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“Back Weeds” Facebook Launches Scavanger Hunt

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The Back Weeds Facebook is inviting people to walk back weeds for a scavenger hunt to find specially designed T-Shirts hidden back weeds.

The facebook fan page, The Back Weeds, launched the scavenger hunt on Facebook wall last Wednesday and is soon launching a dedicated website. .

To take part in the contest people need to follow the facebook fan page. At least three participants have already found t-shirts already. The fourth and last is supposedly “Más difícil!”

Here were the clues, before they were quickly snagged up.

Shirt#1 “THE 4 TRUNK STUMP” :Traveling up the “Main Trail”, just North of the 8 Track lies The 4 Trunk Stump.The Saint James path also leads directly to it. You can find your easiest treasure there. Find it before a creature of the night does!

Shirt#2 “ONE HEAD LIGHT” : “And I seen the sun up ahead.At the county line bridge” It’s where our profile picture was taken.
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Shirt#3 “HORSE SHOE LOUIE”: “Fine little girl waits for me;Catch a ship across the sea;Sail that ship about;all alone
Never know if I make it home.” Tied to Louie’s tail you’ll find your prize. Hurry up and get it before his girl gets there!

The website  TheBackWeeds.com will launch in the coming weeks and will most likely pay homage and sell Gerritsen Beach related shirts.

Follow them here @ facebook.com/backweeds

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