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Eagle Scout Project Improves PS 277


Shane Blundell, 17, Boy Scouts of America Troop 396 completed his Eagle Scout Project at PS 277 on Gerritsen Avenue, Brooklyn NY. The community as well as the school will certainly benefit from the improvements he and his volunteers have made.

Shane and his small crew took down and cleaned up the old seahorse planting that used to be at PS 277.  They then set up a whole new area with low-maintenance patterned brick replacing the rocks chips that were in place. They then topped it off with new molded cement in the shape of PS 277 and a seahorse.

Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America. A scout who attains this rank is called an Eagle Scout or Eagle. Since its introduction in 1911, the Eagle Scout rank has been earned by more than two million young men. The title of Eagle Scout is held for life, thus giving rise to the phrase “Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.”
The St. Edmunds High School Junior joined cub scouts in the first grade and became a boy scout in the fifth. He has earned a total of 38 merit badges, 17 more than the minimum 21 required towards becoming an Eagle; they include the National Conservation Badge, Mile Swim, Wilderness Survival, and the 2010 Historic Merit Badge which was only released for one year for the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts. Four vintage merit badges were released for the centennial celebration, Carpentry, Pathfinding, Tracking, and Signaling (i.e. Make a device and demonstrate the ability to send and receive a message in the International Morse Code with a complete message of not less than 35 words, at a rate of not less than 35 letters per minute.)

The idea for the project arose from discussions with his family and the PS 277 staff whom Blundell approached with the suggestion for this project. The school was all for the project – as it as it would cut most – if not all of the maintenance.
Blundell, has spent about six months working on this project but only because the brutal winter and recent weather held him back. Preparation started back in November and entailed a detailed, page plan covering all aspects, meetings with the 277 administration and local mason, Kerry Ecock. “I feel as though this project is the biggest accomplishment of my life. This project has helped my existing communication, and planning skills. The advice I have received from my Scout Master Mike Bianco has been amazing because he is always on top of things.” said Blundell.

“In 20 years, hopefully it will still be here and I will be able to look back knowing how much I accomplished,” he reflected.

The 17 year-old plans on attending SUNY Maritime in the Fall to major in Marine Engineering.

For more information about scouting, visit www.scouting.org. Alternatively within our area contact Mike Bianco or stop by the Resurrection Church basement any Tuesday night at 7:30pm

28 comments to Eagle Scout Project Improves PS 277

  • anon

    Loved hearing a great story about a young person in our neighborhood doing something for his community! Such a positive message to all!

    • Anonymous

      Im confused, whats the message ? Hire professionals in the trade to help you or get them to volunteer

  • Anonymous

    With all due respect to everyone involved and to the rank of Eagle Scout, the product is something the scout does and completes by himself. This appears not to be the case, pictures speak a thousand words

    • Eagle troop SI

      You are incorrect. The project is about leadership, you are supposed to manage the project, while helping. It is to prove you can have a goal and follow through to completion and have multiple parties involved.

      People think the project is about what you do, NO, it is about what you can get done.

      Via MeritBadge.org
      “While a Life Scout, plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school, or your community”

  • Anonymous

    A big thank you to Shane and the rest of your team for what you did for PS277 and the community. Congratulations on becoming an Eagle Scout and best of luck at SUNY in the fall. With the leadership skills you’ve demonstrated, success will certainly follow!!

  • anonymous

    Think I can have them mow my lawn?

  • Paul

    I am realy disapointed that someone can speak negatively about a scout who has done exactly what was required, to merit the rank of Eagle Scout.
    “Requirements include earning a number of merit badges and demonstrating scout spirit, service, and leadership. This includes an extensive service project that the scout plans, organizes, leads, and manages.”
    If you don’t know how it works than keep your mouth shut.
    This young man is an asset to our commuity and will do very well later in life from what he has learned and accomplished in scouting.

    • Tenderfoot

      I learn something new everyday, never knew an Eagle Scout canidate was permitted to use professionals in the trade to complete their projests. Silly me, when I was in scouting YOU actually had to do the projects, including the planning, organizing, keading, managing and physically doing. Where did all the sand, bricks and rocks come from?? Boy, how times have changed.

  • Annon

    Very nice job. Thanks to all involved.

