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Yellow Light Installation Started – Not Where You Think


Installation has started of the flashing yellow traffic signal that was promised on Gerritsen Avenue. Yesterday, the Department of Transportation, ran the conduit for the power for the poles approximatively 150 feet away from actual intersection of Gerritsen and Channel Avenues.

This effectively kills any chance for a full (red, yellow, green) traffic signal at the actual intersection.

Last year, for the upteenth time, the property owners requested a new traffic study for Channel and Gerritsen to try and get a full traffic signal. At the time, it possibly could have been funded though Anthony Wieners “Green Streets” money. However, when the traffic study came back we did not qualify for the full traffic signal. The in and out (North/South) traffic was good enough but from Channel to Gerritsen (East/West) was not.

The association then proposed a flashing yellow signal, the thought being, that although it might help, it was more important to get the DOT to install everything: the power, poles, etc because then it would be a very easy switch for a full traffic signal.

Then without a community input or any type of presentation, the DOT started work 150 feet away from the actual intersection completely backfiring on the original plan. Now it seems like any hope for any type of full traffic signal at Channel has died.


18 comments to Yellow Light Installation Started – Not Where You Think

  • The Voice of Reason

    Again the GBPOA has dropped the ball. Instead of arranging for DOT to present the idea to the community, they were busying fighting with each other, gb cares, and gb.net. Now we have a painted island, a “comfort station”, a park that only brings trouble, and now a light no one wants. The city is eating us alive. The community groups and the leaders we have are ineffective something needs to change. A multi-generational fight for a traffic light has come to a unceremonious end.

    • Anonymous

      Step up,

      There is nothing greater than someone complaining about the leadership without offering to change the course of those being lead wrong. If you can do it better, then do it better. On a related note, the city is less interested in doing what the community wants and more interested in using the land in the neighborhood as a reason to draw those from other areas to the neighborhood.

  • kerrin o'neill

    i never agreed with a traffic light anyway…sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the oil if needed or not

  • Anonymous

    Some dipsh*t in the DOT must be playing power games with somebody else in power in the area and putting the light anywhere but where it should be.

  • we’ll get the proper light when someone dies…

  • anon

    Again, the light is not the problem, it’s the drivers in the Beach. No one stops at the Stop signs coming out of the courts or going onto Gerritsen Ave. Cyrus Ave is very dangerous. I love it when drivers hold up traffic on Cyrus Ave. so they talk to each other in their cars. It seems that traffic laws do not apply in Gerritsen Beach. I would like to know something, if drivers don’t stop for our only traffic light what makes you think they would stop at the flashing yellow light because someone wants to cross the street?

    • Anonymous

      Hey Anon you Banana head let me explain how this works.The flashing yellow light will not be for a crosswalk.It will be the start of the school zone.Dont get mad when you see another one going up on the other end of the street across from the park.It will have a speed limit sign under it.In most states the limit is enforced from the time school startes till it ends.Not the case here.OH yeah in most other states the cops give a poop too.Good luck and dont be late for school!!!

  • Anonymous

    While I understand that parents want an additional traffic light near the school for added safety, the fact remains that there is already a traffic light at the main entrance of the school. I for one cannot understand why no one is demanding a traffic light down near the Library or the ballfield/skate park. It’s absolutely ridiculous that a light has not been placed there already. I am so tired of hearing about federal traffic standards being applied to the situation when other avenues in the neighborhood have had numerous traffic lights installed @ every 200 feet between cross streets. Does it have to take a tragedy for commom sense to prevail!

  • Tom McAuliffe

    What we need to do is elect a Political “Liason’ who will speek for all people in Beach. This person will have to be able to get voters in area to VOTE for a single candidate. Once we do this we will be able to get anything we need. Just look at all the lights on AVE. T. This was done by that community Voting as a Block. Politicians need votes to stay in office, We must all register to vote and then show up at polls.If we do this we won’t need to go to DOT for a Study. The politicians will “MAKE DEALS” for votes!!

