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Allen Avenue Block Party Saturday


The Allen Avenue block party is this Saturday!

The block party association wants everyone to try and move their cars early and they also want everyone to know the permit is legit and to see the block party captain for any permit related questions.


Update 8/19/2011 There is also the Plumb 1st Street Block party on Saturday

34 comments to Allen Avenue Block Party Saturday

  • Anonymous

    No, we will see the 61 for any permit related questions.

  • trainman

    Just a reminder to Allen Avenue block party captain.

    Please make sure that no cars are blocking the intersection of Allen Avenue and Gerritsen Avenue. We need to feel secure that emergency vehicles could enter Allen Avenue from either end to ensure safety for ALL our residents.

    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Permits for block partys are for one block not 9, I hope they don’t plan on blocking everything from Knapp to Gerristsen and then the Courts that come out (Bevy and Dictum).
    If the party is legit why aren’t real NYPD No Parking Signs posted instead of those home made signs

  • UnknownN

    Nothing like blocking all of Allen, so people are forced to drive the wrong way out of the courts.

  • Anonymous

    Block the whole ave off enjoy the day .I hope that b.,&$/ don’t mess it up for you like last year .

  • anonymous

    Saturday???? That’s not enough notice to move MY car.

  • Anonymous

    Hope the weather holds up for the ENTIRE block party!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get why people like you have to ruien all the fun its just one day.. its a block party and its a good time to spend with family and friends ..why does it have to be such a big issue for ONE DAY

    • Anonymous

      Because it is not a block party. You are closing down 8 blocks. You are seriously inconveniencing all your neighbors on plumb 1, plumb 2, aster, bevy, celeste, dictum, ebony, fane and garland. There are only two ways in and out of the neighborhood, Gerritsen avenue and Allen avenue coming in and dictum court crossing Allen avenue coming out. What if there is an emergency and Gerritsen is impassable? Then what do we do? Wait until your party is over?

      • GerritsenBeach.net

        This block party is over 10 years old. I think you may be overreacting a bit. Gerritsen is not going to be impassable. Plumb 1 & 2 are two way streets.

        • WTF

          Danny, I did not know that you had ESP. It is good to know that with 100% assurance from you that on Saturday there will not be a fire, a gas leak or a heart attack or any other major or minor disaster on Gerritsen Avenue between Bijou and Allen Avenue. As long as I have your attention how about giving me the winning Lotto and Mega Millions numbers for the next drawings.
          And by the way, while Plumb 1 & 2 are two way streets the entirety of Allen Ave being closed off is still inconvenience.

          • GerritsenBeach.net

            41 :)

            Allen Ave is going to be fine. If something does happen let the emergency vehicles in.

          • WTF

            Ok everyone Danny says everything is going to be OK. So if something horrible happens to you and yours because of this sue Danny. :)

      • Anonymous

        oh please go up ave W like the rest of us. its one day out of your life. i go to that block party every year and every year its a success. if the city says its ok you have no say so basically your wasting your time

  • anon

    I really don’t care if the block party is 1 or 8 blocks long; they do, however, block off Plumb 1 and 2….


    FYI: Plumb 1st between Allen and Avenue W is also having a block party tomorrow. So we all have to be considerate of each other and try to find spots when and where we can. Let’s all be good to each other and cooperate. I wish I was a kid again in so many ways. Parents do a lot to make their kids happy and these block parties are a good example of that. I hope everyone has a good day filled with lots of fun and PEACE!!!!!!

    • GerritsenBeach.net

      All of W is going to be closed also?! Stop :) How are we supposed to get in now?

    • Anonymous

      no 2 connecting blocks are permitted to be closed for block parties at the same time. Permits are not suppose to be issued, so someone does NOT have a proper permit. I truly find it hard to believe that a permit was issued for Allen Ave from Knapp to Gerritsen


    Avenue W is NOT going to be closed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • plumb 1st resident

    Yes Danny we are also having a block party on Plumb 1st between allen and w. I wish you would add it to this story so nobody parks on our block by mistake. I agree that the 2 coordinators need to speak to each other so this does not happen anymore.

  • beach bum

    its so sad that there are people who begrudge others from having a good time, but of course they have their stories if this or that happens, although usually nothing happens except a few jerks complaining and making noise, you know them,just look at the stupid remarks they make on this web site.

  • Anonymouse

    I happen to think that the people against the block party sound a lot more intelligent than the people for it. That is my opinion and I am entitled to it.

  • Dewrock

    To whom it may concern,

    FYI, a person can close down as many blocks as they like, all you have to do is pay for it.
    A person does not have to pickup “NYPD No Parking Signs”
    Because the can be printed on home PC.
    Not that this should be done, nor would I do it, by law any car can be towed when not complying with a block party.
    All emergency precautions have been taken care of to the best ability as possible, by the coordinators
    The two coordinators have spoken together and have come to an understanding to avoid having a block party on same day in the future, not that it has happened that often

  • dooziebotz

    I bet the person writing all those negative comments is that guy that walks around with that big german shepherd. That guy is a real punk.

  • annoymous

    I would just like to wish Allen Avenue a very happy happy 2011 Block party have lots of fun and dont worry about the haters.
    Your block party is excellent and all the children and parents have a great time. It is a wonderful block party and enjoy

  • travel2692

    again you people are crazy it is one day out of a year and speaking as one who ran what was the biggest and best block party back in the day.a) you can block connecting streets with proper permits as we did it for 14 years! B) you can block more that one block length..c) you do get a printed permit on approval d) in the spirit of good neighbors, a little incovenience wont kill you…make a friend on the block and go enjoy! avenue W remains open.,,,god forbid of an emergency…they can get in….
    move your car early to get a spot and live with it!

  • travel2692

    all this complaining about some people having a good time together as friends and neighbors…really sad…

    hope allen ave and Plumb 1st have a great day and the weather holds as it is gorgeous right now…a great way to end the summer!

  • Anonymous

    its so funny how those idiot teens where fighting at the park during the block party then they had the cops looking for them

  • Anonymous

    To get a block party permit your have to have the majority of the neighbors sign a petition saying they agree. For the first Allen ave party many neighbors did sign it. Many thought it would be fun. Today 2011 that is not true. i did not sign a petition since the first block party and I know many allen Ave home owners did not sign.Allen Ave is still using the petition from the first one. Illegal!!! Out of almost 50 homes only aprox 13 families participate between Dictum and Gerritsen ave. This year the fights , fireworks teens from all over many from the projects were out of hand .Allen ave and Knapp were blocked by double parked cars across allen Ave. VERY DANGEROUS!!!. For this many people there should of been a Ambulance and Cop car parked all day. Thats what is done for street fairs. Plumb first did not have a permit. that is a positive. Block parties are for neighbors to enjoy. The two blocks fight with their neighbors all year long. Their block parties are a joke. Sorry this is how I feel

  • Anonymous

    Dont know who you spoke to, but it has been confirmed…Allen Ave DOES HAVE thier permit for block party, tomorrow, August 20, 2011. So the Mayor’s office as well as the 61 have signed off on it. Im sure if anyone, like myself would like to see it, Allen Ave will be more than willing to show it to you. Enjoy the day.

  • Anonymous

    I have never seen a block party permit. Am kind of curious as to what it looks like. Why don’t you post it on here and shut down all the neigh sayers.