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Burglary at Wyld Chyld Tattoo


Thieves chiseled the lock and made out with about $1,000.

Hopefully we get video.

34 comments to Burglary at Wyld Chyld Tattoo

  • Anonymous

    I wish they gave better tattoos…..I am very unhappy with mine and will have to get another one over it. Its a shame though that people would steal from their own neighborhood.

  • gene

    i seen big al the barber pacing outside that place very early this morning when i was going to work.

  • Slim

    Big al goes to the deli there just about everyday… And had a doctors appointment this morning… I doubt an old man with heart problems decided to stop off and rob a tattoo shop before his doctor appointment…

  • Anonymous

    I was walking home at 1:30 am and the cops were already looking surveillance cameras.

  • anon

    The entire place looks sketchy, not just the details on the crime.

  • Wyld chyld

    Wyld Chyld tattoo would like to thank our neighbors and the New York City Police for their quick response and involvement in The investigation,and report of the robbery of our store . We would also like to commend the Police and the men and women of our community for their help in the recent arrest of the mugger .We appreciate the fact that even in these trying times people are still willing to get involved and fight for the right of all of us in Gerritsen Beach to live a safe, and crime free life .Even though we appreciate the jokes about Big Al, and Bad Tattoos we think that this is a very serious problem that has to be addressed immediately.It is no secret that unfortunately our case is not an isolated Incident. So Wyld Chyld Tattoo would like to offer a $500 REWARD for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person,or persons responsible for the recent robbery of the Knights of Columbus ,and a $500 REWARD for information leading to the arrest,and conviction of the persons responsible for the robbery of Wyld Chyld Tattoo .Let’s keep Gerritsen Beach the safe and beautiful neighborhood it has always been.GET INVOLVED let’s show these people that it’s not going to be tolerated anymore ,next time it could be any one of us.

  • Slim

    I’m just looking out for a good guy as well … I don’t want any rumors starting and tarnishing anyones reputation … Especially before any details are actually released.. Sorry if it seemed like I was attacking you Gene

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing they stole some of your tatooing equipment. Maybe you can get police to laser number your equipment.

  • Anonymous

    Someone was also held up by gun point Saturday not because he was walking home from the train station – no B31. That is on top of the lady who I read was mugged on Bevy Ct. Don’t think the 61st can keep the ComStats down now.

    • Anonymous

      Mugged on Bevy Ct? Any details on that? Day/ night? Anyone hurt?

      • GerritsenBeach.net

        Day time attack last week Aster and Everett of a senior, attacker lives nearby, neighbors sat on attacker until PD arrived.

        • avail

          I didn’t see that story…did you post anything?

          I would also like to commend Wyld Chyld for stepping up and offering the reward, hopefully this will help catch the perps and makes others think twice about buglarizing in the area, especially if there are prices put on their heads.

  • Irish Kevin

    So this is Big Neighborhood News ? As far as the Muggings and attacks on Seniors go,We need a Neighborhood watch with Bats and a few Dobermans would not hurt either.

  • passerby

    The robbery was of an 87 year old resident of GB. She was robbed by a 22 year old resident of GB. The POS dragged her to the ground and grabbed her purse. Thankfully, two fine upstanding residents grabbed this POS and held him until PD arrived. He was arrested due to these hero’s actions.

    • Irish Kevin

      The Punk should have fell down a few times Face first on the sidewalk before the Police arrived.

    • GB Rezzie

      A GB resident did the mugging? Do we have the name of the perp? I like to know who my neighbors are.

    • Anonymous

      ughhh disgustinngggggggg i know the lady who got mugged her name is ella and she is so sweet, and the dirtbaggg pos that did it is TOM WAGNER let everyone know how disgusting of a person he is

  • Mugged?

    So now I have to watch my back walking 4 blocks from the b31 to my door after working my ass off all day? Great. More crime and more BS.

  • Beachwalker

    Wow. Glad they caught him at least. Good neighbors! I hope they sat on his head until PD arrived. My heart goes out to the victim, what a horrible experience to go through.

  • McNally

    Are you guys serious Big Al would never do that he has his own bstore hes trying to keep from getting robbed he has heart problems i dont think he would or even could do that

  • anonymous

    great they caught him amazing

  • Oscar Madison

    GB.net, care to respond to the question of why there was no story on the mugging of an elderly GB resident by a young GB resident? A story in which two people stepped up and acted as Heros?? Thats a juicy GB news story this website should have reported on. Who are these heros? They need to be honored and rewarded. Who is the “alleged” perpetrator? He needs to be vilified for the lowlife he obviously is. And finally, how is the victim? Was she injured? Maybe we can show her the kindness and charity this neighborhood is capable of, as evidenced by the way everyone stepped up for the K of C. Better late than never, get on it GB.net!!

  • travel2692

    too many robberies going on here…both at night and in daylight….we NEED that neighborhood watch..I for one would happily join….our “own” are robbing and vandalizing our “own” and it needs to be stopped. and Kudos to the fine citizens who got involved and grabbed this dirtbag who would jump an 87 year old woman! sad commentary on our world and our youth….

    • Irish Kevin

      Our own vs our own ,hate to say it you are right. In other neighborhoods like Crown Heights,Bed Sty, etc own on own is Normal. Now I guess our Neighborhood is not much better.

  • Mel

    We need more people involved in what goes on in our community. These are our friends and family as well as our property we have to protect. These scum are looking into making a fast buck or two. These guys would not have balls to do this if we had a bigger presence from the 61. Gerritsen Beach is always there for all these politicians…where are they for us? Marty Golden or Markowitz..

  • jnower

    I’d volunteer for a neighborhood watch, but how do we start it… Anyone actually know ?