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Its All About Me Now Set to Close

It's all about me now closing


It’s All About Me Now is set to close 3102 Avenue U, after¬†approximatively¬†a two year run.

16 comments to Its All About Me Now Set to Close

  • Irish Kevin

    So maybe after all the so called robbery a while back,was a so called robbery.

  • Anon

    I never did understand why it was there to begin with including the kitchen cabinet place. With Kings Plaza and Loews close by, it made absolutely no sense. Unless it was a cover for something else. Who knows.

  • Anonymous

    Now where will the trash get their clothes from?

  • I could use a mannequin!

  • Anonymous


  • gene

    walmart and 99cent stores. how disgusting.

  • travl2692

    I cannot believe the comments on this article. A young woman attmepted to open and run a business and this is what is said. she had nice things..good pricing…too bad no one feels the need to support local businesses….andhas anyone even bothered to visit the kitchen place???

  • Al Coholic

    They should open a bar. We need more bars in the area. When you get off the B3 you could have a few drinks while waiting for the B31.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe anyone would thumbs down a new bar. Even that person would look good at closing time.

  • Anonymous

    That place was a waste of money very happy its closing there clothes are ugly and so I that fat chick Delia who works in ther

    • Al Coholic

      If there was a bar there Delia might become more attractive to you after a few dozen drinks. What’s wrong with fat girls ? they need love too

  • Anonymous

    We really could use a bakery in gerritsen. That would be nice. But I knew that place wouldn’t last. Bad location and in business that is the number one priority. The space is large and parking is small. I could see a health store there perhaps a GNC. and what about CHINAR…..they should turn that into an IHOP. But then traffic there would just get worse and people from the projects would be there all day