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NYC: Mandatory Evacuation of Zone A

Fullscreen capture 8262011 30852 PM

Coney, Brighton, Sheepshead are ZONE A. Some of Rockaway is ZONE A but ALL of Rockaway is under Mandatory Evacuation



Plese do not panic. As of now This evacuation does not include Gerritsen Beach

Residents in Zone A are advised to leave their homes before 5pm Saturday. This includes ALL of Rockaway.

Subways and buses are running today, but will be shut down entirely tomorrow. For seniors and residents who have disabilities, they should utilize Access a Ride, contact family members or take whatever actions necessary to secure transportation from their homes to stay with friends or relatives, or go to the evacuation centers, which will be open by 4:00 this afternoon.

Fullscreen capture 8262011 32447 PM

Storm Surge in Green as of 3pm 8/26/2011

19 comments to NYC: Mandatory Evacuation of Zone A

  • LQuinlan

    So where is Zone A?

  • Michael Gregory

    I don’t understand how Gerritsen is not Zone A because its only like 5 feet above seal level….

    • anonymous

      You have the nerve to question the “Fat Head Midget Mayor”? If he declares you are a “B” ZONE. Then that is you are, The King has spoken..

  • Anonymous

    FYI …ALL PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION WILL STOP BY 5pm TODAY. So plan accordingly. Good luck everybody!

  • GJPB

    Channel 7 just said Zone B has been ordered to evacuate by 5pm?? Who is right??

  • Anonymous

    I saw the same thing she must have made a mistake. I looked up the NYC website and the latest update was still only A

  • T.J.

    the hurricane is because jesus is not happy with gay marriages.

    Nobody heeded the warnings , and now jesus will get you !

  • Anonymous

    I wish this never happened but……TJ is CORRECT…they could be used for sandbags

  • sean k flynn

    UPDATE FROM VA BEACH: down here with the military and it is a little windy right now some rain but still holding my own with power. waiting for the eye to hit and will update as much as possible.

  • blueMagoo

    Stay safe GB as it just passed east of us this morning in Myrtle Beach heading north.

  • username

    What is with the yellow flashing lights truck? Going around the new section-came down my block twice-cant hear what exactly is being said….”Attention Gerritsen Beach Residents….Evacuate….”???


  • Anonymous

    It took Irene to eliminate all the trash going thru the beach drinking and fighting on a Saturday night. I think I might like this rain on a Saturday nights

  • Blank

    This storm is being so overrated… It’s not gonna be anything serious. People need to seriously get over themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Most of Gerritsen should be in the A zone. Everything past Frank (Old) and H (new) are in flood zones, AND you had better pray that the storm does not breach the Belt Parkway in the AM at Plumb Beach. Time to stop all the illegal cellar apartments. Please be safe.