was it L?) gave great interviews especially considering it was off the cuff. Glad he found people who love living here to interview and NOT YOU Anon. Good luck selling your house, and I mean that.

    • Irish Kevin

      What I fail to understand is when someone posts their view on a subject,If it upsets some,they tell the poster to Sell your house,Leave etc.Not very neighborly.!!

      • anon

        I agree with Irish Kevin. We are all entitled to our opinions of the neighborhood. I happen to think it is a ghetto. It doesn’t state that ONLY POSITIVE COMMENTS must be posted. Some people post positive comments and some negative comments. Who do you think you are judging them? If you don’t like it Beachwalker don’t come on here and read it.

  • Beachwalker

    I wasn’t telling them to sell their house. Anon expressed in his/her post that he/she was trying to sell their house and implying that the Chauncey Howell piece somehow was going to hurt his/her ability to do so. I took offense at that because the interviews were with fine people who are life long residents who have contributed much to the neighborhood. That being said, I do not understand why all the people who post negativity regarding the neighborhood, the people, the kids; the people who hate everything about the place would have bought here to begin with or would stay and be miserable. Did you come here and expect everyone to change for you? It isn’t the children, the bars or anything like that that is hurting this neighborhood, it’s the haters in our midst. Irish Kevin, I’m curious, what is your view on the phrase “America, love it or leave it”?

  • At least I will until I run out of ideas, then I will write whatever I want, because geez, it s my blog.