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Events: 9/11 Ceremonies


Freshly Painted Scoreboard

In time for the Gerritsen Beach & Marine Park 9/11 Ceremonies, the area around Larry Veling field has been spruced up.

Our area is holding two ceremonies to remember 9/11:

  • Marine Park at 5:00pm presented by Senator Golden
  • Gerritsen Beach at 7:00pm at Larry VelingĀ Field
Below is some before and after shots

Before (above)



After! A nice new view!






After! Nice job.







Even the little league container got a paintjob.

11 comments to Events: 9/11 Ceremonies

  • Anonymous

    As a beach resident I was an employee at the WTC on 9/11 who was very lucky. To the ones who organized this ceremony I say a job well done. To the parents of all the 10 year old kids who ran around yell and playing SHAME ON YOU! Some of these kids were wearing FDNY t shirts. It was a time to have your child at you side teaching them respect. You all say let’s never forget these will be the same teenagers hanging out in the back weeds smoking and drinking in a few years. Now before you think I am being too harsh I am not talking about the little ones running around playing. So parents where was your child when they asked us all to sing God Bless America. Did he or she see you singing? Or was your child climbing the trees. I saw one mother whose child wanted in the worst way to play with her friends and the mother said if you want to play we will go home now is a time to show respect …..bravo to that mother you were few a far between.

  • Christine M

    Did you approach any of the children or parents regarding their behavior or do you just lob insults from your computer anonymously?

    I do believe you have every right to feel the way that you do in regards to their behavior, but to generalize that these children will smoke pot and drink alcohol just because they were playing is absolutely ridiculous and insulting. Yes, there is a time and a place for all things, and maybe the children could have behaved in a more solemn manner, but your comment goes beyond propriety.

  • Me

    The sound of children laughing and playing is the sound of terrorism losing.

  • anny mouse

    i think kids should be kids . they were running down a hill what is wrong with that i agree they should have been listening but dont be a hater and accept the fact the kids should be kids

  • 10 year old kid

    that is mean. we will not smoke and drink in the back weeds. why would want to? we are good kids. because we were playing that means we are going to smoke? smoking causes atmatha, so why would we want 2 smoke??? ….bye!!!

  • Offended

    As a parent of one of these ‘kids’, I can assure you that my child stood by my side and recited the Pledge, stood quietly as all members marched onto the field, as well as stood by my side as we all sang the Star Spangled Banner. Furthermore, I had my children sit with me watching TV as I pointed out all those invididuals I knew personally as well as commend the brave men and women who sacrificed their life to save others. After this, did my child happen to see some school friends and walk over to talk with them? Yes. Did my child tear through the crowd causing a commotion and distrupting a sacred event? No. As a parent, do I not know what is appropriate behavior on such a day? Yes, I most certainly do.

    Although we as parents do our best to explain and reiterate how tragic this day was, please keep in mind that these children you are referring to and the age group in which you reference are too young to fully understand the impact this day had on each of us, our community and our country.

    So please, before you judge my ability as a parent, or my child’s behavior, understand what measures I take to ensure that my children never forget and always remember, and please forgive them for merely behaving like children.

  • Offended

    Thank you.

  • dare2care

    To the 10 year old kid who commented, I hope you turn out just like your mother, a volunteer and resident of Gerritsen Beach. You may be just a kid, but I think you have more sense than many of the adults on this board. Appropriate or inappropriate, there is always some controversary to read about when I come to this website. Even the beauty of newly painted signs are overrun with bad taste because somebody has to complain, again, about our youth.

  • gerritsen gone

    Your kids are all such angels you must be very proud of the shattered glass in every bus shelter on the avenue,give me a break