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Found Dog



9 comments to Found Dog

  • Anonymous

    I think that dog belongs to Gene Simmons.

  • Christine

    Thank you so much for helping spread the word about Saber this missing dog. From passing the word around and everyone’s help, his owner came to our house relieved, excited, and very much appreciative to see his dog. It’s really greta that a community came together to help one another out!

  • Hey Hey

    Soooo glad the dog is home where he belongs.. Yes it is nice to see that we do pull together and try to do the right thing..

  • thomas hines

    i am the owner of the dog..thank you to whoever found him first time he ran away ever in 12 years..i really appericate who ever put this on the website

  • Anonymous

    You ain’t nuthin’ but a found dog, hiding all the time.

    • Mistress Elizabeth

      @Anonymous: I just spit water out of my mouth laughing at your comment. Good times.

      • your gonna stick my head in what ?

        @ Mistress Liz, may I call you Liz ?….you mean to tell me you like that lame joke but don’t like mine. I am truly hurt to the quirk. please take me trick- or- treating to make it up to me, Love, your faithful servant ….Toilet head

  • gene

    he would of made a fine pelt.