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“Big Robs Hero’s” Closed – New Pizza Place?


“Big Robs Hero’s” (2662 Gerritsen Ave) which opened seven months ago has closed. Rumor it is set to switch owners and turn into to a pizza place.

47 comments to “Big Robs Hero’s” Closed – New Pizza Place?

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunate for Big Rob. I wonder what a new pizza place will do to Victoria’s business. Hopefully whatever does open there will be spelled properly (or punctuated) this time.

  • bagels

    I think someone should open something like a taco/burrito/fajita place. Kids love that stuff and it’s a change from a pizza/burger joint.

  • kerrin o'neill

    pizza is not what this part of brooklyn is short of…

  • Anonymous

    we need a nice grocery store that’s open from 5am to 11pm

    • anon

      Yes, a grocery/deli would be nice. New Dutch needs some competition, then maybe they might clean it up a little. The milk case smells from split milk that they don’t clean up. I have been in there just to buy the newspapers ( I would buy any type of food item there) and people put their dogs on the counter!!! I have a dog who is 13 years old and has never been in a food store. New Dutch needs to clean that place up and comply with Health Dept. regulations, No Dogs Allowed.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’ll be a Wal-Mart.

  • Oscar Madisox

    Any Pizza place that opens there will be out of business before the seven months it took Big Robs to close. Victoria’s isn’t the greatest overall pizza place in Brooklyn, but it does have the best squares in Brooklyn and beyond. Does anyone reading this think its a smart move to open another pizza place a block away from a GB institution that has been thriving for almost 60 years?? And also less than a 1/2 mile away from the very successful Knapp Street Pizza? Would anybody reading this actually invest their own money in such an endeavour? Good luck if you would, you are sure gonna need it.

    • Beachwalker

      This is just a guess, but I’m pretty sure Benny had something to do with Rob’s. Maybe Victoria is moving into that space and it’s not a new pizzaria. This way it would be bigger and a walk in instead of a stepdown into it. Okay, who remembers Victoria Pizza’a original location between Devon and Channel? lol, if you do your OLD!! That was a small place. I remember my father holding me up to watch Mike make pizza.

    • Anonymous

      The only problem is that it takes an hour and a half to get a pie.

  • Anonymous

    Victoria’s Pizza is absolutely disgusting.

  • Annonymous

    I cannot believe he is closed already, it takes any business atleast 1 year just to break even. It is a sad day because we really need to go back to basics. No more industries on the avenue we need local stores

  • Beach resident

    I have a friend that lives in Marine Park. He has a pizza place about a block from his home. He prefers Victoria’s. They make great hot heroes. Their pasta dishes are also very good. I love their pizza.

  • beach rat

    Victoria’s pizza stinks I agree,with that other comment so greasy full of oil.

  • sorry for you all

    Opening a business on the Ave. is a tough one..If you depend on mostly walk-in trade you lose.Not enough people walk anywhere,most drive..Retail trade mostly goes to malls with more stores and selection..You need something that will draw outside people to your store, and not just depend on local trade for your money..The population of G.B. is just not large enough for most service type business to profit.

  • GB Mom

    a 99 cents store with a variety of little stuff you always run out of would be great!

  • mkvol

    I would open a beer and soda distributor. You would never lose in G B with that business

  • Al Coholic

    It would be a great location for a bar. We need more bars in the area. You could stop and have a few dozen drinks after getting off the B31.

  • terry

    I think a florist would be nice. There is none in the area. and the funeral home could be a source of business

  • gene

    y open a business in a low income area? especially with all the crime now. who wants their business threatened by these punks on halloween or the local junkies now mugging people.

  • Beach Rat

    A new pizza store would do wonders…Victorias changed…their Pizza is not as good any more and the workers have a crappy attitude.

  • Annon

    There was a beautiful Florists but the assholes in the neighborhood wanted to drive further to get the best bargain!!!! They do it with all the stores that is why they don’t make it. Did you ever hear you don’t shit where you eat? How about patronizing your local stores and they might stay open? People in this neighborhood are just too freaking stupid. Let’s call a spade a spade.
    New Dutch- Please clean up the store. Filthy Filthy
    Victoria’s- Please clean up your store. Mice coming in in the middle of the day? They are obviously comfortable there. And also, the asshole leader behind the counter (not benny) should be fired.
    Derek’s Deli- Please clean up your act.

