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NotifyNYC: Kiddie Beach Water Closed

It seems that the four-alarm fire at the North River wastewater treatment plant finally caught up with us, Kiddie Beach is closed.

Via NotifyNYC Seagate Beach under Advisory. Swimming not recommended. Kidde Gerritsen Closed. Swimming not permitted. Call 311 / visit www.nyc.gov/doh.

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As a general rule, health officials view the presence of enterococci bacteria as a sign that the water may have become contaminated with fecal matter and that it could make more than a few people sick.

21 comments to NotifyNYC: Kiddie Beach Water Closed

  • But according to all the updates, it doesn’t seem like this COULD be related to the fire – the plant is supposed to be back up & running, they’re gradually clearing down the Hudson, and the way the currents run, for GB to be so badly fouled when the 2 Sea Gate beaches are just under advisory & all the other Coney Island beaches are fine seems almost impossible.

    If there was a link, the DEP should explain the connection – and if there wasn’t, is it possible you’ve had another illegal dump?

  • anonymous

    Must be a psychic reading for the 30th. What are tonites lottery numbers?

  • The information is clearly labeled “week ending”. That’s not the issue. What I am wondering about is what caused the sudden spike. The New York City Watertrail Association did a great service to area kayakers, first hunting down information when it wasn’t readily forthcoming, then keeping members informed at their blog at http://www.nycwatertrailweb.blogspot.com/ and the last couple of updates pretty much reflect that the plant where the fire was is back to operational & that the Hudson is gradually clearing (down to Westchester at this point). This spike just doesn’t fit in with that at all.

  • Hows the water

    Important clinical infections caused by Enterococcus include urinary tract infections, bacteremia, bacterial endocarditis, diverticulitis, and meningitis.[3][4] Sensitive strains of these bacteria can be treated with ampicillin and vancomycin.[6]

    From a medical standpoint, an important feature of this genus is the high level of intrinsic antibiotic resistance. Some enterococci are intrinsically resistant to ?-lactam-based antibiotics (some penicillins and virtually all cephalosporins) as well as many aminoglycosides.[4] In the last two decades, particularly virulent strains of Enterococcus that are resistant to vancomycin (vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus, or VRE) have emerged in nosocomial infections of hospitalized patients especially in the US.[3] Other developed countries such as the UK have been spared this epidemic, and, in 2005, Singapore managed to halt an epidemic of VRE.[citation needed] VRE may be treated with quinupristin/dalfopristin (Synercid) with response rates of approximately 70%.[7]

    Enterococcal meningitis is a rare complication of neurosurgery. It often requires treatment with intravenous or intrathecal vancomycin yet it is debatable as to whether its use has any impact on outcome: the removal of any neurological devices is a crucial part of the management of these infections.[8]

  • JAWS


  • Anonymous

    Are their refunds for the days the beach is closed

  • Anonymous

    are you kidding coney island,brighten beach and manhatten beach are ok to swim in the water that runs to kiddie beach has to pass all those beaches before it hits kiddie beach its all bull shit try closeing down coney island beaches

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the hundreds of people freguenting the point these days, who are pissing and dumping right into the water has something to do with this. I’m sure the fuel and other trash on the jet skis doesn’t help either.

  • backweeds

    what about the crane falling in the water 2 weeks ago.all the gas/oil. their was a rainbow in the water 4 days.what no fine $, i gess the brids on white island are more import

  • Take a look at todays posting..it lists Gerritsen Beach as OPEN, but the number 684 is still there…WTF?

  • anonymous

    It’s still a nice beach to hang out at even if the water is off limits.

  • Anonymouse

    Hey, was the U. A. sewer pipes all repaired? Maybe it is coming from there or someone else is dumping raw sewage into the creek.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, like those houseboats in Venice, maybe? How is that done now, on boats? I remember when I was a kid, you flushed and it came right out the side of the boat. Now it is held in a tank that I think your supposed to have pumped out, but I’m not sure. Anyone know? And what kind of enforcement is on that?

      • Anonymous

        Oh yes, those houseboats docked at Venice wait for tanks to be filled & then don’t use the bathroom again until the tanks can be emptied legally. Sometimes they even hold it in, but nothing is ever dumped into the creek. Don’t judge until you have to empty your load.