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Vollies Hosting Blood Drive – Free Mets Tickets

Photo by Metsfan84, (Citi Field during the first regular season game at the ballpark. 4/13/09. )


Come join the Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Dept for their annual Blood Drive.

Saturday, June 18 · 9:00am – 3:00pm

All successful donors will receive one pair of mets tickets for an up-coming game. Donors must be at least 17 years of age (16 with parental permission), weigh at least 110 lbs and be in good health.

Give the gift of life, give blood.

Gerrittsen Beach Fire Dept– 1-718-332-9292 OR
NYC Blood Center– 1-800-688-0900


20 comments to Vollies Hosting Blood Drive – Free Mets Tickets

  • Anonymous

    I urge everyone to donate— with the way the Vollies treat patients this community needs to make sure there is plenty of blood in the blood bank in order to save your life after the Vollies drop you off at coney island hospital.

  • The Guy

    Another Vollie Hater!

    I am once again shocked at the responces with some of the members of this community regarding the Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department.

    The “Vollies” are what the name states: Men and Women that volunteer thier time, skills, and training for the good of the community. The members of GBFD do not get financially reembursed for thier service and it seems to be a thankless effort.

    These are people that have to juggle thier efforts between work and family commitments, training and New York State and federal certifications, equipment readiness, building maintenance, and sacrifice thier nights/weekend to be “on call” for the residents of Gerrittson Beach. These members run from Christmas mornings, family dinners, birthdays, and are woken at 3am to provide services to your families and loved ones.

    The level of dignaty, respect, and care given to thier ambulatory paitents meet and often surpasses NYFD or private ambulance service. Responce times to calls are often faster than NYFD, which is not bad considering that the “Vollies” are not sitting in the trucks waitng for the radio call. The members arrive from thier jobs and homes to the station and dispatch to the scene.

    The GBFD has fire equipment that will fit down the narrow courts and blocks of this neighborhood, does not need a GPS to find your home, has off-road capabilities for brush fires, has knowledge of which fire hydrants freeze in the winter, will tempoarily stop your leaking pipe when your basements flood, and will go home with a smile on thier face.

    So for all of the haters out there, walk a mile in their shoes. The next time you hear the fire horn, meet the “Vollies” at the station within 2 minutes and join them for a call. You can carry the grandmother through 3 feet of snow for blocks at a time, put on 50lbs of gear in August for brush fires, perform CPR, or deliver a bay in a living room.

    • Anonymous

      You’ll never see a GPS in a city fire engine. They know exactly where they are going and there rigs can most definelty fit down these small courts… They also have the knowledge to never go down Bartlett pl unless it’s imperative. They know to go down Cyrus and turn onto the courts from there cause it would be difficult to make the turn from Bartlett. – I have a scanner so I can listen to make sure no one I love is stupid enough to call the Vollies and I hear the Vollies several minutes into a call putting out a second call and sometimes three calls for a driver or for an emt, no exaggeration, at least 50% of the time…. And that’s being generous! So I no way is there average response time 2-4 minutes!

    • Steve Cassidy

      OK, “The Guy”‘ the vollies are an asset to the community. But ranking them above the FDNY in patient care?? Gimme a break. Nothing replaces experience and professionalism. Most FDNY engine companies average well over 1000 EMS runs a year, up to 5000 total runs per year per company. How many do the vollies do a year? And since the Bloomberg administration is touting faster response times as the reason he is planning on closing 20 fire companies, I wouldn’t be too proud of bragging that the vollies are even faster than FD, since that would mean YOU are partly responsible for the closings.. Why do we need to pay these guys when the vollies do it for free? Some people, especially UNION people, (I am not saying me),may call the vollies nothing but scabs. And since you seem to live in some alternate universe where the vollies are Gods gift to the universe, I’ll just let you in on a little secret. Real firefighters employed by the FDNY DO NOT sit around in their trucks waiting for a call. They are actually busy putting out structural fires, and saving lives on a daily basis. Responding to a half a million calls a year. Doing building and hydrant inspections. Training. Oh yeah, and sometimes sacrificing their lives to protect civilians such as yourself. I sure hope your not speaking for the entire membership of the GB Vollies with your overly glorified version of the vollies and your backhanded slaps at the FDNY.

