Seba Avenue Light About to Flip the Switch


The Seba Avenue traffic signal is about complete as the signals and cross walk signals are up. The installation of the signal hopes to help parents cross the street safely.



48 comments to Seba Avenue Light About to Flip the Switch

  • anonymous1

    Did anyone see how many lights they put up, one over head and one on the pole, and more on the other side of the street why do you need so many traffic lights on one corner ?? What a Waste of taxpayers money!

  • Are the a.t.v.’s going to obey the light?

  • Annonymous

    So let me get this straight..If you push the button the light changes? Two problems I foresee with this: One-if I were a kid or an immature adult I would push the button everytime I walked past it or even stand there pushing it all day. Two-so how does this stop the drag racing after dark or during the day? A regular traffic light was to difficult to install? How about putting the solid double yellow back on the ave so businesses could get deliveries and stay in business with out causing traffic or safety issue? Just curious

  • old beach bum

    For more than 40 years we’ve been asking our politicians for a light at Channel Ave. Now we have a very expensive light at Seba that nobody asked for, nobody wanted, and an extremely expensive ‘green toilet’ nobody wanted. We can’t have a light by the school because it’s too expensive. There is a fiscal crisis you know, might have to close Fire houses, lay off cops and teachers.

    • Anonymouse

      What you have to do is tell the city that under no way shape or form should they put a traffic signal at Gerritsen and Channel Avenues. You tell them that there is already a signal on Bijou Avenue at the other end of the school. Tell them it would be overkill and slow down traffic even slower than it is now. I bet they install a signal then.

    • Anonymous

      You need to talk to your City Councilman. That is his trophy

  • Harold Lauder

    Why does everyone on this blog complain about every single improvement that is being made to this neighborhood? Why constantly look at the negative? Who said nobody want a beautifully landscaped bathroom near Larry Veilings field?? Never had a child in the little league? Never needed a bathroom while you watched a game? Do any of you have young children?? The light WILL make it safer for young children to cross the avenue to play at Seba Park, (that will soon be expanded) and someone tell me, what is more important that keeping children safe?? If God forbid there ever was an accident on the avenue involving people trying to cross to go to the park or little league, the same people on here complaining would have been saying that SOMETHING should have been done to prevent it. Well something is. We live in a great neighborhood and these improvements will make it even better.

    • anonymous

      Well, I just think that the light should be painted green instead of yellow, It just gives the wrong impression of the neighborhood for it to be painted yellow. The green light should have also been put on top because green is good. It’s better than red. What kind of color is red to have on a light anyway?

    • kerrin

      harold, i am not complaining about the light bc in my opinion its not going to slow traffic down. However (again my opinion) if your child is old enough to go to the park alone, they should hopefully be equipped with the know how on how to cross a street. Gerritsen avenue is much slower now, and is way easier to cross than from when i was a kid with 2 lanes on each side. If a child old enough to be alone cannot cross a simple avenue like this without a light then perhaps mom and dad should be with them to do so. I am tired of living in a society where we need machines(lights), laws and government telling us how to do simple things in the name of “the children” and “safety”.
      Otherwise perhaps gerritsen avenue can do what they do in Breezy(and most other beach towns)…at each intersection make it that pedistrians have the right of way and cars must stop to let people cross.

  • Anonymouse

    There should be a traffic signal at every corner on Gerritsen Avenue. Furthermore, they should be set up so that the cars have to stop for every single one of them. Doubly furthurmore, there should be red light cameras at every corner. The money they collect from the red light cameras will pay off the national debt because of the way a lot of people drive in this neighborhood.

  • gene

    the neighborhood is infested with drug addicts and drug dealers and this is what we are concerned about???????

    • Anonymouse

      Yes, because we are tired of taking our lives in our hands every time we try to cross Gerritsen Avenue.

      • gene

        a lot more lives in the beach are going to be ruined by drugs and alcohol than from crossing on seba ave.

        • Anonymouse

          It is their choice and only their choice to do drugs and drink alcohol. It is my choice to cross the street, however, it is someone elses choice to speed down Gerritsen Avenue and put pedestrian lives in peril.

          • gene

            so your point is that everybody can make their own choices? what are you getting at? what about the next few blocks that dont have lights? you are only going to cross at seba now because that light made such a big difference? my entire point was that we have a lot bigger issues. the light will be good if they put a camera up to catch speeders and people that blow the light. but they didn’t. my entire point was that we have a huge drug epidemic on our hands and not a thing is being done! i pray that this neighborhood smartens up.

