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FEMA Meeting

The FEMA meeting at the Cort Club was hosted by Senator Golden and the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association. George Broadhead, president ran the meeting. Senator Golden and a Representative of Congressman Turners office attended. Department of Environmental Protection attended the meeting. Good information from the 7 or so FEMA representatives that attended. Some of the important information is as follows:

Call if a disaster has caused:

  • Damage to your home, personal property or vehicle.
  • Loss of wages and/or
  • Death of a loved one

Or if you need;
Temporary housing
Unemployment Benefits
Essential home repairs; and/or
A low interest loan for a home or business.

Call 1800-621-3362 to register now or online at DisasterAssistance.gov
Deadline is October 31,2011. Get a claim # when you call.
The incident date was between August 26th and September 5th.
The disaster # is 4020
You should call your insurance company also to see if your insurance will cover your damage.
Once you get a denial from your insurance company, that letter should be forwarded to FEMA.
FEMA will come out to inspect your damage 5-7 days after you register.
If FEMA denies your claim they may offer you a loan for your home repairs at 2.5% interest.
If you are a non profit, FEMA may offer 3% loan.
If you are a business, you may be offered a 4% loan.

When you call please have;
Your social security number
A mailing address
Your personal telephone number
Address of the damaged property
Insurance information
Your routing number on your checking account.

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  • Anonymous

    Does anyone remember the good old days,, when people could fish and swim at the end of Ivan Court, Merit Court , Dare Court,, etc.. Did the owner of the house on the Corner of Ivan and Bartlett actually purchase the property from Mayor Bloomberg as well as did the yacht club at the end of Cyrus Ave purchase the land at teh end of Merit to use as thier own personal party property?? How much did these property owners pay for the public property at the end of these streets??