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Parks Blocks GB Little League Path


Despite promises from Councilman Fidler, the Parks department was indeed allowed to encroach on the Gerritsen Beach Little League, blocking their walkway.

Parks recently “completed” the walkway, gate,  guardrail mess (above) blocking normal pedestrian, stroller, dog walking, traffic while giving ATV’s easy access.

It appears that it’s a parks department gate and not necessarily a  community access gate. If that is true then we are going to need a parks department employee to unlock this gate whenever necessary.

None of this makes any sense, the area is now 100% closed all the time instead of 100% open all the time. There used to be a small opening all the time through the guardrail (maybe 3 feet) then a huge concrete block to block any ATV’s from driving in. Now it’s closed 100% of the time. But now we have a 10+ foot gate that will be open when parks feels like it.

No where in previous meetings was a new path discussed, suggested, nor was anything presented to the community.


Original Plans Showed no Path - Encroaching the Little League



7 comments to Parks Blocks GB Little League Path

  • Anonymous

    seems to be an opening to the right of a gate big enough to walk your dogs through or even fit a carriage through. it looks like the same gate that goes to the radio controlled area.

    • GerritsenBeach.net

      Saw that and thought about that too. First, I think they they left that much room accidently because why have a path that leads to a closed gate? That you have to walk around to get to? It’s the main gate for a field not a side vehicle entrance like the rcsmp

  • The Voice of Reason

    I noticed all of the construction the other day, and thought to myself there has not been any type of offical update of the park in quite some time. I realized it is because I only know of the park news because of what is posted here and the videos of the officials.

    While it might be a stretch to say our councilman did’t keep his promise. I watched the videos (again) and the path does not technically seem like the league property. I see the point but I disagree.

    However, It is not a stretch to say that the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners has dropped the ball in a very large way. They formally dis-invited all of our Representatives after the halloween debacle. Why? How are we to expect to know what is going on without them present. How are you to expect them to come if their words are not going to be publicized by “media”.

    The association could of kept pressure on the officials. Instead of fighting with each other and the only man that seems to want to keep the 1st amendment alive by publishing what these officials say. Now we have a path, a comfort station doors that are not facing the front, homes being built and torn down without any oversight.

    I cannot attend these meetings, they look interesting but having the summary (whatever you want to call them)with video on this site is priceless and should be the standard procedure for the association.

  • gene

    if they left any equipment in there its most likely the fences are there so that nobody drives in and steals the stuff.

  • Irish Kevin

    Promises from the councilman,Now thats Funny. He is a Politician..What did you expect !

  • annonymous

    Once again I will ask How is that a TOT unit when the telescopes ate 5 feet high? What is the asphalt area really for? Why has it taken Years to complete such a small project when we fought for the money to do this park and it was approved? What about Dr.Johns park that is in serious need for an update as numerous kids have been hurt playing there? We don’t matter to the elected officials or this city unless it is election time

  • Anonymous

    Gerritesen could really use a dog park!! Now that would be great