Gerritsen Beach 9/11 Ceremony



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  • Liza

    I am a member of the Gerritsen Beach marching band and did not attend the vigil because I was home with my family on 9/11. I lost my brother, Lt. Robert Wallace, FDNY on that horrific day. I am very grateful to my band mates for coming to my home prior to the vigil to play for my family and friends. Hearing them sing God Bless America as they stood on my porch was quite stirring.

    There is still a lot of good in this world and we need to hold on to that with the knowledge that it DOES outway evil!

    God bless our community and all those that pitch in and volunteer to make others happy. A special shout-out to Lillybeth as she is one of the most selfless people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

  • James N. Fetter

    Congratulations to all for a special event and a special day. The friends and patiots this day memorializes will never be forgotten.
    A special nod to Tommy Blundell. Great job Brother.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless America!

  • Anonymous

    I love to see the American flag flying in Gerritsen Beach, Breezy Point, Roxbury and Broad Channel. All proud American neighborhoods.

  • Anonymous

    May all of thier souls rest in peace!- Lucy you are so loved and missed more than anyone can imagine.

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