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36 Million for Anthony Turturro

Seven years later Anthony Tuturro who was struck by a speeding car at the 2004 Christmas Tree ceremony gets a verdict. Which after the math is all said and done works out to be $19 million from the city.
Via NY Post

Acording to the decision the panel believed that city officials ignored the warnings from Gerritsen Beach residents that Gerritsen Avenue needed traffic calming measures to to slow down drivers.

The driver Louis Pascarella who had a suspended license at the time, was maintaining a speed of 54 mph when he struck Anthony Turturro, who was riding his bike.

Via VerdictSeach

The jury determined that the plaintiffs’ damages totaled $36,161,797.52. The comparative-negligence reduction produced a net recovery of $32,545,617.77, but the plaintiffs do not expect to recover that amount. Beatrice Pascarella and Louis Pascarella are not expected to contribute more than $50,000, which represents the limit of their insurer’s obligation. The city must pay the remainder of the economic damages, but it does not have to pay more than 30 percent of the noneconomic damages.

35 comments to 36 Million for Anthony Turturro

  • Anonymous

    What an absurd judgement. This is why our legal system is messed up.

  • Beachwalker

    What was absurd was someone with a suspended license doing almost double the speed limit passed a huge crowd of people at a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. What is absurd is a healthy, young boy suffering catastrophic injuries, months and years of pain, multiple disabilities that he will live with for the rest of his life because someone was behind the wheel of a car who had no business being behind the wheel with no regard for anyone else.

  • Anonymous

    Where was the supervision?

    • Jen Anderson

      @Anonymous: Are you asking where his parents were? His mother was at the Tree Lighting ceremony and helped treat his injuries. Are you saying that a kid old enough to follow the rules of the road shouldn’t be allowed to ride their bike 3 blocks alone? If his parents had been riding bikes on either side of him, that wouldn’t have kept him from being hit.

      This driver was driving well over the speed limit, and even more over the speed that anyone should be driving after passing a big crowd like that. It’s the driver’s fault. And one reason he was driving so fast was the complete lack of traffic lights after PS 277.

  • Anonymous

    Thats why they call them accidents.

    Just an unfortunate set of circumstances which have chnaged people’s lives forever

  • Anonymous

    It’s ridiculous that city has to pay millions because some idiot doesn’t know how to drive.

    • Beachwalker

      @Anonymous: No, the city is paying because after years of complaints by residents about the speeding etc. and after numerous traffic studies by DOT, the city still refused to aknowledge that we needed SOMETHING to calm the mayham on the Ave. It is a shared responsibility between the city and the driver. I hope that the family sees enough of this settlement to help with the I’m sure tremendous costs they have already incurred and enough to make sure that Anthony’s life will be as happy and productive as possible.

      • Yes.

        Well said and agreed.

        “I hope that the family sees enough of this settlement to help with the I’m sure tremendous costs they have already incurred and enough to make sure that Anthony’s life will be as happy and productive as possible.”

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, well at $36 million, $4.50 of that judgment is coming out of your pocket and another $4.50 for everyone in your family that lives in NYC.

        • Anon

          Go skip that next beer at the bar or bagel and coffee! I’ll hand out an EXTRA $4.50 for ya pal!

        • Yes.

          I’m only going to say that maybe if this unfortunate accident happened to your child, you would feel differently. I know I would. Ellie and her family have gone through so much and I can only say that I hope I never have to endure what they have gone through. Anthony deserves to live a fulfilling life after so much was taken away from him at such a young age. I’m not trying to sound sassy at all, but think of how you would feel if so much was robbed of your 11 year old son (I believe he was only 11 at the time). Sad isn’t it? He was just a boy riding his bike just like any other.

  • Beachwalker

    Is that all that matters to you? Sad. I hope the city learns a lesson from it and is more responsive next time to the requests and changing needs of a neighborhood. $4.50 is a small price to pay compared to the suffering and loss by this family. There but for the grace of God goes you.

    • Anonymous

      Multiply that by the hundreds of similar cases each year in NYC and you’re paying out hundreds a year in your taxes.

  • gene

    if i was him i would buy my mother a car and spend the rest on PCP!

  • Lou p

    The kid was riding his bike in the dark on the street .everyone was in the yard ,it was the parents fault .too bad the boy got hurt

  • Treena

    I have never met Anthony…However, I’ve been lucky enough to watch him slowly recover from his injuries over the past few years. On an almost daily basis I’d see him initially in a wheel chair, then with an aide with a use of a walker, and most recently taking great strides with his dog! I am inspired by his recovery EVERY SINGLE TIME I see him! I now wish I would’ve been brave enough to tell him so previously, since now $ will jade any compliment. The important thing is it doesn’t matter HOW or WHY or WHO is to blame anymore…With this verdict, Anthony and his family will now be able get what they need to help him attain a complete recovery!

  • Andrew

    There is no amount of money awarded that can replace a stolen childhood…

    • gene

      36 mill covers it.

      • Anonymous

        Your comments are so stupid. Your a real a**hole, gene. So glad you don’t live here.

