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Events: Vollies Card Party

Gerrittsen Beach Vol Fire Department

Please come join us at the Cort Club tonight (Friday, June 24 ยท 7:00pm – 10:00pm) for our annual card party!

It is a little late to donate itmes to the cause but if you would like you may check out our Donations and Wishlist page.

Thanks and we hope to see you there

34 comments to Events: Vollies Card Party

  • Anonymous

    there was a massive car crash on avenue u at the entrance to marine park/salt marsh today. 15 fire trucks, a dozen police cars and ambulances…. but where were our vollies?????

  • um

    That is not gerritsen beach. Not GB area

  • Anonymous

    it was the middle of the afternoon . it took almost 20 minutes for ems to get there. a huge 3 car collision. where were our vollies?

    there is no excuse for them. this was 2 minutes out of the beach!

    • Anonymous

      “out of the beach” is the key phrase don’t ya think.

      • Anonymous

        Like they’ve never left the beach ? I thought they were trainned professionals and had concern for the community. Ave U near Marine Park is very much part of our community.

    • anonymous

      They only go outside of their zone at the request of the city and Resurrection as a courtesy. They aren’t supposed to respond out of their area.

      • Anonymous

        Resurrection as a courtsey ??? A courtsey to who ? I bet many people who live across from and behind Resurrection who are part of the Gerritsen Beach Community could at one time or another use a little courtsey

      • anon

        They would go to Resurrection as a courtesy, but a horrible car accident two blocks from Resurrection tough luck. Sounds great.

    • Anonymous

      Did anyone call them?

    • anon

      There is a cut off zone and Resurrection is included in their area..they can’t respond to everywhere
      and btw Resurrection is in Gerritsen Beach

      • anon

        Gerritsen Beach ends at Allen Ave. or maybe W.

        • Anonymous

          So Whitney Ave, the Plumbs 1 & 2 Streets, the VFW, Resurrection and the hundreds of people who live along Gerritsen Ave between Allen Ave and Ave V (where the rectory is) are not within the Vollies zone. Hmmmmm maybe its been Hatzola who I’ve seen in front of the VFW and Resurrection Church

  • anon

    The firehouse is almost next door to the salt Marsh. You could walk in less then 5 minutes. It could not have taken 20 minutes. I do not believe it. Those guys respond quickly in that house.

  • anonymous

    everyone needs to get there facts straight before commenting. it’s not fair to blame the vollies. they give aid to many people, but it’s not possible to help everybody

  • enough

    Folks the person complaining about the incident is just looking to stir up nonsense. The simple fact is the vollies cover a response area, they can also respond to a call outside of the area if requested by a city agency In the form of what’s called mutual aid. They can’t cover calls outside of the area because its 5 feet or 500 feet away. As shown by the link above that area belongs to another ambulance division
    The person making the comments is well aware of this. Don’t waste your time debating it with him.

  • Anonymous

    Enough, enough with excuses.. when was the last time they did a call for mutual aid and how often do they do them. And I’m not referring to them hanging out in the big fire house on 9/11/01

  • Great time

    Great event! We had a blast . So glad I went. Great job GBFD

  • Anonymous

    I really wish that all these people who have such a hatred for the vollies would post with their real names. In the event that them or their families ever need aid, the vollies shouldn’t waste their time responding. Roll it over to the city.

  • Cathy

    My name is Catherine, and I have no problem posting my name or having the vollies help me or my family. Is my last name required too William?

  • rodney king

    Can’t we all just get along?

  • jen

    When my grandfather was in the vamps (vollies) they were only allowed to respond in a certain area. I assume that’s still the case

  • Anonymous

    call your volunteer ambulance. Flatlands.

  • Beachwalker

    I think that everyone should be questioning why it took so long for NYFD and EMS to respond. (if it REALLY took 20 min., that’s a big problem.) With cutbacks and closings, this is only going to get worse. Where is the outrage when the Midget Moron Mayor is blaming all the City’s financial problems on the Unions and cutting personnel and closing Firehouses? (only to turn around the next week and purchase 700 million dollars worth of waterfront property for development) Do people really think that he can make these cuts and service will remain the same? He is trading our safety, security and jobs for $$$$ and property for his developer friends. We are being sold out by him and all you can do is attack the Vollies and somehow try and blame them??? Are they supposed to cover all of Brooklyn??

  • anon

    when did they ever go into Marine park for fundraising

  • Anonymous

    Funny timing with you mentioning Flatlands, saw them 2 weeks ago right on Gerritsen Ave outside the karate place, where the kids from the karate school were putting on a show and they were doing fund raising I’m sure they’d come into the beach if they were called

  • Anonymous

    That’s not how it works. neither can go into each others coverage areas, unless they request mutual aid from each other or requested from ems.


    gbfd.net does not have a map (get on that vollies)

    Flatlands was most likely there because a child family member.


  • Anonymous

    That is one large area that they cover, looks like they come down Gerritsen all the way to Ave X next to 277 Park