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Beware: Inspection Stickers are Being Stolen

Car owners beware we are being told that more than a few cars were broken into last Sunday night with the intent  to steal the inspection stickers and anything loose. This mainly happened in the new section.

19 comments to Beware: Inspection Stickers are Being Stolen

  • Anonymous

    Does GerritsenBeach.net have anymore info in this? Seems like we have to stay up all hours of the night just to keep an eye on our property.

  • a good neighbor

    someone’s too cheap to pay $37 for the inspection fee? :)

  • Anon

    Why keep fishing for info? You are getting a head’s up….keep your car doors locked, keep everything including EZpass out of view, and keep attending Mass on Sunday! Nuff said.

  • anonymous

    Is the church parking lot where you’re planning on striking next?

  • It is what it is!

    It seems that The BEACH RATS found a new Hobby! Outstanding!!

  • rt

    funny thing is…anyone ever try to take a sticker off in one reusable piece…very difficult!! i think anyway

  • Anonymous

    When oh when will we have cars like George Jetson…just push a button and the car folds up into a briefcase and you carry into the house with you!

  • Anonymous

    Just had my ezpass stolen out of my car. My fault I never lock my car. The idiots can’t even use it without be caught. Cost me $23 to report stolen. Btw live in the beach 30 years and never had anything stolen. This isn’t the same neighborhood anymore. So sad

  • Anonymous

    Since an inspection sticker is a state issued document, it is a felony to steal one. Lets see how many laws are being broken here.

    1-Theft of state documentation.
    2-Breaking and entering.
    4-Conspiracy to use or sell stolen state documentation.
    5-Falsifying documentation, for you own car or someone elses.
    6-Theft to the state of New York, whether for your own use, or selling for a profit is a federal offense.
    7-Standing by as a lookout while your friend steals the sticker is conspiracy to the theft of the state of New york.
    8-Restitution judgement. This is for any fines incurred because the inspection sticker was stolen. Remember, just because someone recieved a ticket for $100.00 at nine oclock at night doesent mean other traffic officers won’t come by later and issue more tickets.

    I’m sure a good prosecuting attorney would want to have all these charges brought up. But i’m almost positive whoever is behind this will get a slap on the wrist. If I missed anything, please let me know.

  • anon

    Nice to know how to take a sticker off..It reminds me when people put diamondback rattle snakes in their cars to prevent car radios being stolen….

  • Anonymous

    Well if NYS didn’t make it so hard to get a car inspected people wouldn’t have to steal a sticker. There is no reason a car needs to be put on a computer…that has nothing to do with safety….!!

  • Anonymous

    like seriously…the whole inspection thing has become such a scam…i have friends who take their car in and then they are told they have to pay like 1200+ to pass inspection…ridiculous…NYS is plain silly with all these excessive DMV laws and regulations…but I’m sure the repair shops love it -_^

  • if you dont mind cracking the windshield try the heat, dont you think the 95 degree temperature sometimes 100 they would just be falling on peoples dash ? soaking it with window cleaner, safe and clean drops it off within the hour just keep wetting it