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61 Precinct Halloween Message


The 61 precinct has been posting these messages in stores on Gerritsen Avenue

25 comments to 61 Precinct Halloween Message

  • anon

    yep…thats sure is going to make a difference.

  • TBC

    I’m sure many parents will see this and think, “Oh! Free toilet paper!”

  • Pete

    The message from the 61 precinct cant hurt. The Police
    will be put on the spot this year as will the parents
    of the children. Kids will be Kids however the parents
    are ultimitly resposible. Many eyes will be watching what
    happens this year in light of last years publicity. I hope
    it helps quiet things down.

  • Anonymous

    With the 61, I’m suprised the message doesn’t say “Call 911 so we know where to avoid.”

  • a good neighbor

    i’m staying the hell out of that area on 10/31. i’m sure it will just be as bad as last year. if nothing bad happens, i will donate $1000 to charity. :)

  • gene

    you actually think that message is from the 61??? no letterhead or anything? wow!

  • Native beach person

    The parent know exactly where the kids are they are drinking at the local dirt bag bars on the Avenue that don’t proof anyone. Thank you Amici’s for not allowing kids in your bar and posting a legal age sign.

  • the N>F>H>

    Wait, Im confused….the co of the 61 pct got a promotion, in spite of last years Halloween fiasco? Oh i get it “the peter principal at work again!!!

  • Anonymous

    Is the 61 Pct going to respond to the 911 calls or argue over whether its their pct or the 63 Pct. And
    Who is going to tell 911 to take the calls and not tell people its not an emergency to call the pct or 311

  • rich

    these punks and that is what they are punks, will do what they want and laugh at anyone who tries to stop them. i say sent them all to rikers and see what a weekend in there will teach them. When and if they come to ebony ct i have somethem for them

  • Anonymous

    Watch out kids-there is a sicky on Ebony Ct. Rich, I hope you wind up in the nuthouse where you belong.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about a letterhead the message is plain and simple
    “you see something say something” get it!!!!

  • anonymous

    Arrest them, let the parents spend some time and money for lawyers. No slap on the wrist tickets.

  • TheDivineMrs.M

    My neighbor saw the cops, in uniform going from house 2 house putting these in neighbors mail boxes. They HAVE to do something, this is escalating and getting worse and worse each year. I don’t remember it being as bad as last years or worrying about walking around the neighborhood for fear of being attacked. If they throw something at anyone, including police officers that’s a sign of aggression and needs to be dealt with, they need to arrest these punks by any means necessary, if you throw something at a police they have the right to defend themselves, if parents have an issue with that then they need to parent better. Obviously, these kids have never been taught consequences to their actions, maybe a night in jail is a good start. They’re locking up the protestors who are occupying Wall street almost every day, why can’t we throw these little assholes in there as well?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to all the idiots who make it hard for the working people. The buses stop on Ave U or Whitney so how are we supposed to get home? Oh that’s right – we have to walk because you morons find it entertaining to attack a bus with eggs, rocks, etc.. Really smart!! Keep your damn kids on a leash!!

  • Anonymous

    Keep your kids home on Halloween. Cops are lazy & will grab any kid they see if they are doing something or not.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a very simple solution. If you want the 61 to patrol the area and make arrest if needed, tell them the entire neighborhood has converted to the Jewish faith. You’re sure to get results.

  • Anonymous

    Section 145.00 Criminal mischief in the fourth degree

    A person is guilty of criminal mischief in the fourth degree when, having no right to do so nor any reasonable ground to believe that he has such right, he:

    1. Intentionally damages property of another person; or

    2. Intentionally participates in the destruction of an abandoned building as defined in section one thousand nine hundred seventy-one-a of the real property actions and proceedings law; or

    3. Recklessly damages property of another person in an amount exceeding two hundred fifty dollars.

    Criminal mischief in the fourth degree is a class A misdemeanor.