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Seba Avenue Traffic Signal Activated Today


Push the Button...

Crossing at Gerritsen and Seba Avenues is expected to be safer beginning today.

The new traffic signal at the intersection is operating as of today and  although it might depend on who you ask,  the parents I ran into are happy with the signal. They were tired of having to “run for their lives”.


Flashing Red - Stop Sign - at Seba into Gerritsen

The whole process took only about six months from start to finish.

There may be some unforeseen issues with this signal also, who knows. What do you think about the light?

Several changes have happened to Gerritsen Avenue over the past few years:

  • Reduced from four lanes to two.
  • A 25 mph speed limit, reduced from 30.
  • Advanced warning signals at PS 277
  • A 20 mph school zone
  • Northbound Gerritsen Avenue now features left-turn lanes onto every intersection.

Flashing Yellow for North and South bound Gerritsen Avenue

20 comments to Seba Avenue Traffic Signal Activated Today

  • gene

    you actually made a youtube video for this?

  • Anon

    much adieu about nothing..

  • Kate

    I am surprised to see a lot of cars actually stopping at the flashing yellow. Flashing yellow means proceed with caution – not stop. They could have saved money, electricity, time, & confusion by making it a 3-way stop.

    • Anonymous

      @Kate: They should have put in a regular light at Cyrus. It would have allowed for kids/parents/everybody else to cross over to the Little League, bus stop and the park at the same place and would have calmed what is the most crazy corner in the Beach. But Noooooooooooo…….

      • Vanessa

        @Anonymous: Agreed, but it’s better than nothing. I often have a hard time making it across at PM rush hour time with a dog and a stroller. This makes it safer and easier.

        On a side note, it would be great if everyone could be more aware of where the sidewalk ramps are and avoid blocking them when parking. Those with strollers, wheelchairs and walkers would appreciate it. :)

      • Anonymous

        You can’t put a traffic light at Cyrus without taking away the parking from at least Abbey to the avenue. It isn’t wide enough for turning cars not to be blocked by waiting cars.

      • anon

        @Anonymous: A light at Cyrus would be great. Just this morning, my dog and I were crossing Cyrus at Gerritsen and a car missed us by 2 inches. What is wrong with the drivers in Gerritsen Beach? They don’t stop at stop signs and many cars go right through the light by the school. My husband leaves very early for work and if he is stopped at the traffic light by the school, a lot of cars honk him to move! Maybe some tickets might help.

  • Anonymous

    That’s true, hadn’t thought of that. And waiting cars would extend all the way back to Canton. Maybe the solution for the congestion there is to make Cyrus one way and Seba one way in the other direction. Vanessa, your so right about the ramps, drivers think nothing of blocking them. It’s just too bad that all the drivers aren’t more considerate to pedestrians. I love when they briefly stop at a stop sign but don’t yield to people walking.

  • Anonymous

    Drivers stop at stop signs because they are required to do so, they don’t wait for pedestrians to cross because they all walk like they have a lead weight up their arises. Hehe

  • Anonymous

    Hey, it finally got it right.

  • anonymous

    wouldn’t have made more sense for them to put this light by the school instead of that stupid flashing light on the pole?

    • Anonymous

      @anonymous: you mean people should walk all the way to the school to cross the street and walk all the way back to Seba park? Seems like an awfully long trip.

      • anonymous

        @Anonymous: No, thats not what I mean, what I mean is that it would make more sense to have a light that actually stops traffic at a busier part of the avenue where more children are crossing. Hope that cleared everything up.

  • Michael Gregory

    I am trying to put together a Walmart rally to try to bring Walmart to Sheepshead Bay , will keep all you guys posted,

  • Ray

    I think a similar light should be up at Channel Ave. When I take my children out for lunch they are released from the building there. It is very dangerous to cross there even with the crossing guard. I think more people cross there than at Seba Ave