          • Anonymouse

            I live in the new section and I cross at Bijou. But sometimes that doesn’t work out to good because some of the idiots that live down here will drive around the cars in front of them and run the light anyway. You need to have eyes in the front, back and both sides of your head to keep an eye out for the idiots. And as for the drug situation, people have been getting drunk and/or stoned since the beginning of time. Evidently, they like it. I don’t believe the powers that be will ever be able to stop it. Luckily for me, my family doesn’t have drug or alcohol problems. Thank you God.

    • Anonymous

      The drug dealers bring more traffic into the beach. More the reason for more lights.we need more bars & to lower the drinking age to 18. Then maybe the kids won’t turn to drugs.

      • Elizabeth

        That has to be one of the stupidest thing I have ever read. Put your head into the toilet and flush repeatedly.

        • Stick my head in what ?

          @ Elizabeth , stupid compared to what ? Do you endorse drug use over legal consumption of alchohol ? Also, it’s stupidest ” things ” plural not singular . Why would I have to flush more than Once ? Do you advocate wasting water ? Why can’t you rebut my good ideas without being so mean spirited ? Are you a sadist Or is this some sort of kinky fetish thing your into ?

          • Elizabeth

            I promote people raising their children to be healthy and responsible. Lowering the drinking age will cause more problems. The drinking age was once 18, but it was raised because of the amount of car accidents caused by teenagers driving under the influence. I am all for someone washing the turds that float around in their head, so when you have washed away every inept idea that popped into your tiny brain, please stop flushing. (Do you think you can handle that or do you need me to hold your hand as well?) I do have a whip that can remedy your present situation. BTW, it’s Mistress Elizabeth to you.

          • Stick my head in what ?

            I like you

          • Anonymouse

            I like her too.

          • trainman

            I’d like to join your fan club too.

          • Stick my head in what ?

            Dear Liz, I write things sometimrs hoping that there so stupid that people will loosen up once in a while & have a laugh. However, I could use a good spankinbg once in a while

          • Elizabeth

            @Stick my head in what ?: I wish I read this sooner. @ Stick my head in what?: Didn’t I tell you it was Mistress Elizabeth?! Since you like a good spanking, I’m not going to give you one now.

            @ Trainman: You’re awesome!

            @ Anonymouse: I like me too. Join my fan club. lol

    • Irish Kevin

      What you are saying(which I fully agree with) is the Drug problem is more important than the traffic lights.

  • anonymous

    What did Judas say to the Romans after Jesus died?

    You really nailed that one.

  • Anonymous

    I’m extremely surprised that not one person has brought up the fact that the Bagel store got a B, & still has the grade pending sign up as to foul people,and no one has look it up to find out for what! The same goes for Victorias, it got a C, and still has grade pending,they must think we can’t look things up in the internet or maybe fool everyone?

  • Anonymous

    All-way stop signs would have been better and cheaper. I wouldn’t mind a few of those on the av or Noel av. The light on the other hand will be a pain in the butt when kids press the button for no reason. Otherwise you’re one block away from a dead end. How many times are you going to drive down there in a day(unless you live there). The only people that drive down there that much are drug dealers, people meeting drug dealers, and the people that have nothing better to do but to drive 100 and 1 times up and down the av.

  • Paul

    Been out of town for a few weeks, is this traffic light up and running?

  • Annonymous

    Stuff like this makes me hate this neighborhood and our Politicians: Why not a regular traffic light? Why is it still not operational? Why is it taking so long to complete the bathrooms? Why is it taking so long to finish the park where they did the wrong thing but no one cares? Why is it that they have not redone Dr.John’s Park even with all of the injuries and complaints? We are not important and No one cares!!

  • lhardy

    new bathroom, new light…it’s only a matter of time before there are new parking meters to help pay for this stuff….

  • somebody who knows how to spell anonymous

    What does the signal look like once it’s in action? I haven’t been there in a while, so can somebody show me a video of the signal working?

    Wonder why they did not put up pedestrian signals across Seba Avenue, though, but pedestrian signals are present for the Gerritsen Avenue crossings.

    The pedestrian signal looks like a countdown unit, by the way. Also, it looks like a flashing yellow signal (I saw two 3-lens clusters and 1 single lens, so it must be a flashing yellow, but I’m not really certain).

  • gene

    do you have permits for your parade?

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