    • Concerned Christian

      You make great points Tom, but I see all the lights on Ave. T as something entirely different. Call me a bigot, call me ignorant, but the Jewish Community in the city of NY has the power and influence to get stuff done for their own. Look at the new Megan David Yeshiva building on McDonald Ave. After it was built, a full blown traffic light was installed IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BLOCK in between the traffic lights that already existed on Ave. S and Ave T, just so their students can walk safely across the street to McDonald Playground. Gerritsen Ave. will remain the death trap it has historically been until the population of the Beach turns predominantly Jewish, and we have a few Yeshiva’s pop up along the Avenue. So in other words, becareful with your children while crossing the street, look both ways before you cross, and pray to God no one else dies due to the negligence of this city concerning it’s residents living here in the predominantly Christian neighborhood we call Gerritsen Beach.

  • Chris

    Again I will say it, leave things alone! The city will never do the right thing by us even if it makes the most sense. We have to finally realize the city is not a reasonable force…hence we its a mistake to ask for anything because they will just fuck it up and just make things worse.

    So think of this every time you bitch and whine that you want a traffic light, that you want more enforcement on the ave, bla bla bla. Wait for some real problems and its absolutely dire before you even think of getting of the city involved. Now we have a light we don’t need and no one wanted. Leave things the way they are! No where is perfect! Every solution just brings more problems…I’m sure that new skate park will bring enough new issues to deal with without worying about stupid traffic lights.

    DOT fuck us over? No way what a shocker!! We are prob better off with no one speaking at all, leave it be!

  • Thomas

    I don’t see why the neighborhood was so happy about a flashing yellow light anyhow. A yellow flashing light does not require a driver to stop or slow down. All it does is bring attention to the driver to use caution, but does not require anyone to proceed at reduced speed.

    • Anonymous

      ooo Thomas your so wrong If there is a number under it like lets say 15 or 20 that would be your required speed limit by law anyway.Fines for this in most states is 500.00 people learn to slow down real fast.

  • My View

    It is very sad but true, had it been for the deaths of a young boy by the name of Peter Ingolio, who was killed by a car in front of 277. And poor old Charlie the Midget who was killed by a car at avenue W. We would probably not have traffic any lights at either Bijou Ave or Avenue W respectively. The question has never been whether we need more traffic control along the one mile drag strip between the point, and 277. But, sadly the approach to getting what we need has always been the wrong one. Here’s the deal. Short of a tragedy, to go from zero traffic control at an intersection to suddenly puting in a traffic light is a monumental jump. But the fact is, it appears that if you begin with asking for a stop sign instead of a light right off the bat. It is much easier to then upgrade from a stop sign to a light a year or so later. The evidence is what we have seen over the last 20 years or so along Ave T, Ave S, Ave R etc. There are many more lights, and every one of those was a stop sign before it became a light. Think about it!!

  • Anonymous

    It looks like its right in the bus stop i think its just a waste of money and they shouldn’t even bother it will do nothing where they are putting it they will now only drive faster past the intersection now to make the light. The problem is the drivers as everyone keeps saying so heres an idea SLOW DOWN its common sense to drive slow when you see kids crossing the street to get to schoolthe Main Entrance is NOT used in the morning it is the back doors on Channel and the center doors so for all the people saying to use the Main Entrance guess what everyone is. THe drivers can blame the parents thats fine but when one of you hit a kid or possibly your neighbor whos fault will it be, who is the one who will have to live with it you will and if you don’t kill them they will live with any injury you the driver caused them so really its senseless to agure this I have never seen such stupid responses it only takes 10 seconds of your day to stop for these kids and the city is run robots not one of them have thier own voice they just do what they are told when you can clearly see that a light is needed.

  • Tom McAuliffe

    Let’s all go to Senator Golden’s website,Facebook site and BOMBARD HIM with complaints.Sometime the Squeky wheel gets the most oil!! If that doesn’t work let’s get the NEWS involved!!!

  • Thomas

    I don’t know why everyone praises Marty Golden… He hasn’t done much for this neighborhood.

  • M. G.

    I know this is not the correct area to be posting this but there are no recent threads for this subject. In August the City of New York is selling the tax liens on the Lacon Court properties owned by SSJ Development. I say we have a fundraiser, buy the liens and foreclose on Jemal’s ass. Forgive me for not using my whole name, I don’t want his son to send me a computer virus or something. hahaha