  • anonymous1

    How about a 24 hr store..where you could pick up milk, newspapers,lotto, snacks, cigarettes, maybe even coffee . The only place to get anything after 10 pm is knapp street, a long walk at night. ( remember we don’t rate bus service after a certain hour)and gas is getting to expensive to take little trips.

    • gene

      great idea. for the local punks and junkies to stick up late at night.

      • Annonymous

        I agree! after most of GB is tucked in bed for the night, a 24hr store usually attracks undesirable’s from outside the neighborhood.

  • Annonymous

    Ferrara Bros was a great deli but the new owners killed it

  • Irish Kevin

    The reality is that now is not the time to invest in any type of business.Uncertain Economy,High Gas prices,Rising Unemployment and of course Lower Wages.

  • Anonymous

    I think a Jewish Deli would be nice with some real corn beef and pastrimi

  • Anonymous

    Big Robs was kinda creepy and the food was not that great looking. Went in twice and all there where, where teens hanging out in the suspisious back room a soda cooler, a potatoe chip rack and a small stand for roastbeef. Im kinda glad it closed. A small dinner would be a perfect replacement with all homemade food. mmmm sounds good

  • Anonymous

    Spell check is free! If you want a small “dinner”, ask your mom. A small “diner” would fail at this location. Mrs. McGary is rolling over in her grave.

  • Annonymous

    Too bad we couldn’t open an IHOP there! I’m getting tired of flying to Florida just to get a discount on the senior menu.

  • Bill B.

    A Five Guys burger and fries would be nice. All their burgers are cooked on charcol grills and only charcoal is used for the grills. I know it’s not the healthiest choice to make, but a taco/burrito/fajita place just sounds like another fast food joint. But if you’re in the mood for a great burger, they were rated in the top 5 places in the entire country to get a great burger. I have eaten at the one in Bay Ridge and it was awsome!

    • Anonymous

      There is not enough, “foot traffic” to support any chain restaurant. That is why many businesses on the Avenue fail.

      • Bill B.

        Understandable. But they do deliver and other than being the only pizza place on the avenue, that’s why Victoria’s has been successful. But I get the feeling that unless you’re an old time proven business on the avenue, any new business is not going to make it these day’s. There doesn’t seem to be an easy solution here. There’s alot of empty properties on the avenue. On the one hand, opening up the right combo of stores would bring in more “foot traffic” and the busineses might thrive. On the other hand, GB like’s thier solitude and sren’t ready for “foot traffic” like you see on avenue U, or 5th avenue in Bay Ridge. We can’t have our cake and eat it too! Please don’t get me wrong, I love the beach. But if we are to thrive, we must rethink the avenue and take a close look at what we need to be a community.

        • Mayor Bloomturd

          “Rethink the Avenue”? What does that mean? “A close look at what we need to be a community”?? Huh? GB doesn’t need anything else to be a community, we already are and have been for over 80 years. Not sure if you ever noticed, but there is parkland running the entire length of one side of Gerritsen Ave., which is devoid of any buildings, businesses or residences. So it’s kinda unrealistic to compare Gerritsen Ave. with Ave. U or 5th Ave., and all the ” foot traffic” that comes with those much busier streets. And I wouldn’t say there are “a lot” of empty storefronts on the Ave. Just 10 or so years ago there were many more empty storefronts on Gerritsen Ave. What are there, 3 or 4 empty storefronts? If that much? Subtract the property owned by the Bombo’s and what does that leave you with, just Big Robs??

  • Dawn

    You do not want a walmart or a 99cents store just think what those stores would bring into this neighborhood its bad enough with the burgleries… I am surprised any store does well on the avenue.. except for the bagel store.. they have awesome bagels

  • jnower

    Noticed a new business on the Avenue Hospital supply??? Isn’t there a radiology place on Gerritsen also. Has anyone ever been in there I never see anyone go in or out.