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Lots of Trailers at BK 15


The Knapp Street sanitation garage, aka BK 15, recently received 3.1 Million for landscaping and trailer renovations. Construction has since been completed, and now there are six huge trailers on the property.

BK 15

17 comments to Lots of Trailers at BK 15

  • Anonymous

    This was supposed to be a temp fix until a building could be built elsewhere.

    It looks like somebody measured wrong, there’s too much trailer.

  • Trainman

    So, how many teachers’ JOBS can we save with
    3.1 million???
    What a way to run a railroad!

    • anonymous

      So the only thing that the city’s money should be used for is for teachers? What a way to run a city.

      • Trainman

        “So the only thing that the city’s money should be used for is for teachers? What a way to run a city.

        I don’t know exactly what you mean by that question. If you’re referring to the question at hand meaning six trailers the city purchased at a half mil a pop, then I do think that money should be used for teachers, especially when the city is in such dire straits as Mayor Bloomy declares.

        Here’s your question anonymous:
        Do you think that laying off teachers and jeopardizing our children’s education is less important than having six new trailers at the sh*t factory?

        • Anonymous

          Everybody knows there are no rip offs in the NYC school system.

        • Anonymous

          He is my Question why do they park those nasty trucks so close to the water.Not only do they leak out garbage juice they leak oil, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, battery acid just to name a few.And what a view from the otherside of the canal.

          • Shea Holmes

            I lived just across the way just off Devon & Hazel.Tell ya what, with a west breeze on a 80 to 90 degree day the smell was unreal. We tried to go down to the Boat, sit down and Have a cold one or cocktail in the evening the smell was enough to wake the dead.I really liked the Area but one thing I don’t miss is that smell.

  • Dee

    My question was referring to the sentence;…
    “Everybody knows there are no rip offs in the NYC school system.”

  • Anonymous

    what a city and a community where they spend 3.1 million where u think the other 2 went our neighborhood is always has something to talk about what about the sanitation scumbags of that depot to go and use non unions workers to build, the mta use union workers new school built union dep across the street union new police station union fedreal, city or state construction always union i wonder whose pocket got lined

    • Beachwalker

      How do you know that the workers at that depot were non-union? IF they were, that needs to be investigated because all construction paid for by the city are supposed to be union. If you suspect that workers are not union, just ask them. Proud union members will always show their cards when asked. No cards? If they are carpenters, call the Carpenters union. Plumbers? Call the Plumbers union. They will be happy to send someone down to check it out. With the City hiring outside contractors to do alot of the work in city buildings, schools, often the contractor is a union member and part of the agreement is to pay union scale and hire union members, the money to do so is built into the contract. But if they can get away with it the contractor will hire non union and pay whatever they will accept and pocket the difference, especially if the work is done at night. If I suspect there are non union people working in my school, I say, “I’ll be back in 5 minutes and I want to see everyones union cards”. It’s easier that way because when I come back half of them are already gone. And the contractor is shaking in his boots.

      • Richard Trumpka's Hiney

        You kinda sound like the Nazi’s must have in 1943 Paris. “Vear are you paperz??, Show me ze union cards NOW or you vill be shot!!” But then again, unions are modeled after socialist states anyway, so why not? The shoe fits. Intimidation, threats, law breaking, corruption. Oh and lets not forget the way MUNICIPAL unions (and their democrat whore representatives)are bankrupting cities across the country. “Vote for us, wink wink, and we’ll see to it that you get an unfair raise and ridiculous pension on the backs of the remaining taxpayers!!!” With only 12% of the entire country belonging to a union, enough already about unions getting their “fair share”, while the remaining 88% of the countries workforce work just as hard and sweat the same sweat that they do. All without crying their eyes out and complaining about “poor poor me”. Enough already.


    • anonymous

      Do you proofread at all?

  • Paul

    What are the trailers for? Is it too uncomfortable to sleep in their trucks!

  • Annonymous

    I agree they have made a temporary situation more permanent but only temporary…see that area was only supposed to be temporary because it was to close to a waterway. So now the city is spending another 3.1 million for a temporary situation? If the city is broke and you want to raise everything except salaries and tax private business more causing them to lay off thousands then where does this make any sense? Lets expand a little the city would rather spend millions on lawsuits than just simply fix the problem