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September GBPOA Meeting Roundup


G.G.R.M.M.B.B.R. - Great Gerritsen Round Mau Mau Barrell of Beer Race.

We haven’t done a Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association roundup in a while because there hasn’t been anything to talk about. So here are the cliff notes.

Kiddie Beach is wrapping up the season, congrats to all.

Racoons - are overwhelming some areas of the beach. Especially the areas with an abandoned lot or home. The city does not acknowledge a raccoon problem nor do they have any actionable  plan or advice. The responsibility is on the home owner. However, if you see “rats” in an empty lot or abandoned home the city will come in clean it up a bit and bill it to the property. Call 311.

Hurricane Irene - Rumor is they shut down the Knapp sewer plant which could be to blame for the sewer backups into homes. People were opening sewer caps, sewer manholes to try and get rid of water with no success.

17 Lacon Court (aka Jemal) – The DOB has already issued $13,300 in violations with three more about to go into default judgment. They are on top of the situation but they do not know who the owner is, as their violations notices are being returned.  There is A LOT of stuff going on there, expect an update soon.

Dangerous & Damaged Utility Poles – No one is having luck getting action dangerous or damaged utility poles as each company Verizon, ConEd, and NYC passes the blame to each other. Some have reported it reported it to 311, others the 61 precinct, and one has gone to every city office ten times to demand action.

FEMA – Report your damage to FEMA!

Little League Walkway, Scoreboard, Containers – GBCares sent out a letter on behalf of the Gerritsen Beach Little League asking for $500 monetary donations from organizations to repair the cement walkway, paint the scoreboard, paint the containers, and plant flowers around the flag pole in time for the 9/11 ceremony. Everything is done except the cementing, which is awaiting an architect plans to be filed with nyc parks. GBPOA plans on donating the full amount.

Flag Vandalism – Most of the flags at the Little League were vandalized breaking the poles and brackets those will be replaced.

Seba Traffic Light - No one knows when it is switching on. Seba will be a flashing red (aka a stop light), while Gerritsen will remain green.

9/11 Ceremonies – Marine Park at 5:00pm, Gerritsen Beach Little Leauge 7:00 pm

Halloween - Halloween is coming (again)  some members of the GBPOA will be walking the streets. A few plan on attending the 61 & 63 council meetings to demand an actual response.

Dan’s 5k Fun RunSaturday, September 17th.

G.G.R.M.M.B.B.R. (above) – Great Gerritsen Round Mau Mau Barrell of Beer Race. It’s that time of the year again for the races which is this Saturday.



14 comments to September GBPOA Meeting Roundup

  • Anonymous

    Little League walkway?? Is there still a Little League?? The only people I saw playing there were a few girls softball games from RESURRECTION and the old woman’s league.

    • We were there , where was you ?

      then you were’nt paying attention from the beginning of April till the end of June.

  • gene


    • Anonymous

      Maybe the GBPOA can hire a private security company on Halloween to ride around in non descript cars / vans with a video camera to capture the innocent polite teens destroying things and attacking people

      • concerned

        Why hire someone?I think Danny did a hell of a job last year…and got spit on for it…What would be the difference between Danny and an investagator..Still would put parents in uproar…NOT MY KID!!!!!!!!!!!Same old story..but a good idea nonetheless.

  • Now what

    Are they frecken kidding,they don’t know who owns Lacon ct marina,the daily news did a full page story on jemal and how he is revitalizing neighborhoods,I guess not this one !

  • Vanessa

    What kind of dirtbag vandalizes the flags/poles? Sad.

  • Teresa

    Perhaps these kids/teens do these random acts of vandalism because they face no consequences. The parents always have some type of comment like “when we were kids we did stuff “like” that (including various Halloween pranks) or that it’s like a right of passage or something. I can’t believe that anyone would want to destroy their own neighborhood wherever one lives. Unfortunately in these times, most of the kids get anything they want without even having to work for it. The parents are so busy working their jobs and they have little or no time for family time. They pawn their kids off into the streets to hang out with other dysfunctional kids. Sadly enough, most of these kids do come from decent families, but the parents haven’t stepped up to the plate to reel them in from the temptations that pervade society. Parents — wake up before its too late…….

    • Anonymous

      These kids might come from “decent families” (brothers, sisters, grandparents) but their parents are no better then them if they have no ideas what they are doing or control them. The last I knew, in this State, its against the Child Welfare Laws for parents to abandon their children onto the streets, provide guidance and care or to supervise them up to the age of seventeen. Maybe Child Welfare won’t be able to do anything but a few calls to them followed up by a few visits by them to a few houses may make some parents change thei attitudes and think before letting the darlings run wild.

  • Gizzard

    If everything is illegal on lacon ct and the violation notices are going unanswered why don’t they just shut the whole place down.
    Who is paying taxes on the money they are taking in for opeating the marina.
    I bet the IRS will be able to do something.

  • anonymous

    Was there actually a sewer backup into our homes or was it the storm surge? If it was sewer backup because they shut the sewer plant down than the items that were ruined in my basement should be paid for by the city! Flood insurance won’t pay.

  • Anonymous

    Whose paying off for Lacon ct. If they can’t find out who owns this place then all of gerritsen beach owns it.Do with it as you may. The whole beach should be parking there and utilizing it for each persons own use. We will see who calls the police and owns it then!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Whose paying off for Lacon ct. If they can’t find out who owns this place then all of gerritsen beach owns it.Do with it as you may. The whole beach should be parking there and utilizing it for each persons own use. We will see who calls the police and owns it then!!!!!!!!
    The place is a rat infeseted eyesore.Someone is getting away with it! Who is that person