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Second Death at Point in a Month


Yesterday, a middle aged man lost control of his car and ended up on the sidewalk. The man was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced DOA.

There is no additional information at this time.


29 comments to Second Death at Point in a Month

  • Anonymous

    Another OD ????? Someone dumped ??? Glad to see the GB Press all over this

  • TJ

    do you know what my initials stand for????

    it stands for Trust Jesus !!!!!!!!

    too many people in the beach do not believe in jesus, and therefore we are being punished. It is time to go to church and pray before a plague hits gerritsen beach !

    • trainman

      Have you recently taken a census on who goes to church and who doesn’t?

      Are you sure YOU go to the right church?

      Is it possible to believe in Jesus and NOT go to church?

      If Jesus is all loving and all giving why does it matter if you go to church?

      Is it possible that someone in the Marine Park section didn’t go to church and caused the death of this poor unfortunate person at the GB point?

      Please get back to me soon I await your wisdom.

    • Anonymous

      TJ=Total Jackass

  • mike24611

    You are all assuming that there is even a jesus, or a god

    • trainman

      Of course you’ll never know until it’s too late.
      The little insurance never heard anyone.

      • trainman

        My brain was not improper gear.
        What it should have said was:

        A little insurance never hurt anyone.

  • T.J.

    watch what happens now after to homos legalized gay marriages.

    The entire new york has blasphemed jesus and his will

    Jesus will get everyone and punish all of you very very severely

    • anonoymous

      If you are living in GB..You are already being punished

    • Anonymous

      Well, I* don’t quite understand this TJ, maybe you can help explain…. If Jesus loves us all and forgives us our sins, indeed that he DIED for our sins, how is it that he hates the gay people that he created and how has he appointed YOU to decide who should be punished even though as a Christian you should be loving and forgiving the sinners.

      • Anonymous

        He has a valid point. It’s a major contradiction. Even the interpretation of the bible differs from who you speak too. How can you base faith on something that has so many different meanings depending on who you talk to? And whats the deal with free will. If you have free will why bother with commandments. And if you ask for forgivness and you will be forgiven why bother to be good at all. Do what you want and just ask to be forgiven.

        • Anonymous

          1. If people have free will you NEED commandments or laws guide the free will. If people did not have free will THEN they wouldnt need commandments as there would be no way to direct them.

          2. If someone smacks you in the face, and then says “please forgive me” and then they do it again. Do YOU forgive them? Merely asking for forgiveness does not mean that forgiveness will be granted.

          • Anonymous

            Repent and Ye shall be forgiven has been preached for ages? And you totally blew past all the contradiction and interpretation statements. Why is that? I’ll give you the people need laws statement I agree, however even the most brutal and disgusting of savages are told to ask for forgiveness yet you will see the same people who preach the lords word picketing outside the court houses chanting burn in Hell. Where is the love then? Look at the stance TJ takes, he makes jesus a vengeful god. So I have to ask, will I be forgiven or will I feel the wrath of a vengeful god? I would also like to point out that I am not anti religion. People thru the ages have done wonderful things and overcome huge hurdles because of thier faith. But just as I agree to your right to believe I disagree with comments such as TJ that those who think different should be condemned or chastised.

          • Anonymous

            I dont know, will you be forgiven or will you feel the wrath of a vengeful God? Thats between you and Him. It is naive to think that simply saying “forgive me” wipes the slate clean. It must be in your heart as well. About those picketers? who do they want to burn in hell? if you are implying they are in favor of the death penalty so was the Old Testament when God essentialy wiped the world clean because of the sin present in it, saving only Noah. You have to believe that sooner or later you will reap what you sow, so will you live in eternity or meet the vengeful God? Not for us to decide.

    • Anonymous

      are you on medication?

  • Anonymous

    TJ is talking to himself on this website, trying to resolve his grip against God, the angst he feels with losing his religion. He needs to get grounded again somehow. It won’t be easy TJ but good luck.

  • anonymous

    I wonder how many idiots on here are even from the beach or ever actually have been in it.

  • anonoymous

    This post starts out with a report of someone who passed away at the end of Gerrittsen Ave..Then gets hijacked by some religious zealot..Who you respond to, like he was important. Dose anyone know who this man was? He was someones Father,Brother or Son ? What happened to the original story line ?

  • disgusted

    You all sound ridiculously stupid.

  • anonymous1

    Does anyone know who the man in the car was and what he died from? If anyone has any information please post it ,and people stop responding to whoever is writing all this other nonsense!

  • Anonymous

    It was a suicide.

  • Anonymous

    was it another dust head? i over heard at victoria’s pizza thats where they all get high.

  • Anonymous

    What ever happened to May 21? Why are you still here?

  • Believer

    @TJ– I guess you really thought the Rapture was really comin on May 21st or whatever date that other loon predicted. See TJ, I live in my own, self made hell.. God is there to guide me in a silent but extremely strong way, but free will lets me choose which path to take.. Just because did somethin in your life terrible, and needed Jesus to help you justify what was right about it, does not mean that you are holier than thow. If God is forgiving, as I belive he his, than bad choices, and not malicious actions are sure to be forgiven. You on the other hand seem to have a need to suck people into your beliefs, and I truely believe it is to help you cope with your very own, self made, evil dramas. Be content in your faith, and respect that others worship for their own reasons in their own way.. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO PUT YOUR BELIEFS ON MY TABLE, and than tell me Jesus is gonna get me cause I didnt follow “YOUR” religious beliefs. Hope God forgives you for Blaspheming everyone that disagrees with you. I mean who are you to tell me, or anyone else that Jesus is gonna get me, or them.. I think your too scared to realize that your conscience, evil/bad choices have already put you on a path to hell. And I doubt Jesus is into brown nosing!!! I belive cause I feel its right, and it helps guide me in the right direction(most of the time), unlike you, who needs to tell others they’re doomed by God so you can justify your wretched life.. Do everyone a favor and keep your religious threats of doomsday, etc to yourself, cause most of us as strong belivers in our own faith, dont need to here bottomless, unfound religious, blaspheming threats from a scared evil person like you.. I bet you tell little kids the same thing about how Jesus will destroy them, etc.. Now thats a trait of a loony nut.. God Bless all those that give your ridiculous ideas more than a quick passing thought. FOOL!