      • ANON

        $36 Million Gene? Try $32,500,000. Then deduct 31% Federal and State Taxes = $22,425,000. Then deduct standard 30% legal fees ($6,727,500) = $15,697,500 Take home.
        With a sixty year life expectancy from today, the yearly payout is $261,625
        Now deduct the past 7 years of medical bills, and deduct the next sixty years of medical expenses…
        If you look at it this way, Anthony is not getting enough.

        • Anonymous

          You don’t pay any taxes on a court settlement if it’s for physical injury so most of this money is free and clear.

    • Anonymous

      36 million is quite extreme.

  • Anonymous

    This was a kid celebrating the annual tree lighting and his life will never be the same he is considered handicap, he will never have a normal life or probally be able to get a good job. He was hit by someone from the neighborhood a man who has lived down here practically his whole life he coached he was involved with the kids years ago so he knows what goes on down here. Im sure he knew about the tree lighting so while he is responsible for Anthonys injuries so is the city for years people have asked for lights on the avenue maybe even a speedbump would help im sure its cheaper then a light. Think of all the way the city waste money atleast they are going to help Anthony and that should make you feel better about the use of the money unless you would rather they spend it on some more greenstreets or paint some more lines. This money just lifted the weight of the world off of his parents so you should be happyno so negative a bitter.

  • J Because

    For many years the neighborhood has tried to have traffic controls installed. Full Traffic Lights were the means that I thought the neighborhood was pettitioning for.
    DOT, after much petitioning and pressure from community groups and from politicians, came up with lines in the street and recently with flashing lights.
    It must be a “failure to communicate”.
    After reviewing many comments on the subject of Traffic control, I learned that not every one in the Beach agrees on the type of control needed.
    I believe if more of the people agreed on one method and focused on one method and again renewed the eforts to obtain that method, then it would be achieved.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it does matter if there is a concensus by everyone on the type of control or not. The decision is made by the DOT after doing traffic studies, the lines that periodically run across the street counting the cars. They did these studies time and again and said that the amount of traffic didn’t warrent lights. What they don’t seem to understand is that we didn’t need lights so much because of traffic volume but because of the tendency of speeding and recklessness. I guess DOT sees that as an enforcement problem for the NYPD. So around in circles the community groups go until there is a tragedy. The light at 277 was only installed after a child was fatally struck. The light at Ave W was installed after Charlie was killed. Trying to avoid such a tragedy at Seba Park, Fidler managed to get the flashing yellow/red on demand light. Let’s face it though, the real problem is that drivers need to recognize that they are in control of a potentially lethal weapon and need to act responsibly. If you see a ball roll into the street, slow down, chances are a kid will be behind it. If you see a crowd at an event, slow down, there may be kids being kids and not paying full attention to traffic. Why would Louie P be doing twice the speed limit passed a crowd like that? With a suspended license, no less? I wonder why it was suspended in the first place.

  • DivineMrs.M

    I was fortunate enough to meet this poor kid and his parents while walking my dog one day, she was the sweetest thing in the world and my heart broke watching her son struggling just to walk when he should have been running along the beach. I really believe in Karma and hope that this moron gets what he deserves. He might not have to pay with money but he will pay for the rest of his life for what his stupidity and selfishness has done to this young man & his family. I don’t think this moron and others who disobey all other laws, traffic or not, would adhere to a traffic light, good idea but it’s a long shot, when does it end? We gotta a rest room on the avenue but no traffic light, I don’t see people running around willy nilly holding themselves from peeing either so why a bathroom that’s just going to be destroyed?

  • Anonymous

    How old was this kid who was hit and how old was the driver??

  • jnower

    If a traffic light or at least another flashing light like the one at Seba avenue ,is not put at Channel Avenue this city unfortunately could possibly someday have to pay another big settlement.
    Why doesn’t this city realize that having a crossing guard who walks out in traffic with her arms sticking out with the kids walking right behind her even before she stops traffic is not a alternative to having a real traffic light. ( and I wish the crossing guards would realize they should stop traffic before letting the kids step off the curb)

  • pwgb

    The irony of the traffic laws are that you are allowed to ride the side streets and side avenues of Gerritsen Beach at 30 MPH because the law states this is the speed limit when there is no posted speed limit. However, our main avenue has a speed limit of 25 MPH. How rediculous is that? There should be a posted speed limit of 15 MPH on each side street and avenue in order to prevent something like this happening again.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, that child probably got no where near what he was awarded by a jury verdict. The defendant, definitely, appealed the award. If it did go to the Kings County Appellate Court, the largest award ever given by that Court was $5,000,000.

    Secondly, that child will need medical attention for the rest of his life. His hospital/medical bills probably will exceed the $5,000,000 (if he got that much) over the course of his life. He’s definitely not living the “good life”.

    Thirdly, all the money in the world won’t make that child whole again. Has anyone seen him…..anyone with a heart would say that whatever he got was not enough. Put yourself in that child’s place (and that of his parents). Because someone who should not have been driving in the first place did so recklessly, it ruined not only his life, but the life of his parents forever. That’s what ridiculous!

    PS The lights and lines on the Avenue do nothing to stop the idiots who think they own the road. Last night while travelling down the avenue at 35 MPH a pick up truck past me doing about 50.