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Car vs Bus at Gerritsen and Channel Ave


This evening a white car collided into the back of a city bus.

44 comments to Car vs Bus at Gerritsen and Channel Ave

  • Chris

    I’m glad those lines are making the Ave safe for everyone.

    • Anonymous

      I guess they didn’t see the new slow yellow signals in front of the school.

      • Anonymous

        Not saying this driver wasn’t speeding but why would anyone write a comment about the flashing yellow lights it happened at night and the school lights are only on in the morning from iI guess about 7 30 till maybe 9 and from 2 30 to 3 30. These commets are what makes the wars start and they have nothing to do with the story posted.

      • Anonymous

        I think a speed bump would have been a better idea then the flashing yellow because then drivers would have no choice but to slow down.

  • anonymous

    Lines have nothing to do with stupid drivers.

  • Anonymous

    i may be wrong but, they were probably texting. People can.t go anywhere wiythout that phone in their hand.

    • trainman

      I hope he clicked the send button before impact.

      Someone at the scene told me the Cadillac driver broke both his legs.

      Anyone have info on that?

  • Beach_Bob

    Looking at the amount of damage,I’d say they were exceeding the posted 25 MPH speed limit too.

  • Liza

    WOW! Huge damage on that car… which to me looks like it was going pretty fast.

  • Betty-Looo

    If you see how they speed up and down the avenue, you would understand how this could happen, obviously someone wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing. It really sucks for them because when you hit someone in the rear, you are at fault, good for the big dummy, pay attention next time and keep a distance as they teach you of the vehicle in front of you. Especially one that’s the size of an elephant.

  • Irish Kevin

    It would be interesting to know what really happened.

  • Nelson Muntz


  • yes

    looks like the bus won

  • Chris

    If there was 2 lanes, the bus would be safely in the right lane and everyone else would drive safely by it, instead of being stuck behind the bus or driving over the lines. It creates a dangerous situation even if say a car breaks down, or bus breaks down in that one lane where are you supposed to safely drive? Never mind in the winter, thats a whole different story. It creates a bad situation.

  • Leonor

    Thank you to the men and women of NY EMS, Fire Department and Vollies, who responded so quickly and took excellent care of me. Thank you to the young man who doubles as an EMT and Website Host. I don’t know the circumstances that led the driver to hit our bus, but I hope he recovers quickly. This was one of the scariest things I have ever experienced.

  • Anonymous

    Another accident tonigth on Gerritsen this one between Devon and Everrett. Last weekend there were 3 alone on Gerristen at Ave W

  • anonymous

    tj shut up

  • Anonymous

    If the stupid drivers put themselves out of commission our neighborhood would be a much safer place for all. One of these idiots are going to kill someone one day. The poor kid who was hit a few years ago will never be the same.

  • Beach M

    This morning at about 735am I was crossing Gerritsen from Bijou heading to the bus stop. I waited at the corner for the light to change so I can cross and proceeded when the light changed. Just before I made it to the other side, a red hummer decided that he didn’t want to wait any longer and floored it. He came SO close to clipping me, despite the fact that he STILL had the red light. If I wasn’t paying attention, I would have been hit and I’m sure he would have taken off.

    I yelled out at the car and he slowed down and stopped at the bus stop. I figured he’d get out and start saying how I was wrong (some how) and god knows what else. Instead, he then starts to very slowly drive towards W zig zagging all over the road and then takes off… WTF!?

    The biggest problem in our area is that a lot of our residents and visitors (for some reason) think they can run every stop light and sign. Can’t tell you how many close calls I’ve had driving out of the beach because someone completely disregards a stop sign (then blames me for some reason).

  • Anonymous

    I think the community needs to get together to find a solution to this dangerous problem. The neighborhood is full of young children and something MUST be done. People did not want green streets but maybe there is an alternative to keep our streets safe. What are the cops doing about this???

  • Anonymous

    not only bad drivers are the problem but double parked cars and where the busses stop

  • anonymous

    Every morning on my way down the avenue someone runs the red light at Bijou or W. This morning a black truck sailed right through at Bijou without a second thought. We as a community need to do something to protect the lives of our children. A child is going to be killed because some fool can’t wait 30 seconds for the light to change to green.

