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Yellow Signal Installation – Installed


The Department of Transportation installed the lights today.

Let’s see what happens when they flip the switch.


15 comments to Yellow Signal Installation – Installed

  • Anonymous

    They were flashing this afternoon, I thought I was approaching a railroad crossing, looked both ways for a freight train

    • anonymous

      A railroad crossing is flashing red…With gates that close to traffic…Hope this will help you if you ever do approach a RR crossing…

      • Trainman

        By your statement I think you’ll be surprised to hear that not all railroad crossings have gates or even red lights. Many just have stop signs. One more bit of information is that on an average year over 25 people lose their lives crossing railroad tracks with their cars in this country.

        • anonymous

          My statement was that Rail Crossings have RED lights and not YELLOW…Possibly not all..But trains entering ANY rail crossing are required to sound their horn as a warning to approaching car traffic to stop….I was only pointing out that YELLOW has nothing to do with rail traffic…

      • Anonymous

        Not ALL crossings have gates, take a ride down to 1st or 2nd Ave near Lutheran Hospital maybe all LIRR passenger train crossings do but not ALL crossings have them

  • avail

    This doesn’t change anything on the avenue. A bunch of signs, flashing lights that are only going to be lit this month. How is this supposed to help? I thought when Marty announced he got the DOT to put up a flashing yellow, it would the kind that hangs over the avenue and always be lit, not strapped to a pole to highlight a speed limit sign. If they wanted to do that, they could have given the crossing guards amber flashlights and let them wave them when the cars go speeding by. Another waste of money by the DOT.

  • Trainman

    I can’t believe it’s going to be completed before the end of the school year.

    The question is: Will it still be working in September?

  • 277 Mom

    This is a total waste of time and money. I sat there and watched for awhile this morning, and it did not change anything. People (not all) were there usual inconsiderate selves. The only thing that will make that corner safe is to put a real traffic light.

  • JT

    I did not even notice it this morning! Was it working this morning???

  • Anonymous

    I think the city should make the ballfield closest to the school a large parking lot for the school. This will give the parents and buses plenty of room to park and safely walk their children to the door of the school. But once again there will be a need for a traffic signal for the vehicles to exit the parking lot safely.

  • Anonymous

    i saw it this morning at the last minute.. wasnt going fast but still didnt see it as i was approaching until i was in front of it

    • Anonymouse

      That’s because the trees block the view. You can’t see it until you are almost on top of it.

  • anon

    Here we go……………….

  • Anonymous

    you gotta love how the city wastes momey those lights are a waste for many reasons. I thought they were gonna hang across the avenue where they could plainly be seen instead they are on poles hidden by trees great job. Atleast the fines double sign is in clear view.