      • for the record

        Seems to be a bit of confusion. Nobody is implying firefighters are doing nothing but sitting in trucks waiting for calls. I think the point that was trying to be made is that FDNY does not always have a bus (ems) in the area and that the vollies responding to calls from home, work etc have arrived faster at times. Also some of the vollies past and present have been FDNY members and carry the experience you reffer to. The vollies are constantly training and re training whether its state requirements or review and cramming with the next class of emt students. No vollie takes the responsibility lighty as we would not want a loved one of ours to receive anything short of the best possible care. Lastly it is assumed by a few in this site that the vollies are in competition with the fire department. If you believe that the be true then I have a bridge for sale perhaps you want to buy it. The vollies work as a compliment to fdny, we have never stolen a job from them and you will not find a single incident where a firehouse has been affected or looked at as unneeded becuase of the vollies. Comments like that are just an attempt to bait an argument or sway people against them in a negative light. We support FDNY just as much as the next person and do not believe any firehouse should be downsized or closed. I would also like to point out that no FDNY companys that respond into the beach have been placed on the list for possible closing to my knowledge. If you don’t like the vollies that’s your right but to come on here and make it seem like we are scabs stealing jobs is ridiculous. If you believe that then I assume that flatlands, bed stuy, hotzolah and the countless other vollie services are scabs as well. The vollies are a bunch of people who care about the memebers of the community and take the training and responsibility required with the upmost emphasisis of patient and property care in the highest priority. And I ask any members of the community that would like to know more information or lend a hand to stop in or call. Don’t let people impose their opinion on you. Come in and form your own.

        • Steve Cassidy

          OK, “for the record”, are you one and the same as “The Guy”? Because if you are, how can you say that “Nobody is implying firefighters are doing nothing but sitting in trucks waiting for calls..”, when in your previous post you said “…times to calls are often faster than NYFD, which is not bad considering that the “Vollies” are not sitting in the trucks waitng for the radio call”??? That sure as hell is implying, to say the least. Just curious. Your quote that “no FDNY companys that respond into the beach have been placed on the list for possible closing to my knowledge…” shows your severe lack of knowledge on the subject. Closing 20 fire companies will affect response time for EVERY fire neighborhood citywide. And for the record, Engine 284, which is slated to close, responds to each and every 2nd alarm that occurs in Gerritsen Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Marine Park, Mill Basin, Bergen Beach, Bensonhurst, etc. They were at the Hayes fire, and the more recent fire on Bartlett place. So your knowledge you speak of is misinformed. Your assertion of “….If you don’t like the vollies that’s your right but to come on here and make it seem like we are scabs stealing jobs is ridiculous..” is, well, ridiculous. My statement about scabs was exactly this and I quote again. “…Some people, especially UNION people, (I am not saying me),may call the vollies nothing but scabs.” There are many, many people on this site who are members of Public sector unions. Ask any of them what THEIR UNIONS position would be on “volunteers” doing their job for free. And what that means to their job security. I didnt come on here because I hate the Vollies, I support them. But the post by “The Guy” needed a response. No one needs to come on here to tell everyone the Vollies are a good thing, especially in this unique community. Just don’t do it at the expense of the FDNY.

