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Gerritsen Beach Pictures of Hurricane Irene


Peak High Tide on Canal


Peak High Tide on Canal


Kiddie Beach Peak High Tide


Gain Ct. Water Goes Right Through It


Gain Ct


Whoa! High Canal


Sandbags on Canal




At High Tide Peak Irene


again At High Tide Peak Irene




Before Irene Pumps Were Empty


Windows at the Point were Boarded up


Windows at the Point were Boarded up




Senator Golden Discusses Post Storm Cleanup with the Vollies

39 comments to Gerritsen Beach Pictures of Hurricane Irene

  • Blank

    I hope everyone learned a valuable lesson today. “The news media over hypes things..” I knew this storm would be nothing. People are going to be crazy in Decemember 2012.

    • Beacher

      What a dumbass.

      • Blank

        No, honestly 90% of the beach wasn’t effected at all. I feel horrible for the people who were, but the media tried to make this storm was going to kill us all, and that we were facing Katrina like situations, but we didn’t. This doesn’t make me a dumb ass, because I wasn’t the one preparing for war thinking I was facing the true death.

      • Beach guy

        @Beacher: tHey are not a dumbass cause of their opinion. I happen to agree with Blank…… the news media over hyped this storm and cause people to shell out all of their money….. It really isn’t fair that stuff like this is done.

      • Moot

        You’re a dumbass because you spelled December wrong.

        • Blank

          Did you think that all up by yourself? It’s called a typo, genius, and anyone can look at that and tell it was one. It’s too bad there’s no edit button, but anyhow, no this storm wasn’t bad for most of NYC. I just feel bad for everyone who had their home harmed of course, but I still think the storm was overhyped. Lives aren’t ruined, the sun was shining yesterday morning, and there were a few rain sprinkles. Sorry, I just think Bloomberg reacted the way he did was because he was really panned for the big snow storm we had months back. Otherwise, there would have been no evacuations at all… There really wasn’t a real need. All the media did was scare the hell out of people and made people spend money they most likely don’t have during these horrible economic times.

          • Beach guy

            I agree 100% with Blank…. I feel so sorry for the people who spent all the money that they did =( The media should be sued.

        • Anonymous

          I thought he was a dumb-ass because he does not know the difference between effected & affected.

  • Anonymous

    If people had not prepared (by cleaning up the front and back yards) the damage from flying debris could have been much worse. The eye of that storm came right overhead – the ‘media’ did the right thing. We’re just lucky the winds were a bit diminished otherwise the full force of a true category one or two would have been devastating. The meterologist got the storm track correct, let’s be grateful they got the wind speeds wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I think Gerrittsen Beach neighbors are one unique group. Everyone helped each other and no one has all that assistance from the Vollies.
    Gladi everyone is ok.

  • Anonymous

    People in Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach, parts of the Rockaways and other very local places don’t think this was overhyped. Go take a look at some of the video of the flooding. Not to mention Jersey and other hard hit areas.

  • Anonymous

    Any power loss? Or sewer back up? And other problems

    • Anonymous

      My sewers backed up. Had about 3 inches of sewage and sea water in my basement. My neighbors had about 2 feet of sewage and salt water along with fish. And I am closer to the water than they are. It woulddhave been nice if we were informed that the sewage treatment plant was going to shut down we could have prepared better.

      • anonymous

        It’s not because the sewer plant shut down, it’s because the sewer line gets water in it from rain into sewers and from sea water running into sanitary sewers. if your lowest sewer inlet is below the water level, then you are screwed unless you have a check valve flapper on your line.

  • Eddie Velinskie

    Just some info to pass on to the readers. The two gas stations on Gerritsen Ave.,Sunoco & Mobile have raised the price per gallon by 10 cents since the storm started when they saw the lines going up & down theer block.DIRTBAGS,,,

    • Anonymous

      Boycott !! If thats the case then we as a large group should hit them in their pockets the way they tried to hit us by boycotting them, even if it is for a week or two If they went 2 weeks without custumers they’d be hurting.

