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Schools To Start Thursday Please “Drive Carefully”

As students head back to school, motorists should drive cautiously to prevent injuries and deaths among school-age children.

AAA urges drivers to:

  • Slow down near schools, bus stops and playgrounds.
  • Obey lower speed limits in school zones.
  • Stop for school buses with flashing red lights and extended stop arms.
  • Never use a handheld cell phone while driving – it’s the law.
  • Drive carefully in bad weather..

If you are walking:

Rules for Safeguarding Your Child

  1. Walk On Sidewalks: Watch out for cars pulling into, and backing out of, driveways.
  2. Walk On the Left Facing Traffic If There Are No Sidewalks: Staying to the left allows you to watch oncoming traffic and to get out of the way if necessary.
  3. Cross Only At Corners: Avoid the dangerous practice of “jaywalking.” Cross at an intersection controlled by a traffic light wherever possible.
  4. Stop And Look All Ways Before Crossing: If there’s no traffic light, wait until oncoming cars are at least a block away before crossing. A car may still be able to stop if it’s closer, but children are often badly frightened by “near” accidents.
  5. Watch For Turning Cars: Children sometimes forget to look and unintentionally walk into the side of a turning vehicle.
  6. Continue To Look Left, Right and Left Again As You Cross: It’s easy to miss an oncoming car.
  7. Avoid Crossing Between Parked Cars: It’s almost impossible for drivers to see youngsters who enter the roadway from between parked cars.
  8. Play Away From Traffic: Playgrounds, schoolyards and your own backyard are the safest places to play.
  9. Be Especially Alert In Bad Weather: Rain, snow, fog and even umbrellas can obstruct vision. Also, drivers may be unable to stop quickly. Children should wear brightly colored and retro-reflective clothing.
  10. Obey Police Officers, Adult Crossing Guards, and Traffic Signals: These “safety guardians” can greatly enhance a child’s safety when going to and from school.

15 comments to Schools To Start Thursday Please “Drive Carefully”

  • sorry for you all

    Just as a warning,I heard on WINS radio that they will be installing cameras on the outside of School Bus’s…To make sure cars do stop, behind Bus’s with lights and stop signs out…You will receive a ticket in the mail like the Red Light ticket…Do the right thing !!!

    • Anon

      Sorry but I don,t believe that the city will put camera,s on school buses, All school buses are privately owned do you really believe that all these bus companies will pay for cameras and one more thing who is going to be responsible for going all around the city to collect the pictures that are taken btw are there going to be cameras watching some of the crazy stunts I have seen school bus drivers do like allowing kids to stand in the buses and cutting cars off, this happened to me twice finally I called the bus company to complain

      • Anonymous

        The news report was not about putting the cameras on the existing buses now. The story was / is that a school bus manufacturer was going to make the bus’ with cameras already installed on the exterior and the bus company could turn the video over to authorities. The buses are being tested in the west.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if the inconsiderate double parking parents parked legally the rest of the driving public will slow down.

  • kerrin

    just an fyi…my friend is a teacher at 277…when i asked her why the school doesnt make the entrance at bijou the main entrance-her response was “i have no idea that makes sooo much more sense”…she said she would ask the principal…who knows

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you can forward the list with the information to powers to be at 277 for them to review and distribute to the know it all parents

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing! All these parents that double park in front of the school NEVER get a ticket or are told to move! Yet one day when I was driving around them, I was given a ticket because I was over the yellow line too long. Perhaps I should have pulled back in and sideswiped all their mirrors!

  • Anon

    obey “adult” crossing guards….lmao

  • anon

    Sorry off subject but does anyone else notice the crossing guard at Channel is always missing before and after a holiday?Wasnt there today 10/3 and people are trying to cross,and of cause the cars are speeding and banging u turns and doing what they want because they are losers.

  • Anonymous

    The New light Should of been put where the crossing guard is supposed to be , Not by Seba avenue, That was A Dumb Move!! The school kids need it more!!

  • anon

    Well no crossing guard again today 10/4,its gonna take someone’s kid getting killed before something is done.You cant just blame where the light is or isnt,I dont see why Mrs Fish doesnt allow kids to enter doors by park,then everyone would use light and crossing guard already there.Also you have to blame parents who speed,double and triple park,block bus stops,and show no respect for their neighbors.

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad because no much work & emphasis was put on about the light by the park that only outsiders would eventually use, all that energy should of been directed at the school crossings, there should of been a Light there.

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