GBCares Newsletter 2011

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11 comments to GBCares Newsletter 2011

  • Fed Ex all the way

    I cannot believe mr douglas wrote that internet article attacking this site. he is such a nice man.

    • Patrick

      Personally I don’t care about it anymore. Move on. The whole thing wreaks of whining.

      FedEx, There is no name to the article, they wrote it anonymously.

      Which is very hypocritical since I have heard all of them say they hate anonymous, but then do it themselves when its convenient, to attack a “no named blogger” which they have named before many times. I really do not understand.( Why all of a sudden be passive aggressive?

      Damn those chips.

  • Anonymous


    • Patrick

      1) Do you know what scribd is? Why it is used?
      2) Do you know what copyright is? Why it is used?
      3) Do you know where your caps lock key is?

  • UPS Yours

    I hope it’s not a tickle-me Elmo.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure but I thought if something had copyright you were not allowed to reproduce or distribute the information without permission? Is the correct or incorrect?

  • Missy Elliot

    Copy written so don’t copy me

  • The Voice of Reason

    Mr. or Ms. Caps Lock,

    Your Scribd document was licensed as “Creative Comments Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported”. With also the ability to share, embed, download, print, copy paste, etc.

    You extended your license to make it viewable by default. Not wanting to share a document like this is suspect. This is not a book or work of art.

  • peggy

    mr n mrs caps lock yu r right. i might add that chips or mulch harbor ticks. it first must be sterilized. i know because once i got loads of mulch fr our city free of charge and my dog was covered w ticks. vet told me about unsterilized mulch and or chips. my dog got very sick, cost 900.00 and that was in 88. ticks in humans is just as dangerous.

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