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Signs go up at Brooklyn Amity School

Brooklyn Amity School has been making progress with construction, they are still gutting out the place but they put up a register now sign.

Senior attacked

A 23-year-old thug Bevy court resident was arrested on April 15 after he dragged an 87-year-old woman to the ground during a purse snatching on Aster Court in Gerritsen Beach.

The elderly woman was mugged on Aster and Everett avenues at 3:11 pm when the thief jumped her. He ran off with her property, […]

Yellow Light Installation Started – Not Where You Think

Installation has started of the flashing yellow traffic signal that was promised on Gerritsen Avenue. Yesterday, the Department of Transportation, ran the conduit for the power for the poles approximatively 150 feet away from actual intersection of Gerritsen and Channel Avenues.

This effectively kills any chance for a full (red, yellow, green) traffic […]

KofC Brings in $21,000

Three weeks after burglars stole a safe containing $12,000 in donations, the Knights of Columbus has bounced back raising $21,000 from the Annual Raymond A. Loughran Pool Tournament.

People either paid to play in the tournament, bought raffles for bikes, autographed sports jerseys and sporting equipment or came in, had a drink, and left […]

Save the Date: Kicks for A Cause!

Champions Fitness Presents Kicks for the Cause

June 11, 2011 @ 2:30pm

Burglary at Wyld Chyld Tattoo

Thieves chiseled the lock and made out with about $1,000.

Hopefully we get video.

Happy Easter

Good morning and Happy Easter to everyone.I saw the Easter Bunny this morning. As I was sitting here one of my neighbors was outside in a bunny costume hiding eggs. At least I think it was a neighbor. Maybe it really was the Easter Bunny.

I wish everyone a wonderful day.

Happy Easter!

Car vs Building Seba and Gerritsen

Parks Blocks GB Little League Path

Despite promises from Councilman Fidler, the Parks department was indeed allowed to encroach on the Gerritsen Beach Little League, blocking their walkway.

Parks recently “completed” the walkway, gate,  guardrail mess (above) blocking normal pedestrian, stroller, dog walking, traffic while giving ATV’s easy access.

It appears that it’s a parks department gate and not necessarily a  community access […]

UFO over Gerritsen Beach?

A strange object was flying over gerritsen Beach Sunday at around 5:30 in the morning, who knows what this is?

Keep GB Forever Graffiti Free – Register Your Building

Graffiti Attack back in February

If you want a graffiti-busting van to come cleanup your area, you can call 311 or fill out a Forever Graffiti Free form. Typically, a cleaning crew will show up within about 35 days after the City is notified there’s a problem, and either repaint or power wash away the […]

GBCares Newsletter 2011

View and download your copy here. […]

Events: GBCares Meetings

Gerritsen Beach Cares, Inc  General Membership Meetings When:  Monday, April 18, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. Where:  St. James Church (2776 Gerritsen Ave)

When:   Monday, May 23, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. Where:  PS 277 (2529 Gerritsen Ave)

P.S. 277 Park Sinkhole Filled

The sinkhole at the PS 277 playground has been filled, no word yet on whether or not the underlying leak was repaired.


Final Weekend for Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser at Knights

This weekend is the final weekend in the Knights of Columbus Raymond A. Loughran pool tournmant benefiting cystic fibrosis. The community has really come through for this fundraiser, donating back to the level that was stolen within the first weekend of the tournmant.

Knights of Columbus member Mel Hidalgo told Courier Life […]