          • for the record


            No I am not “the guy” but if I were I would have no problem admitting it.
            What I tried to clarify is I think “the guy” was speaking of Ems sitting in buses and was in error using the word truck. The reference to 284 is unfair. Depending on the alarm 2, 3 etc companies from Brooklyn as well as other boroughs may be due in so you are putting a huge number of houses into that statement. I was speaking of our basic response companies 321 309 159 etc. we do not wish or think it wise to close any house or downsize FDNY in any way shape or form. The vollies are not a new group who have arrived on the scene. We have been in operation since 1922 and running medical calls long before Ems was intergrated into FDNY. I would also like to point out that FDNY itself was a voluntary organization until I switched to paid in 1865. We do not seek to steal bread from anyone’s table. We are not looking to compete with FDNY or any other medical service out there. We simply seek to assist our neighbours. You stated that you support the vollies and I thank you for that. I am not here to argue I am simply here to express my opinion on what we do. The majority of our calls come direct from resident who request our service and we also take calls from FDNY itself in the form of mutual aid. You speak as a supporter of FDNY as I myslef am and perhaps you or a family member are FDNY members. If that be the case then understand that I have nothing short of the upmost respect for what you or your family member does and appreciate the lengths that you go thru on a daily basis to protect the general public.

        • Anonymous

          Flatlands, Bed-Sty, BRAVO, Bensonhurst, Hatzol and the bunch of other volunteer Ambulances and NOT pretending to be or calling themselves a Fire Department, BIG difference

          • anonymous

            Ummm, they don’t even have fire trucks. How would they?

          • Anonymous

            you’re right and neither should anyone else, including the ones on Seba Ave, Volunteer Ambulance GREAT, I’ll give all my nickels. Volunteer Fire, sorry I pay taxes and prefer the professionals

    • GBFD


      I believe you are misinformed. The Vollies work very well with FDNY. Sometimes Eng 321 or 309 are on the scene first
      and sometimes The Vollies are on the scene first. It depends on who gets the call or who is available. We totally respect and assist each other often. Gerritsen Beach is very proud of them all. Training is the same on the Ambulance as we are all trained by Department of Health Instructors and drill at least once a month. As a matter of fact, those Instructors taught at the Rock for CFR training. Our EMT’s have saved many lives. All of our EMT’s pass the same tests and FDNY.
      On the Fire side, we drill all the time. We are trained in Osha and are also trained by Certified Instructors.
      Often, our firefighters go to work for FDNY or NYPD and ESU. We are very proud of their professionalism and dedication to the Community since 1922.
      It would be great for you to come down and assist in training our many youth members that are now learning, to dispatch, CPR, and soon OSHA before they begin firefighting and/or EMT.
      I hope your attitude changes as we have nothing to do with your firehouse closing. I don’t believe any firehouses should close but the mayor has all to say about that. Gerrittsen Beach appreciates the Vollies and all we do. We are a brotherhood and sisterhood of Community people that live or work in this community and are dedicated to helping people. We are supported financially from the Community through fundraising efforts.
      God Bless you and be safe.

      • Anonymous

        To GBFD,
        Are there any Vollies that are NYS certified fire fighter, Interior or exterior and how many? Also, where do you go for your fire fighter training? And what is OSHA Training because OSHA stands for occupation safety and health administration therefore, besides safety what do they have to do with fire fighter training?

        To Steve Cassidy,
        Are you THE STEVE CASSIDY? Steve Cassidy, president, of the uniform fire fighters benevolent association?

  • Anonymous

    i want free mets tickets ! woohoo !

  • travel2692

    anyone who doesnt appreciate what the volllies do and what they mean to this community has a very warped sense of values. they are VOLUNTEERS..well trained and compasionate, have saved many lives down here..and many homes becuase they were there first! my husband, my brother both were saved by the vollies….what iswrong with people today in this neighborhood….we always appreciated the vollies…

  • Anonymous

    I know many Vollies from the Vollies “good old days” – days when the Vollies would have a patient in the ambulance and leaving already before a city ambulance would arrive on the scene. These Vollies know how the Vollies “new regime” function and would never want them to treat them or their families. —- that’s if they even show up if you have the guts to call them in an emergency.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like someone that may have been asked to leave the vollies. Maybe couldn’t hold their own or keep up huh

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate the vollies. Everyone should. I dont understand why anyone wouldnt.

    Who cares if fdny, ems, or any other group is better or worse.

    In GB , the vollies provide a great service and we should show them some respect

  • I’ll donate the blood, but uhhhhh you can keep the mets tickets!!!

  • Anonymous