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Adopt Me!

She’s a sweet and friendly cat. Her owner apparently decided that she no longer wanted her anymore (since GB doesn’t already have enough issues with stray/feral cats), and put her out on the street; however, she is declawed so she can’t defend herself against anything. I would take her myself, but we just […]

NotifyNYC: ALL Beaches Open

All New York City public beaches are now open. For more information call 311 or go to www.nyc.gov/doh.

NotifyNYC: Kiddie Beach Water Closed

It seems that the four-alarm fire at the North River wastewater treatment plant finally caught up with us, Kiddie Beach is closed.

Via NotifyNYC Seagate Beach under Advisory. Swimming not recommended. Kidde Gerritsen Closed. Swimming not permitted. Call 311 / visit www.nyc.gov/doh.

As a general rule, health officials view the presence of enterococci […]

ATV Racing

Residents at the end of Gerritsen Avenue are struggling with a growing number of off-road vehicles who use Gerritsen Avenue for dangerous stunts and racing.

A video posted on YouTube in February shows an example of the use of these vehicles racing up and down Gerritsen Avenue at high speeds. The summer weather […]

Wyld Chyld Gets a New Awning

Brand New Well Designed Awning!

Wyld Chyld Tattoo (2606 Gerritsen Avenue)  this past weekend replaced their old awning with a brand spanking new one reaching across both store fronts.

They did expand next door, expanding their operations and from all accounts a great neighbor.

The tattoo shop is located at what used to be […]

Swimming Cities of Serenissima Stop By the Point

Over the weekend “The Swimming Cities of Serenissima” a fleet of handmade boats with crews of artists visited Gerritsen Point. They launched art boats from junk and generally played games like jousting.

Some of the handmade boats were made with 2L soda bottles, others water cooler bottles.


White Wave Laundromat Burglarized

Last week White Wave Laundromat was burglarized. The creep or creeps went in through the back and tried to smash their way out the front. No word on what was taken if anything.

Seba Avenue Traffic Light up and Installed

It was announced back in May, and now  the Department of Transportation  has just about  finished installing a  pedestrian signal at Gerritsen Avenue and Seba Avenue so that parents will have signal assistance in crossing Gerritsen to Seba Avenue Park.

The light will be a steady green for cars on Gerritsen, except when the push […]

Breaking: Wires Down on Gerritsen Avenue

Sewage on the Hudson

Oh the irony! Oh the humanity! After all those years of Gerritsen Beach &  Kiddie Beach jokes about getting filled with human waste, now we are clean, and the Hudson has all the crap!

Above is a typical bad day in Brooklyn after an illegal release of sewage from an undisclosed treatment plant…yes, those are Coney […]

Safe and Legal Bicycle Riding

Operation Safe Cycle In late 2010, New York City cyclists began receiving summonses for failure to stop at red lights, reckless operation of a bicycle, and other offenses. The operation has made it’s way from the more dense park slope to our streets.

Avoid an expensive summons follow these laws.

Bicycles are defined as vehicles under […]

St. James Needs Our Support

Recently, St. James Lutheran Church mailed a letter to residents asking members to update their information and to attend services.

St. James, much like most churches and organizations, is struggling for members and funds. Back in January,the church was forced to let go of their full time pastor – Pastor Nebrasky. It was […]

Seba Avenue Traffic Signal Construction Started

Construction began recently at Seba Avenue for a new traffic signal. The city is installing a push button traffic signal, which will stay green until pushed, at Seba Avenue park to make crossing Gerritsen Avenue safer for parents and children.

Vote for Nicole

Help Gerritsen beach resident Nicole Hidalgo compete against 3 others to sing at a JETS home game!

1) Like the Jets Facebook Page 2) Like the Video

DOT Repaired Gain and Hyman Courts

The DOT repaired Gain and Hyman at Seba Avenues today. Which is a confirmation of the city ownership and responsibility of the courts.

Who knows if this was brought on by media pressure. However, The DOT did originally walk away and say a violation would be in the mail to the homeowner, until […]