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Guardrail Gone – Will it be Replaced?


The Seba Avenue Comfort Station path is well under way and if you have not noticed the contractors recently removed a substantial length of the guardrail and a community access gate. According to Senator Goldens Town Hall, Parks does not know when the guardrail or the community access gate will be replaced.

This is concerning as it could cause many new problems and rehash many old problems with Cars, Quads, Dirtbikes, Etc as there is nothing to anything or any one from doing anything malicious back there.


16 comments to Guardrail Gone – Will it be Replaced?

  • Anonymous

    Its not like it stopped annoy one from getting back there. there were other ways of get in the back weeds.

  • Anonymous2

    Wow! I for one love it! Looks like Marine Park! How nice it would be if it all could come down. Imagine living alongside a park instead of beside of a freeway, which is how it seems with the traffic and that rusty guardrail! Yuck! Has anyone besides me noticed that we are the only area with the rail so close to the street? Marine Park is open all the way around, the nature center has recessed railing, even the first half of the ave. Has recessed railing, why do we deserve less?

    • Irish Kevin

      It might look good,but without the rail People will start Taking 4X4s ATVs etc Back Weeds and tearing up the place once again. Sometimes we need a fence to remind people to be considerate.

  • kerrin o'neill

    i agree it looks much more desirable and pretty

  • Anonymous

    I saw they were preparing to install a new rail this morning

  • trainman

    I agree with anonymous2.
    They should remove all the railing and reinstall them behind the public areas along the Avenue. Separating the public areas from the undeveloped portion of Marine Park and restore our neighborhood so it looks like residential property opposed to a commercial thoroughfare.

    Before I start hearing all the feedback about the unruly kids in our neighborhood riding their quads on park property and damaging it, let’s not let a few jerks (who essentially shit on our neighborhood) that buy their children off road vehicles to use in an area that can’t be used lawfully, determine what our neighborhood should look like.

    Let’s take back our neighborhood!!!!

    • Irish Kevin

      Tell ya what Trainman ,that would be undertaking a monumental task.It would be nice if people had some respect for their Community.

  • Anonymous

    I guess you would love all the cars being dumped and burned back there as it was before the tried closing the access.

    • trainman

      it’s your point of view on this subject that I take exception to.

      I’m not trying to single you out but it seems to me the only recourse we demonstrated here to people’s bad behavior in the Beach is to complain and take one step back and then complain again and then take two steps back and on and on and on. What’s left? Should we installed 12 foot chain-link fences around the whole community? Would that service us better than open greenery and unobstructed parks?

      Instead of complaining on this site about children’s bad behavior we should be complaining to the children’s parents. I’m not suggesting a confrontation but a simple civilized letter (from their neighbors)left in their mailbox should send the message that we are not ignoring our neighbors children’s bad behavior and we want to put them on notice what we are observing. We tried reasoning to no avail perhaps embarrassment would work better.

      • Anonymous

        Trainman, you seem to be under the assumption that that ATV’s and dirt bikes are ridden by kids back there, kids from the community, and the problem could be solved by complaining to their parents. You would be surprised to see that it is adults riding them, some along with their children. Also, many people from all over the city who come here to ride, disrespect, and destroy us and the parkland. It’s unfortunate, the rails don’t keep them out, but it does make it more difficult for them and if there was any enforcement by police or parks, they would be easier to catch because there are less ways in. Take a stroll back there on a Sat/Sun afternoon and see for yourself.

  • Anonymous2

    I guess you never noticed that cars that are dumped and burned back there now, with the ugly rail. People who want to do stupid things are going to find a way to do them, rail or no rail. Why do the rest of us have to suffer because of them. Worst part is that now I see how nice this area could have been…

  • backweeds

    and glass park was nice! ha, for the last 25years the place was a junkyard for cars and dabree they must install the rail back up .

  • Anonymous2

    Backweeds, I disagree, they don’t have to put it back, it’s just easter for them to replace it, say it’s for our own good and continue to ignore us. Why don’t they have a junkyard in Marine Park? Why are you so willing to accept less? Just start to look around when you are driving, Burnett, which is a very similar situation to ours, and much more isolated, has a rail, set far back, they have a path & benches. The ball fields have a rail recessed back, away from the curb. I don’t want to fight with you, I want to fight for our neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, take a look at those benches, with the homeless sleeping on them and then they take the next step and set up a camp back there. If you walk into the fields in the area behind Burnett you will see several abandoned campsites from last summer. There was a crazy Russian guy who lived there last summer, among others. The problem with all of you that want the guardrails left down is that all you do is drive by and you don’t really understand what goes on back there. It would be nice if we could have them set further back and have a path and benches, but it would bring far more trouble than it is worth. And the kids would be the least of it.

  • Anonymous2

    Hello, you just said a guy had a camp and was sleeping back there and THERE IS A GUARD RAIL THERE! Like I said the rail is not what is going to stop this from happening. Why don’t we put guard rail up in front of the bus shelters, kids sleep on the benches and break the glass constantly? Do you see, the rail cannot correct or police bad behavior. The point is I’m tired, I dont just drive by, I live across from it. I see the ATV’s dirt bikes etc, honestly there on the ave more often than not. I see the garbage dumped at the rusty rail, I also see mothers trying to lift big wheels and bikes over the rail, kids in tow. And now, with that dirty, rusty rail down, I see what it could be like to live across from such a nice space.

  • Anonymous

    The guard rails are a necessary evil, prior to having them there was a much greater issue with dumped cars most of which were set on fire. What I cannot understand is why they do not stop the cars and the illegal ATVs. I can see both perspectives but feel those apposed to the guard rails may be more accepting if they actually performed their stated purpose and kept the dumped cars and dirt bikes out. The rails are useless if there are places were they can get the bikes in.

    On another note those riding the ATVs range in age and come from the neighborhood and from other areas. Yet again, I do not understand why the police do not start with the low hanging fruit and ticket them when they catch them. On any weekend there are trucks, vans, and trailers parked on the avenue and at times the side streets while those doing this are out riding. Why not boot the car or trailer and address the issue when the owner calls to get the boot off. This is not rocket science, there are solutions to this issue. Some may say they do not have the resource to this. I assume they do not have the resources to put that police unit on the corner of Gotham every July 4th either, however that fireworks are only an issue for a short time. The dirt bikes are an issue all the time.

    They have ticketed and harassed the paintballers and they do not seem to be causing any trouble to others. They seem to have respect for others and contain their pass time to the area where they play. Unlike to ATVs which are on the avenue, the side streets, and at times the sidewalks.