  • anonymous 1

    Of course there are accidents, just look how the cars speed up and down the avenue especially at night I am surprised that no one has gone over the guard rail at the end.

    I never realized how much traffic is on the Avenue during the day. Today I tried to cross Gerritsen at the corner by Florence Avenue I had to wait at least 5 minutes for a chance to run accross the street. I think one of the most dangerous things they did was to put those stupid lines in the middle of the Avenue, it makes one long line of cars coming down and it is hard to get a break between the traffic to cross if there were two lanes again on each side there would not be such a backup of traffic, besides getting out of your car is a little dangerous sometimes the cars come so close to the parked cars.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why they don’t put a camera on that light. The city could not only save the jobs that are threatened, they could give everyone a raise.

  • anon

    They won’t put up a red light camera in GB because all the cry babies would swarm the meeting and complain about how the beach is always picked on!

  • anonymous

    The lines are to slow down traffic. The idiots who run red lights and stop signs disregard these too. They cross over the saftey zone to make the light, which doesn’t make a difference because if the light is red they go through it anyway. Not all of them are color blind, or are they?

  • Dawn

    I just yelled at a guy who drove up a block the wrong way in a silver caddy he stops gets mad at me and says its his block and he lived there for 25 ys I said who cares.. wtf it doesnt mean you are the mayor and can do what you want.. if a kid on the block looks to cross over and looks the way traffic comes he would have never seen the huge suv.. I hate these jerks in the neighborhood it just ruins it

    this site should have an area where we can put in a cars plate & model so to embarass them to everyone of them being stupid

  • Anonymous

    Geritsen Beach Needs speed bumps like they have in Staten Island.. cars fly down Bartlet Place and Cyrus ave going way over 50 mph.. If they hit someone,, they are just going to leave them there to die..

  • beach bum

    what does your comment is awaiting moderation mean?

  • Frank

    I agree with Chris if they just kept the line down the middle there would still be two lanes and we had less accidents! Installing speed bumps or at least one traffic light would have slowed people down. Simple solution and less traffic but I do not have a degree in business management

  • Local Parent : R.J

    Has Anyone noticed the Bus is stopped in the middle of the street and NOT in the bus stop, Granted it looks like the Caddy was going a bit fast But that Bus NEEDS to be in the Bus Stop, is’nt that why its there..They do ALL the time(bus drivers)

    • anonymous

      And what if the bus wasn’t letting off or picking up a passenger. Should it just stay at a bus stop and not be allowed to travel down the avenue in it’s own lane? Who says it was letting off a passenger?

    • Anonymous

      the bus was dropping off passengers but some Ass Hole was parked in the bus stop. so the bus was not able to pull into the bus stop

  • Local Parent : R.J

    if it was letting off a passenger(i dont know?) , why was he/she doing so from the middle of the street ? If i cant block a bus stop, they shouldnt be Stopping in the middle of the street letting people off ! Am i wrong ? You also mention trvling dwn the Ave in its own lane ? I bin in GB 30yrs dont remember EVER having a (bus only) lane, and the last 3yrs ? its been a SINGLE lane. Wich has a posted 25mph speed sign. No need to stop in the middle of the only running lane unless its an emergency. Maybe its me.. Great Idea on the street light @ Seba Ave, now just add a RedLight Camera stop ALL the crazy driving…

  • keeping it real

    if thers a car in a bus stop then where should the bus let people off ? The bus was rear ended whats the difference where it was ?

  • Anonymous

    TJ, If Jesus isn’t interested in punishing the men responsible for the horrors that occur all over the world every day, the rape and torture of women and children, the brutalization that is suffered every minute of every day by animals, the entire planet being destroyed by greed, then I highly doubt that he is worried about a few dirty words being uttered by the people who live in Gerrittsen Beach. Personally, I live according to the teachings of Jesus, that is my choice and I think that the world would be a much better place if we all lived by the Golden Rule. But stop with the wrath of God stuff. If He wanted to do something about the horrors that we do to each other and to all living things he would have been here a long time ago and probably wouldn’t have started in Brooklyn.

  • anonymous

    The only Jesus I know is a Hispanic guy. Last name of Rodriguez.