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Gas Rolling in at Comfort Station


Just want to share some more pictures of the path at Seba avenue park’s comfort station.

Obviously you can tell they ripped up the existing walkway to (hopefully) lay down a new one.

National Grid has been working on installing gas to the location as well.



6 comments to Gas Rolling in at Comfort Station

  • annonymous

    The sad part is how long it has taken for them to give us what they planned and even then the park is still short of what was promised. For the money alotted for this project the city could have easily given us the money for the supplies and we would have built the park for free in much less time

  • annonymous

    so base ball season is upon us …how long will it take to just replace the walkway that they broke up

  • whatever

    Why do I get the feeling that somewhere along the line they are going to try and take the little league field out and replace it with weeds or something as part of a bird sanctuary?

  • mkvol

    How long before the little angels that go around breaking the bus shelters come and destroy this station? I’m betting not too long

  • Anonymous

    they should of broke two 2 more concrete squares to replace the broken one that at the gb 2nd anual St Pattys parade 4 people fell and could of gotten seriously injured. but i guess its now a waiting game to see!

  • The Guy

    For all of the “Haters” on the site, concrete is cheap. You could always spend a few hours of your time mixing a few bags or even making a donation from a local home center if the personal safety is an issue. I’ll even meet you up there with my wheelbarrow to give you a hand!