  • Mike24611

    It never fails to amaze me that there are such a group of people who just live to spew negativity no matter what the subject. Whether or not he did it alone or had help, he took the initiative and made something better.Unlike the idiots who just walk down the avenue drinking and just drop the empty bottle on the sidewalk, or the dopes who just let their dogs crap anywhere and never pick it up

  • sorry for you all

    Congratulations ; Shane, you should take great pride in your accomplishment of bettering the community. And in earning the title of Eagle Scout. This story brings a much needed positive view of GB. and demonstrates the commitment of many adults who care…To all of you negative posters out there, the lessons of life are hard enough Lets see more positive stories on GB.Net

  • Beachwalker

    It looks beautiful! Congratulations to Shane and to all the help he coordinated to complete this lovely, lasting project. I am appalled that ANYONE could actually find anything negative to say about it. Thanks to Kerry for his professional help and to all the people who are involved with positive activities for the kids and young adults. Good Luck in all you do in the future, Shane.

    • Tenderfoot

      You said it all, “Thanks to Kerry for his professional help.”

      • anonymous

        All you probably learned in the scouts, was to zip your pants after useing the bathroom…You are awful critical of someone who achieved something you could only fantasize about

  • Anonymous

    The Boy Scout program to an outside person appears to be all about camping, tying square knots, and getting merit badges, but in actuality the scouting program is designed to be an intensive leadership program. The scoutmasters should have a laissez-faire approach, and should only be present for supervision, transportation, and other obvious reasons, but should NOT interfere much with the program.
    Eagle Scout Project is meant to show the scout’s ability to design, acquire funds, lead, and manage a project from start to finish. The scout CAN NOT HIRE professionals to perform the project, but MAY USE A VOLUNTEER that has a professional skill level or license TO GUIDE the scout in the particular field of his/her profession.
    The reason Eagle Scout is such a great accomplish, and such a prestigious one indeed because it shows the individual Successfully completed, hands down, the most intensive youth leadership program available. In return the Eagle Scout is extremely capable of being a great leader, and would be a great asset to any company as an employee.

    Congratulations to Shane Blundell… Job well done!!! Hopefully more youth will follow in your footsteps.

  • pat

    Having an Eagle Scout son myself I can only say Congratulations to Shane. You did something wonderful! Thank you to the many volunteers who helped you. It’s all about leadership and if you were smart enough to get a pro to help then that’s just showing you know how to really manage a project to get it done right. Good Job!

    • Anonymous

      Think I can have them mow my lawn? Now that would have been a community project, getting professionals organized and go and mow a few a seniors lawns or doing some repairs for them

  • Anonymous

    congratulations shane!!! we are so proud of your eagle scout accomplishment and of what a great young man you have become.the world will be a better place because of young people like yourself. love, aunt beth

  • Render

    So nice to see some good coming from the youth for a change. Hope the vandals will stay away, though.

  • Anonymous

    You people are pathetic, criticizing a young MAN for doing something good for YOUR community. Its as if you people have nothing else to do then to cause problems behind a computer screen. For all we know your the parents of the kids that cause half the problems for the neighborhood. Those rocks and sand came from money raised. Shane being the kind hearted young man that he is didn’t want to ask the knights of columbus for a donation after they were robbed so he raised the money for himself and his troop. Congratulations Shane, pay no mind to the ignorant people that are just jealous of your success. You did a job well done!

  • Dee

    Congratulations to Shane Blundell!….
    I have a question I hope someone can answer; does anyone know the name of Shane’s paternal grandparents?…I’m asking, because the name Blundell is very familiar to me….I thank in advance to whom ever answers my question.
    Dee Keenan née (Aitken)

  • George Broadhead

    Congratulations, Shane… You are an outstanding young man; already on your way to becoming a success in whatever you do.

  • Tomcat

    In answer to Dee Keenan request, Shane’s Paternal grandparents were John and Rose Blundell. His Maternal Grandparents are John and Vicky Reynolds. Having very strong roots to GB and communiting involvement.

  • Steve Cummins

    Congratulations Shane, ….well deservered !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • M Mc

    Great job Shane!

  • Dee

    Tomcat, thank you so much for your response…I think the name, Blundel, possible may go back to the 1940’s.
    I also think I remember my Grandmother,Mary Ray, having a friend by that name….Thanks again Tomcat~Dee

  • mike

    Congrats Shane