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Senior attacked

A 23-year-old thug Bevy court resident was arrested on April 15 after he dragged an 87-year-old woman to the ground during a purse snatching on Aster Court in Gerritsen Beach.

The elderly woman was mugged on Aster and Everett avenues at 3:11 pm when the thief jumped her. He ran off with her property, only to find a greater challenge — neighbors — who sat on him until PD arrived.

34 comments to Senior attacked

  • NSReilly

    I hope the victim is ok and not badly hurt.

    Yipee for the neighbors!! Well done!! I hope you all get a citizen’s award or at least some recognition for your heroism.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve known the lady that got mugged almost my whole life she is a sweet old lady and usually had her dog with her who would of attacked him but unfortunatly wasn’t walking with her dog this time, and the piece of shit’s name is Tom Wagner

  • Irish Kevin

    I bet it was one of the White Trash renters on Bevy ct.Never the less Good job by the Neighbors.

    • yes

      what does renting have to do with it?? plenty of trashy homeowners around. we who rent in GB love it as much as you do and our money helps finance this community as well.
      that being said who was the perp??
      would love to know if it was a resident or kid of a resident.

  • Irish Kevin

    OK, Now how about the 23 year old Cowards name. Some of us would like to know who and whats lurking in our Neighborhood.

  • rock

    GOOD!!!!!!! This makes me SO f’in happy. I too hope the woman is okay. What a LOW life attacking an elderly WOMAN. LOW LIFE SCUM! This makes my whole weekend.

  • Anonymous

    I hope whoever the good neighbors were that helped apprehend this lowlife, took some liberties and punched him around alittle before the cops came. In any case, I commend them for grabbing this punk. They should run him out of Dodge, or break his legs to prevent him from perpetrating another crime.
    I hope the old woman wasn’t seriously hurt.

  • Resident

    Hope 87 yr women is feeling ok after her terrible
    Attack. Must have been very upsetting to her.
    Sounds like we well need a vollenteer neighborhood watch pretty soon.

  • UnknownN

    Does anyone care to post his name?

    • Flora Dora

      I’d like to know where he lives so I can avoid that area. I’ll make sure to walk my Rottie more often!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Who was it? He’s not so young his name can’t be posted! If it can happen there it can happen anywhere at the beach.

    What’s up with the half done stories lately with no follow-up? I know your voluntering your time but please don’t just drop a story when it has to do with everyone’s safety. That elderly woman could have been killed – that could have been anyone’s mother or grandma.

    WHO WAS IT??

  • Truth be Told

    I am starting to believe that this website is self serving, and that only writes stories that are controversial to get itself attention. And also have some kind of vendetta against GBCares, because the only stories that are written with any heart or effort seem to be the ones tha slam GBCares, or the other controversial ones that gets itself attention from other news sources. If this site put half the effort into REAL stories that occur in GB, such as the attack of an elderly GB resident, it wouldn’t be that bad. But it’s agenda seems clearer and clearer, especially with all the half assed stories that deserve to be reported in a thorough, professional manner.

    • Anonymous

      Start your own website then and put your own time into it.

    • If The Shoe Fits....

      What does this have to do with GB Cares? In what way is reporting an attack on a neighbor, and the response by Good Samaritans, in any way diminishing of GB Cares? Didn’t we see GB Cares Newsletter on this site last month?

      I agree with Anonymous 2:01. Get your own website, promote your message and stop hijacking other’s threads. Really bizarre comment.

    • Truth Be Told

      Truth be told, GBCares seems to suck! Their site has nothing on it, and these attacks on GB.net just creates further divisions within the community. At least here, you get the good and bad. Crime exists, deal with it. At least you’re also learning people aren’t standing around, snapping photos of an elderly woman being robbed, but instead trying to help her out.

  • Anonymous

    truth, you cannot report these stories in detail. Think of a blotter. If you were following the other stories with us you would only realize we pressured this story out of him.

    What does this have to do with cares? You must be part of them because you are wearing this one close to the vest.

  • Anonymous

    I also seem to remember a Xanax dealer and outstanding family attack gb.net

    How much detail do you want? Let the court sort it out.

  • Anonymous

    All this cares bullshit is pissing me off. How come you fuckers can’t move on. No one cares about your petty bull. The rest of us moved on. You should. You got caught with some stupid shit and now all you do is talk and mail out shit to pass the blame. Enough.

  • james

    what a coward. i dont care how bad your drug addiction is, an 87 year old lady?

  • Robert Paulson

    I think it’s about time to start a neighborhood watch and do something about the drug dealing/using scumbags that roam our streets. Why do we sit here and let our neighborhood be ransacked with drug addicted low life’s? I’m a gun owner and let me tell you that if I ever, EVER, see any of these thugs try anything like that to me, my family or property, I will use deadly force. I’m not the only gun owner in GB and I hope the others feel the same. This thug should be hanged!

  • anon

    it’s not bobby either, its edward

  • Anonymous

    And THAT is why it is so wrong for commenters to post people’s names here. Two young guys have been slandered here and who knows if that is right.

  • Annon

    Eddie Wagner’s mom is a real nice lady. Too bad the son turned out this way.

  • Irish Kevin

    The cats out of the bag. It is always good to know who to be aware of.

  • ANON


  • Annon

    Same hellhole on Keen Court too!

  • Taylor Ann

    Not kool!! :( Poor old ladyy!!

  • Bill B.

    Wish he would have attacked me! They would be calling the morgue instead of PD!

  • Anonymous

    Whatever happened to this POS who attacked the old lady