      • Anonymous

        There was aline at On the Run today, I guess people like giving them their extra dime or two for every gallon of gas

    • Anonymous

      The NYS Attorney General’s office is interested in learning of any price gouging with respect to the storm. Maybe a call to them might be in order. What about the stations on Knapp Street – did they also raise prices?

      • Eddie Velinskie

        Shell Gas Station on Knapp did not raise there prices,,,do not know about the other two, Mobil & Sunoco on Knapp

  • trainman

    I’d like to thank Daniel and GB.net for keeping us informed all through this very rough weekend. It’s always reassuring to know that there is a place to go to get vital information about our neighborhood.

    I’d also like to thank our Mayor Bloomberg for the excellent job he and his staff did keeping us informed and providing a plan to help the people that needed the help most. I’m only sorry it took him 10 years to act like a mayor who’s really interested in the people that live in the outer boroughs.

    I think that for most part we were pretty lucky here in the Beach as far as damage is concerned. It could’ve been much worse and it’s always prudent to be on the safe side and show some caution.

    • Blank

      @trainman: @Anonymous:
      I never said it was over hyped everywhere, I’m just saying in places in general people were acting a bit crazy due to the media. Do you really think you need a full tank of gas? If everyone in NYC decided to start driving all at once it would be horrific.. It would be a huge endless traffic jam.

  • Shea Holmes

    Thanks Dan for the pictures and updates.I still have many friends in the Beach,and was hoping all went well.

    • Blank

      @Shea Holmes:
      Yes, thank you. I don’t wanna sound cold hearted, and I feel horrible for the people who were effected. I’m not upset at those people; I’m upset at the media.

  • Meaghan

    Thank you for the pictures and updates! Though my family has been gone from the Beach for many years, I’ve been keeping an eye on this site for storm updates. I’m glad to see that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and I hope that those who were affected by flooding have an easy time of the clean-up.

  • Cruiser

    I don’t think it was over hyped. The mayor of New Orleans did nothing and people died. If this had stayed a Category 3 or if it had been a full moon, you might feel differently. Be happy we didn’t get hit as hard as NJ, upstate NY or Vermont (same storm). And by the way, if Katia comes this way we’ll be closed to the full moon. (September 12)

  • Beachwalker

    I agree, Cruiser. Better to err on the side of caution. This was no joke of a storm, 35 people died. There are people upstate etc. that are still without power. The forcasters, with all the available technology can only be so accurate. Better that we will be drinking gallons of bottled water for a few weeks than to have been left with nothing. The car has a full tank. So what? And although we weren’t in the evacuation zones plenty of people here sustained damage from flooding and wind. I’m grateful that it wasn’t worse here and there was no loss of life due to the hurricane. It’s all that really counts.

  • anonymous

    Fema should be offering disaster loans in Brooklyn since we were declared a disaster area

  • Joe

    Tell me what you think. Glacier melting and the seas rising, Gerritsen beach will have more problems. Hurrican seasons are getting worse and Gerritsen beach will flood again. We should start thinking about installing a flood gate just outside the Belt pkwy bridge. If water goes over the Belt pkwy we are screwed anyway, meanwhile a floodgate will prolong the flooding of Gerritsen beach. What do you think? Joe

  • Now what

    We can’t get the adults to control their kids,you think they care about controlling the water level?GOD help us all.

  • flood gate

    it takes parental guidence for kids……a switch for gate

  • Minnie Donaldson

    Having been in Florida since 1978 I’ve seen my share of hurricanes. You are all strong survivors and know how to band together. It’s a horrific,overwhelming experience that I wish no one would have to see in a lifetime. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It takes time,patience and faith but things will return to normal. I thank God all my family and friends are safe and unharmed. Lots of prayers coming your way.