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Parks Clears Weeds Leaves the Green Monster


As per Senator Goldens requests and 311 calls, the NYC parks department has cleared most of the weeds in front of the soccer field fence. The fence is also known as the Green Monster as it blocks the view of most a good portion of the soccer field.




7 comments to Parks Clears Weeds Leaves the Green Monster

  • Kate

    They still haven’t touched Lois to the point though. Keep the complaints flowing in to 311 everyone. :)

  • lhardy

    i’ve contacted 311 via phone and website about the overgrown weeds on the avenue and in seba park multiple times in the past 2 months. if it wasn’t for the GB Cares event i don’t think any of it would have been touched. its amazing they can weed by the guardrail by the fence but can’t manage to cut the weeds near the sidewalk from St James to the end. i spoke with the project manager of the ” new comfort station” and she told me she can’t do anything that i should to call the mayor. i did and still nothing…..got no where when i contacted lew fiddlers office either….i’ll try marty golden next.

  • Anonymous

    PArks said they will work at Lois to the water next week. Let’s hope this is true.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares! vines and leaves look better than a metal wire fence anyway. Why do we put up fences to keep people from enjoying mother nature anyway? The department of parks only come around every five years. take down the fence, trim the grounds, and let everyone enjoy the land!!