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Vollies Painted New Fire Zone


50% Complete Fire Zone

Over the weekend the Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department painted a new Fire Zone on Seba Avenue. The vollies are on a roll: they painted the firehouse, put a new roof on the hall, and put a new ceiling inside the hall.

Via GBFD.net


FF Castro staying within the lines.

15 comments to Vollies Painted New Fire Zone

  • Anonymous

    What exactly does that mean ???

  • Anonymous

    I believe it means that you shouldn’t park in that area because the trucks have to have room to come out in case of emergency.

    • Anonymous

      Okay, makes some sense, but why is it painted in the middle of the street why not by the curb or why not have legal signs posted from DOT

      • Anonymous

        You think people are going to pay attention to parking signs in gb? I would say the reminder is a must.

        It is by the curb, there are no standing signs. That zone sign has been there as long as i can remember. Go vollies!

  • gene

    i’m sorry to sound like a dick, but thats illegal.

  • RollOver

    And I thought they had no money or were running low on funds, foolish me

  • anonymous

    Where’s the bike lane going?

  • Anonymous

    Plenty of time doing repairs… Yet no time to respond to my emergency when I called.

    • Former GB, Former Vol

      They were at the firehouse painting, therefore they were at the ready if a call came in.

  • Anonymous

    It is for the safety of the neighborhood. Let’s stop with the stupid comments.

  • Mayor Bloomturd

    I command you people to remove that paint immediately! I didn’t give you permission!!
    As Mayor of this city I will close you down like I am planning on closing TWENTY other fire companies in NYC! To hell with public safety! Volunteers or not, I am a 5’4″ tyrant who is oblivious to the common sense of you little people! Now I must get on my private plane and go to Bermuda, so excuse me, I have to go now.