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Councilman Fidler Meets DOT Commissioner at Seba Park


Councilman Lew Fidler joined DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Kahn early this rainy morning so that he could show the Commissioner why a traffic signal is desperately needed at the site of the renovated park and playground. Seba Park has been restored from its state as a rubble strewn lot to include a skate park and tot lot. A comfort station is near completion and funding is in place for an expansion of the children’s play area to include equipment for the somewhat older siblings of the children expected to use the tot lot.

“I wanted the Commissioner to understand that we are inviting parents to cross Gerritsen Avenue from their homes, pushing a stroller with one hand and holding the hand of an 8 year old in the other, with no cross walk and no traffic light. Nine years ago, before we invested in our neighborhood park and there was literally nothing here, there was no need for a traffic light. Now there is, and it is not about car traffic, it is about pedestrian safety. Having a light that is steady
green, but can be changed by a pedestrian waiting to cross by pushing a button is just what we need.”, said Councilman Fidler.

“I want to thank the Commissioner for coming down and looking for herself. We’ve been writing and writing and been getting the stuffy old traffic study answers. There is no substitute for seeing,” added Fidler.

The Commissioner promised a prompt answer to the request. “The Commissioner said she has young children herself so she clearly gets it” noted Fidler. “I am guardedly optimistic.”

Renovations to Seba Park were funded in Phase I by joint allocations from Councilman Fidler, then Assemblyman Frank Seddio, Senator Marty Golden and Boro President Markowitz. Subsequent funding for the tot lot, comfort station and playground expansion has been obtained by Councilman Fidler, Assemblyman Maisel and Boro President Markowitz.

14 comments to Councilman Fidler Meets DOT Commissioner at Seba Park

  • anon

    ok…. a light would be good; but what about a light near the school? or a light near the library?

  • whatever

    Her response will be to put in a bike lane down the middle of the avenue.

  • anon

    Thank you Lew. LOL whatever, she is the one putting all the bike lanes in.

  • Anonymous

    This is ridiculous! There is nowhere near enough traffic to warrant a light at that end of the avenue, not to mention the fact that with the lines in the middle people only need to cross one lane at a time.

    • Anonymous

      It would be an ‘On Demand’ light, that you could push the button for and it would turn red to traffic, allowing someone time to cross safely.

  • Cathy

    I don’t think its traffic so much as it is about speed and safety. My children went to PreK in Gerritsen Beach and when I parked across the street from the school walking my children back to the car could be a nightmare.

  • Irish Kevin

    Here we go again. Another Photo Op.!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Lew, much appreciated by most at the Beach.

  • Bugg

    “No, Miss Khan, you cannot paint a bike lane on me!”

    Lew Fidler.

    Another quality Bloomberg appointee.

  • Anonymous

    There must have been not a single car there on a rainy Thurs. am. He should have met her there on a Sat. or Sun afternoon when the weather is nice and there are cars, quads and dirt bikes racing up and down the Ave. like maniacs. Too bad she didn’t get to see first hand how the kids on skate boards and Moms with little ones can’t get across the Ave. Too bad they weren’t there Sun to see the big trucks and flatbeds pull up and unload all the noisy, gas guzzling toys that tear up the fields, terrorize wildlife and the people trying to enjoy the parkland and ruin the quality of life and destroy the peace every weekend, both in the fields and on the Ave.

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